Zombie War.io – Battle Survivor – Ultimate Walkthrough & Guide

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Zombie War.io: Battle Survivor
(Last Updated On: September 30, 2023)

There’s a certain charm to the simplicity of .io games that always leaves us wanting more. The rules are uncomplicated, but the levels can get very challenging. Zombie War.io: Battle Survivor from HIGAME Jsc is no different.

This roguelike survival game combines classic mechanics with fresh features to get you hooked. Without further ado, here’s the ultimate walkthrough and guide for Zombie War.io: Battle Survivor.

Zombie War.io loading screen.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

The Basics of Battle

Fighting in this game is pretty straightforward because it’s automatic. All you have to do is control your joystick to get near or avoid zombies. The longer you survive, the tougher your foes will become.

The meter below your avatar’s green health bar is the cooldown timer for your weapon attack.

Battle screen with experience gems and level meter.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

Enemies will drop gems once you defeat them. Picking these up will give you experience points to boost the level indicator above your screen. After you move to the next level, you will have the chance to choose a random skill.

Guide to Zombie War.io Skills

There are two types of skills in the game: offensive (active) and support (passive). You will see offensive abilities with purple title cards when you level up. Support skills are represented by the color yellow.

Active and passive skills.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

Here’s a complete list of all skills in Zombie War.io: Battle Survivor.

Passive Skills

Skill NameEffect
Range AmplifierBoosts skills and weapon range
Ammo VelocityBoosts skills and weapon speed
Armor TechReduces damage intake
XP CollectorIncreases item loot range
Effects BoosterIncreases duration of skills
Regenerating CoreRestores HP per second
StrengthBoosts ATK
Blessed JewelriesBoosts EXP gain
Fiery InflationBoosts gold gain
Armor EnforcementBoosts max HP
Enhanced SandglassesReduces weapon and skill cooldown
Boots of VelocityIncreases movement speed

You may see the same ability even after you’ve already chosen it at a previous level. You can choose it again to upgrade its effects.

The stars below each skill indicate how many times you’ve upgraded it. Support abilities can be upgraded up to five times.

Active Skills

Skill NameEffect
Void ShieldEmits poisonous aura
Revenant RazorLaunches a lethal razor
Radioactive BarrierSpinning shurikens circle around you
Atom SmasherSummons an orb
Shock BombThrows electromagnetic bombs
WeaponImproves avatar weapon effect
Rocket LauncherLaunches rocket
Bouncing ArrowShoots metal arrows
Cell PhoneThrows massive cell phones
Robo BallSummons bouncing ball
Meteor FallsMeteor strikes

Unlike support skills, offensive abilities can be upgraded more than five times. If you go past that limit, the name and appearance of the technique will change.

Active skill with over five stars and the refresh button.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

Note: If you don’t like the skill options presented upon leveling up, you can tap the Refresh button, which will play an ad.

Boss Battles

Every once in a while, you will be alerted of an incoming boss. This will clear the field of all basic enemy units, and you will face a superior adversary one-on-one in a cage match.

Boss battle in a cage.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

You will suffer damage if you get too close to the cage fence. Unlike regular Zombie War.io monsters, bosses have special attacks. Some have indicators, such as red arrows, signaling where the attack will land.

There are also random enemies that are bigger than ordinary spawns but not as big as bosses. However, like bosses, they have special drops when you take them down.

Irregular zombie attacking.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

Content of Special Drops

When you defeat a boss, possible rewards include an HP recovery pill, a gold pile, and a magnet that collects all nearby EXP gems. There are also bomb items that will take out every monster in sight.

These rewards are also found in green crates that appear in different spots. It’s different from chests that drop when you defeat irregular-sized zombies. Sometimes, bosses drop these chests as well.

Picking up chests will toggle a skill roulette. You have to press the Next button to claim your rewards. Yes, rewards. Plural. That’s because chests can give multiple skills in one roll.

Multiple skill rewards from chest.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

Clearing Chapters

After slaying multiple bosses and surviving waves of enemies, you will achieve victory and unlock a new chapter. Of course, this comes with a lot of rewards.

You will garner gold coins and EXP for your adventure level, which is indicated on the top left side of the starting screen. There are also equipment and enhancement materials at the end of every battle.

There’s a Chapter Chest icon in the starting panel of the game. This will give you extra gold and stacks of the premium in-game currency, gems. Open it every time you finish a chapter.

Chapter chest gold rewards.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc


When your champion dies, you can still revive it by playing ads or using a special heart coin.

Revival panel after avatar death.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

If you click any of the two, your character respawns with full health, and all nearby monsters will be gone.

However, you can only play this card three times per battle. After you use your three chances, there’s still an option to resurrect your fighter. But this time, you’ll be paying with 100 gems.

How to Replay Cleared Chapters

It’s likely that there will come a time when a chapter will be too troublesome for you to beat. When that happens, you can always replay a cleared chapter by tapping the icon of your current map in the starting panel.

Arrow pointing where to tap to view cleared chapters.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

Scroll to the left and select the chapter you want to revisit. You will still get rewards after completion, but they may not be as exciting.

Additionally, you should note that cleared stages will still require energy points. If you spend too much of that, you may have to wait for some time to replenish your energy and go back to where you left off.

Wearing Equipment

After clearing Zombie War.io’s first chapter, you will unlock equipment. These will give your avatar permanent stat improvements (HP and ATK) and other buffs. Below are the six types of gear you can wear:

  • Weapon
  • Necklace
  • Gloves
  • Armor
  • Belt
  • Shoes
All six equipment worn by avatar.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

There are four rarities of equipment represented by different colors: common (gray), uncommon (green), rare (blue), and epic (pink). The rarer the material, the better the base stats will be.

How to Upgrade Gear

In Zombie War.io, you can enhance your equipment in two ways. You can do both by tapping the Equipped icon on the left of the Battle section when you start the game.

Using Design Materials

The first method of improving your gear efficiency in Zombie War.io is by collecting equipment design materials. These come in the form of opened scrolls. There’s one for every type of gear.

Equipped panel with equipment and design materials.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

You will know if a specific piece of equipment is ready for upgrade because a green arrow will pop up on the bottom right side of its icon.

Tap the gear you want to enhance and click the LevelUp button. You can also choose the Max Level option if you wish to spend all your scrolls on that accessory.

Necklance level up.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

Merging Duplicates

You will inevitably collect duplicates of the same piece of equipment. There’s no option for you to sell them or throw them in the trash. However, you can merge them.

To do this, you need at least three items of the same name and appearance. Start merging by clicking the Merge button on the Equipped panel. Tap the gear you want to improve, and then tap its duplicates.

Merging a combat axe.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

If you successfully do this, the rarity of the equipment will increase. This will also raise the base stats and the maximum level-up limit.


The Patrol feature gives you a hassle-free way to collect gold and EXP. It’s an idle function in Zombie War.io that’s common in adventure games like Tower of God: New World and Darkness Saga.

You can collect rewards every couple of hours by tapping the Claim button. Alternatively, you can gain instant resources by tapping the Quick Earning option, which gives you 300 minutes worth of AFK prizes.

Patrol earnings.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

However, this approach requires you to pay with energy points or play ads. Although gold and EXP are the primary rewards, you will also get design scrolls and high-rarity equipment.

Evolving Your Avatar in Zombie War.io

Apart from equipment, you can boost the effectiveness of your avatar by evolving. You can do this if you tap the Evolve panel on Zombie War.io’s starting screen. This is the blue canister icon on the bottom right side.

Attack upgrade on the Evolve section.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

Here, you can use your gold coins to heighten your HP, ATK, Armor, and Restoration. The limit of how much you can evolve depends on your adventure level.

Key Evolution

At adventure level three, you can start performing key evolutions that give you special functions for battle. Below is a guide to all key evolutions you will unlock at different levels in Zombie War.io.

First key evolution.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc
Function NameEffect
Level 3Lucky DogGet one skill at the start of the battle
Level 5RogueReselect one skill
Level 7AthleteMovement speed + 1
Level 9Meat LoverMeat health effect + 10%
Level 11SeekerMonsters drop equipment
Level 13OwlDarkness vision + 30%
Level 15DevourerMonsters drop meat
Level 20Zealot2s invincibility when taking great damage
Level 25GreedyMonsters drop gold
Level 30BlessedHeal 20% upon level up
Level 35ResearcherMonsters drop design materials
Level 40Expose WeaknessCrit rate + 8%
Level 50Divine Strike.8% rate to deal 10x damage
Level 60WatchmakerEquipment base stats + 5%
Level 65Fusion EffectProjectile size + 5%
Level 70Quantum AccelProjectile speed + 5%
Level 75Viva la MateriaSkill damage + 5%
Level 80OverreactionSkill CD – 5%
Level 85Metabolic BoostMovement speed + 10%

Unlocking these skills is a bit of a challenge. That’s because you will need Gold DNA, and the only way to acquire this unique resource is through the Trial feature.

Gold DNA as a reward for a chapter one trial.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc


This is the last feature you will unlock in Zombie War.io. It’s the option in between the Evolve and Battle sections.

You can call it a mini-game that lets you replay the chapters you have completed. You can play each chapter with three different difficulties. If you complete the easy version, you will get gems as a reward. The medium and hard stages will give you Gold DNA.

Cleared and uncleared Trial chapters.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

Tip: Read the information page of hard Trials before diving into battle so that you can get a good idea of the skills to choose from the start.

Keys and Supply Crates

Gold DNA may be hard to get, but collecting the keys to supply crates is more arduous. You won’t get them in regular battles, Patrols, and Trials. However, players can get them as event rewards.

Keys and other event rewards.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

There are silver and gold keys you can get. Once you get a hold of any of them, go to the Store at the bottom left side of the screen. Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see the Supply Crate section.

Silver keys will open Army Crates that contain uncommon equipment. Gold keys unlock EDF Supplies that can give you uncommon to epic gear. If you don’t have keys, you can pay with gems, but it could get expensive.

Events and Challenges in Zombie War.io

Like most games nowadays, Zombie War.io has time-limited events and challenges to give you more earning opportunities. These two features can be accessed on the left side of the screen when you are in the battle preparation panel.

Events and challenges icons.
Photo: HIGAME Jsc

Events and challenges don’t have many differences. Both usually go on for a week or so, and they reward you if you complete simple tasks.

However, events tend to be more straightforward, with only one task a day. On the other hand, challenges give you more assignments daily. But this also means more rewards, so you must check your challenge list regularly.

Final Words

Zombie War.io: Battle Survivor is by no means a complicated game. Although it uses features that are not very common in its category, they are still simple to navigate. And if all you’re looking for is a classic .io survival game, this one won’t disappoint.

If you’re a true fan of this mobile genre, you might be interested in checking out our articles about Survivor.io, Dash.io, and Jaws.io.

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