Zombie Waves – Weapons Tier List

Hamza Rashid
Zombie Waves - Weapons Tier List

Zombie Waves, developed by MACHINGA, is one of the most fun zombie shooters to hit mobile platforms. Whether you play it on Apple or Android devices, we guarantee you’re in for a good time.

However, it’s only natural that players would want to play with the best possible weapons. Well, that’s where we come in.

We’re here with a tier list of the absolute best weapons in the game to help you decide what weapon you should build for. After all, the resources you have aren’t infinite.

Zombie Waves

With this being said, we should clarify that the player is more important than the weapon. This means that you can do some incredible things with any weapon as long as you have the skill for it. If you want to learn a little more about how the game works, here’s the ultimate guide on zombie waves

Tier List of Weapons in Zombie Waves

Tier List of Weapons in Zombie Waves

Now that the introductions are out of the way, it’s time to rank the weapons in the best tier list for Zombie Waves out there. All the categories we’ve decided to include are:

  • S tier
  • A tier
  • B tier

Of course, that doesn’t mean any weapon is necessarily bad. However, you’ll be much more likely to take out a bunch of zombies with an S tier weapon when compared to an A tier one.

Zombie Waves – S Tier Weapons

Zombie Waves - S Tier Weapons
  • Balrog Gatling
  • Railgun
  • Boreas +3
  • Arbalest

These are all the S tier weapons. Every weapon aside from Boreas +3 is a gold rarity weapon and requires a minimum of level 35. All of these weapons also have a base damage that’s over 1,000 which is more than impressive.

Zombie Waves – A Tier Weapons

Zombie Waves - A Tier Weapons
  • Voltgun
  • Pulverizer +3
  • RPG +1
  • AWP

Moving on, these are the A tier weapons in Zombie Waves. While all of these weapons are indeed much better than the B tier weapons we’re about to list, they can very easily be replaced by the S tier weapons.

With that being said, they aren’t too cheap and they aren’t too weak, which means it’s very likely that you’ll spend a lot of time with these weapons as you gather resources for S tier weapons.

Zombie Waves – B Tier Weapons

Zombie Waves - B Tier Weapons
  • AK47
  • Shotgun
  • HMG

Finally, these are all the B tier weapons in this game. While these weapons aren’t the best in terms of damage, they’re also rather cheap.

You start by being able to very easily acquire all three of these weapons, and with the right power-ups, you can decimate some major zombie butt.


With that, we have completed our tier list of all the weapons in Zombie Waves. Do you agree with our picks? Do you think a different weapon should or should not have been in the S tier? Let us know in the comment section below!

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