Zombie Waves – Ultimate Game Guide, Tips & Codes

Muhib Nadeem

Ever wanted to live out your wildest zombie dream while unlocking serious powerups? Zombie Waves – developed by MACHINGA – is the game for you! Downloaded over 10 million times, it does have some kick to it.

However, all that kick is meaningl`ess if you can’t survive your way out of the endless Zombie hordes. Maybe you’re in need of some powerups, maybe you’re getting the hang of it, or maybe your strategy is flawed? Let’s break it down below!

How To Play Zombie Waves?

Zombie Waves is a top-down platformer offering simple joystick controls allowing you to move the way you want while unlocking powerups along the way.

The idea of the game is quite simple – you need to survive for 10 minutes straight while killing as many zombies as possible. You’re given a gun – selectable pre-game, and a set of enhancements that unlock at different levels.

The bosses, or elites also drop an enhancement that you can pick up to upgrade your gear. These enhancements are supposed to be one step above normal enhancements.

Enhancement Trees


While the enhancements do feel very random at times, there’s a set pattern to them, a tree of sorts, that- when unlocked fully, can lead to an ultimate enhancement.

Some of these ultimates live up to their name, while others are an absolute waste of time. You’d mainly want to grab as many AoE style enhancements while retaining as much damage as possible.

Enhancements are not supposed to be your one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, some of them often lower your other stats in exchange for another. For example, you could be trading speed for damage or quantity for knockback and vice versa.



In order to keep the “progression” element alive, the game serves you with a basic-level weapon from the start. The more you level these weapons up, the stronger they get.

But pertaining to their rarity, there’s a level-up limit. Weapons go from normal to legendary and can be upgraded with the game’s progression currency.

This, naturally entails that the stronger weapon you have, the easier time you will have progressing through the stages.



Fortunately, Zombie Waves doesn’t bombard us with a wild assortment of currencies.

  • There’s a main currency called gold, and it’s primary purpose is to upgrade your weapons and equipment.
  • Then comes the diamond-like currency. It serves its purpose as the premium currency, unlocking chests, purchasing gold, and basically doing anything as long as it’s not directly affecting gameplay integrity.
  • The final currency is intel-like, used for ranking up weapons and equipments.



Zombie Waves is not a hypercasual game, where a single level takes you to the end of the world. Instead, you’re given a stable assortment of stage-based progression.

Each game has a 10-minute survival timer. There are different modes, but this generally does not change in the normal stage mode.

The idea is to keep progressing through these while collecting their subsequent rewards to strengthen yourself.

Tips and Tricks to Excel at Zombie Waves

With the basic premise of the game understood. Let’s strategize the best ways of defeating those wretched hordes of zombies.

Hint: You simply need to survive, it’s that simple. But how you do it is what matters.

1) Grab as Much Gold as Possible


This goes without saying, but Gold is your main mode of progression. With each stage cleared, you will have a lot of chances to collect gold either from the missions, or the first-time clear rewards.

However, just having the currency in stock isn’t enough. You need to be actively investing it in wherever possible. Normally, this would mean you’d lose out on opportunities to upgrade stronger weapons.

Luckily though, Zombie Waves has a mechanic in place that lets you reclaim all the gold you’ve spent, and invest it into your brand-new toy. It’s not free, but it’s something worth remembering.

2) Keep Moving While Firing


There’s no need for you to be fixated on a single point, especially when all of the zombies are waiting to pounce on you.

The moment you get surrounded by zombies is the moment you love. Therefore, keep moving, leverage thin spots, and try to keep them in your range for as long as possible.

After all, there’s no point if you’re just letting them pile up to eventually cover the entire area. Yes, you have a lot of space, but there’s a limit to even that. Besides, if a boss pops up when you have so many of them around, the ring will shrink.

3) Try to Aim for Enhancement Chains

Zombie Waves

There’s so much you can do with your enhancements in Zombie Waves, but randomly selecting whatever sounds the coolest isn’t one of them. We’ve mentioned previously how each enhancement belongs to a chain.

You’d want to be making as many of these chains to not only get stronger enhancements, but also be able to spec yourself to a certain playstyle. If you’re going for the fire build, then fire should be your main priority.

Mixing in random flavors will only ruin the broth. You need to have a clear plan you can execute on. Try different enhancements and find what works best for you.

4) Synergizing Enhancements is Important


We just talked about how aiming for trees is a necessity, but you also need to ensure those trees are well-linked with each other. For example, if you’re aiming for on-hit effects, your main goal would be to spec into damage, and multi-hits.

Pair that with attack speed, and it’s a guaranteed win! Similarly, if you’re going with elemental damage, then you need to ensure you’re moving swiftly enough for those magma asteroids to land. A little bit of attack speed can go a long way here too!

Another really strong enhancement set is ricochets. Sure, choosing it lowers your damage, and it’s a little more risky than something as automatic as the elemental comps, but adding damage boosters can make armies vanish!

5) Attack Speed and Multi-shots are King


There are enhancements that are weak, and then come the enhancements that are strong. However, the strongest kind of enhancement is one capable of changing the entire tide of the game.

Welcome attack speed, an enhancement that seemingly scaled with everything and anything? Got attack damage? Pair it with attack speed! Got lightning? Attack speed is your answer!

The more attack speed you have, the easier it will be for you to navigate the treacherous waters of zombies. Add multi-shots that double your attacks to the mix, and you can see how potent this can get.

6) Utilize Terrain and Obstacles Strategically


In Zombie Waves, understanding the terrain is vital. Identifying and utilizing narrow passages and choke points can funnel zombies into manageable clusters.

You need to carefully lead the horde through these areas, control their movement and create opportunities to deal more significant damage.

Obstacles in the terrain can be used to create barriers and control the flow of the horde. Navigating around obstacles allows you to create distance or slow down pursuing enemies, giving you the time to reload or plan your next move.

Recognizing areas that offer brief respite or strategic positioning allows you to regroup, reload, or plan your next move. Knowing where and when to take a moment to regroup is the key to your survival.

7) Experiment with Different Weapons


Higher rarity weapons in Zombie Waves generally offer more power and unique abilities. Experimenting with different weapons will reveal their hidden potential and open new tactical possibilities.

Some weapons have specific synergies with certain enhancements, such as increased attack speed or elemental effects. Experimentation is key here; don’t be afraid to try different combinations to find the ones that fit your playstyle the best.

Building the right synergy between your weapon and enhancements can lead to incredibly powerful combinations that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Continuously upgrading and ranking up your weapons keeps you competitive in higher stages. Be mindful of how you use the game’s progression currency, focusing on the weapons that best complement your playstyle.

8) Always Prioritize AoE Enhancements


Area of Effect (AoE) enhancements are essential in Zombie Waves. They enable you to deal damage to multiple enemies simultaneously, providing a significant advantage when facing large hordes.

Prioritizing AoE enhancements lets you multiply your effectiveness on the battlefield, allowing you to clear waves of enemies more efficiently.

AoE enhancements can complement various weapons and playstyles. Whether you’re using explosive rounds, elemental bursts, or crowd control effects, make sure to experiment as much as possible.

Experiment with different combinations, and you’ll find that AoE enhancements can transform your gaming experience.

Not all AoE enhancements are created equal. Selecting the right ones for the situation and adapting them to your overall strategy requires careful thought and planning.

Analyzing the battlefield, understanding enemy behavior, and choosing the right AoE enhancements can turn your situation into victory.

9) Participate in Events and Challenges


These events often provide unique rewards, including exclusive weapons, enhancements, and currency. Actively participating in these events is the key to accessing content that would not be available otherwise.

Completing daily and weekly challenges in Zombie Waves boosts your progression and provides valuable resources. These challenges often push you to try new strategies or master specific aspects of the game.

Engaging with the community, whether through in-game forums or social media, can enhance your game knowledge.

Sharing strategies, learning from others, and even forming new friendships can make your gaming experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Being part of the game’s community adds a social dimension that makes playing Zombie Waves even more fulfilling.

10) Invest in Stronger Weapons


Investing in stronger weapons is pivotal in Zombie Waves. The strength and abilities of your weapons directly impact your survival and success rate.

Focus on acquiring and upgrading higher rarity weapons that suit your playstyle, and you’ll find that each battle becomes more manageable and enjoyable.

Utilizing the game’s currencies wisely to balance between upgrading existing weapons and acquiring new ones is a delicate but essential task.

Upgrading your current weapons enhances your firepower, while acquiring new ones can open up new strategies and playstyles.

A well-planned investment strategy can turn a challenging game into a rewarding experience where you feel in control and empowered. Though, you are allowed to make mistakes; no harm in that!

Zombie Waves Codes


With our understanding of Zombie Waves increasing ever-so-exponentially, it’s time to take a look at some alternate ways for you to gain that edge – mainly, codes!

These gift codes can enable you to have those extra hurray moments while preparing yourself to be that zombie elimination machine.

Let’s take a look at all of them below:

Active Codes

This is a list of active Zombie Waves codes that you can claim right now:

VIP999Use this code for gifts
VIP666Use this code for gifts
VIP777Use this code for gifts
VIP888Use this code for gifts
hello2024Use this code for gifts
christmasUse this code for gifts

Expired Codes

The following Zombie Waves codes have expired, and can no longer be redeemed:

CodesExpiry Date
LNY2024Valid until March 3rd, 2024
yx2024Valid until February 18th, 2024

How to Redeem Zombie Waves Codes?

We’ve got the codes, but how do we use them to our advantage? This section covers all of that.

Simply follow the steps below and you should be good to go!

  1. Download Zombie Waves from the Play Store.
  2. On the game’s home screen, tap the menu at the top-left, and look for Settings.
  3. Next, scroll until you find Redeem Codes, and enter your chosen code.
  4. Press Confirm, and that’s it!

Ensure you’re entering the capitals as accurately as possible. These codes are case sensitive after all!


In essence, Zombie Waves – as the name suggests, is a battle for survival, and making smart decisions is your key to victory.

The progression isn’t very rigged, so as long as you have a plan, and you can act on it like a well-oiled machine, you’re pretty much good to go!

  1. ich finde das Spiel großartig. seit neuestem gibt es ein neues Item. es heißt Übersprung Gutscheine. weiss nicht, was das bedeutet. kann es auch nirgends einlösen.

  2. Started playing a few days ago and there’s surprisingly enough to keep my attention. The dynamics give the game a really nice feel and experience. Just curious if it’s possible to put out a new Bundle Code?

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