Zombie Royale – 10 Tips on How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Take Down Multiple Zombies
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Zombie Royale is a quick, fast paced game that requires fast fingers and a love for zombie killing! Take on this action-packed game where you battle through levels in a first player style zombie shooting game. Load your gun, aim and fire at these hungry zombies! 

If you’re just starting out read through these tricks of the trade. Take down the undead and become a professional zombie hunter.  

Zombie Royale: Using a Shotgun

1. Move and Shoot 

When taking on the zombie apocalypse, tap on the right side of the screen to fire and use the left side of your screen like a joystick to move. Your character will continue moving forward automatically, so move left or right to avoid being bitten and mauled by these flesh hungry zombies.  

2. Be Aware of How Many Rounds your Gun Has 

Your gun has a set number of rounds in it. Whenever you use up all your shots you must reload while continuing to move forward. Try not to leave yourself without any bullets when approaching a hoard of zombies.  

3. Buy Better Guns 

As you progress in Zombie Royale, you can buy better guns to either add to your collection or to employ in battle. Buy guns that have more ammo in a clip or guns that can take down multiple zombies at once. More ammo in a clip means less time reloading and more time shooting zombies.

Zombie Royale - Take Down Multiple Zombies

Guns that can take down multiple undead at once are great when the zombies are clustered around an area. Different guns have a different amount of power, learn what guns are strongest against these foul beasts.  

Tip: There are many options to earn bonus coins to buy guns from watching short ads.  

4. How to Avoid Zombies When Reloading 

Move your character to the right and left and avoid running in a straight line. The zombies will occasionally target you and will run from you from the sides. Avoid their feral grasp by dodging and making quick, last minute movements to go between them. 

Zombies will sometimes come towards you from the sides and be out of your peripheral vision, be ready to make a quick move in the opposite direction if you see blood come up on your screen.  

5. Earn Coins in Stages by Completion and Killing Zombies 

Coins are Zombie Royale’s in-game currency. You can use coins to buy stronger guns, participate in the daily challenge and unlock masks for the zombies to wear.  

Coins are awarded whenever you successfully complete a stage, and when you kill zombies, coins will occasionally drop from dead zombies. Collect these additional coins by running your character over them. Shoot more zombies to get more coin drops.  

Tip: Sometimes coins will drop in a horde of zombies. It is not always worth it to risk your run for a single coin.  

6. Some Zombies Need to be Shot more than Once 

Some zombies will take multiple shots to take down. Having more than one bullet left in your gun is important when trying to down a rogue zombie. Zombies that are extremely large always require more bullets to kill. Be ready to empty your magazine on these giants, or avoid them by moving left or right.  

Using guns that have more power will be able to take down these larger zombies with less shots, but they usually have less bullets in a clip. 

7. Mission Completion 

When trying to complete different missions, such as kill 70 zombies on Boss stage, make sure you read the instructions. In normal stages, you have the option of not firing a single bullet and making it to the finish line. But, in mission specific stages, make sure you read the requirement(s) and bring in the right gun to handle the situation. You need total engagement in order to avoid being mauled by the horde.  

8. Pick up Ammo  

When running through the field of zombies pick up extra ammo that is in the field of play. Your ammo helps decide if you win or lose. Running out of bullets makes you helpless to the horde.  

Tip: If there are multiple zombies around the dropped ammo, don’t risk it unless you have a full clip of bullets left. Some of these zombies may take multiple shots to down and reloading when swarmed is a sure death to your character.  

9. Reloading your Weapon Faster 

On the home screen there is an option for an upgrade button, this upgrade button lets you add a silencer and different types of scopes to your weapon. These additions are merely for aesthetic purposes, but there is a 25% bonus option for reloading speed on all weapons. Now, you have to watch a short 30 second video, but this bonus works forever after applying it. Meaning, you will be less vulnerable when reloading because it takes less time to add bullets to your gun. The maximum reload speed bonus you can have is 200%, but that is 2 times as fast as it was originally! 

10. How to Achieve Kill Streaks 

When you have a successful kill streak of usually 10 zombies in a row, you will have a limited time where zombies will randomly go up in flames. This aides in your kill count and helps clear the battlefield. This is especially helpful on boss stages, where a specific number of zombies have to be killed before the stage is complete.  

Kill streaks are easier to accomplish when targeting zombies that are not moving at all, or moving straight towards you. Killing zombies that are coming at you from the side or an angle are more difficult to target successfully.  

Zombie Royale is mindless fun. Run through the battlefield taking down the undead. Give the zombies different masks to wear for added aesthetic pleasure, and test your zombie slaying skills with different weaponry. Discover what guns are best to fend off the undead and become a professional zombie slayer.