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Mowing down hordes of zeds never gets old. This rings true for VNG Game Studios‘s fast-paced mobile shooter, Zombie Fire 3D.

Akin to the likes of 2017’s Kill Shot Virus, you’ll have fun slaying infinite numbers of monstrosities craving for your flesh. Don’t get too cocky, though, because some of them might just be too powerful for your own good, so here’s a list showing how each weapon fares in the overall scheme of things.

Slaughtering The Undead

Shooting the Steampunk Blaster in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

A name, background, and story; all of these aren’t needed in Zombie Fire 3D. Thrown into the chaos of a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world, all that matters to you now is destroying those blood-thirsty creatures by wielding multiple badass guns.

As the saying goes; “a man with nothing to lose is the most dangerous”. So, here you are, enjoying your time culling the undead population while satisfying your own craving for even better weapons to use.

The Chief in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Games Studio

That’s Zombie Fire 3D in a nutshell, and its simplicity is part of the game’s charm and appeal. In terms of its weapon choices, let’s see how each gun generally performs when you’re going up against swarms of enemies crawling toward you.

Weapons Tier List

The Golden Benelli M4 skin in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

At the time of writing, there are currently fifteen distinct guns for you to unlock and use for your zombie-hunting trips.

Each has its own merits and does a fine job of cleaning up the walkers, but they all begin to show their cons as you progress further into the game.

As such, the weapons have been classified into four different tiers, giving you insights into which you might want to focus on getting, using your limited funds throughout the early-to-mid game.

Tier 1 (Supernatural)

The guns under this category are nearly overpowered, meaning you’ll want to get them as soon as you have the money!

[T1] Vacuum Juicer

The Vacuum Juicer in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Games Studios

Shoots hundreds of bullets in a single second, letting you sweep entire levels in a pinch.

[T1] AI AC12

The AI AC12 in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

This sniper rifle automatically claims headshots as long as you shoot enemies within its crosshairs. Seriously, what’s not to like?

[T1] M134 Minigun

The M134 Minigun in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

Just like any other game, a minigun is ALWAYS going to be one of the most powerful weapons available. You’ll take slightly more time to reload using it, but its raw firepower is just too good to overlook.

Tier 2 (Devastating)

Weapons classified under Tier 2 are still dangerous and only suffer from minimal inconveniences here and there.

[T2] Steampunk Blaster

The Steampunk Blaster in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

The first pistol that you get at the beginning of the game is one of the best. It blows off targeted limbs easily and charges an exclusive area-of-effect (AoE) blast once you kill three enemies with it.

[T2] Chainsaw Launcher

The Chainsaw Launcher in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

This silent killer’s discs slice through multiple enemies before ricocheting once upon hitting a wall, chopping up other unlucky victims. The Chainsaw Launcher is a true work of artistry and perfection.

[T2] FN P90

The FN P90 in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

In Zombie Fire 3D, the FN P90 is a marksman’s best friend; it’s frighteningly accurate and fires multiple shots per second, letting you down enemies almost instantaneously if you can aim for their heads quickly.

[T2] M249 LMG

The M249 LMG in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

This light machine gun is the minigun’s little brother; it packs a heftier punch but compensates by firing fewer rounds and has a smaller magazine – but you can’t really tell after clearing out levels easily using it!

[T2] Flamethrower

The Flamethrower in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

The Flamethrower is surprisingly menacing; it burns through multiple zombies quite admirably, and its flaming bursts can cover more than half the entire map!

Tier 3 (Useful)

Tier 3 guns are quite handy for the easy and medium stages – or if you’re bored and want to mix things up – but there are some nuances to their handling if you wish to achieve the desired damage-per-second (DPS) output.

[T3] Smoking Horizon

The Smoking Horizon in Zombie Fire 3D
Photo: VNG Game Studios

Ideally, the Smoking Horizon should’ve been an upgrade to the Flamethrower, but its wide attacking berth doesn’t burn zeds as effectively as its counterpart does. Can still fry undead meat fast in the hands of veterans, though.

[T3] Tesla Gun

The Tesla Gun in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

Despite its purported reputation, the Tesla Gun isn’t as scary as many had expected it to be in Zombie Fire 3D. Sure, it can stun multiple enemies for a short while, but it feels a bit lacking for its fearsome namesake albeit it does instakill foes via headshots.

[T3] Broken Thor

The Broken Thor in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

Have to give credit where it’s due; the Broken Thor’s name and design are just awesome!

On the other hand, it’s not as efficient at killing the tougher zeds frequenting the game’s more difficult stages, just like the Tesla Gun. Iit overheats rather quickly, needing a brief while to cool down for another use.

[T3] AK-47

The AK-47 in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

Consider the AK-47 your first love; the assault rifle tears through early-game Bosses’ defenses with ease. However, its rough recoil requires proper managing if you want to consistently get headshots, which might become slightly annoying in the latter stages. Still, reloading is a breeze!

Tier 4 (Okay)

Tier 4 weapons are those that you use to put an extra layer of challenge for yourself because they normally don’t eliminate foes fast enough when compared to others in the higher tiers.

[T4] Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

How the magnificent Benelli M4 has fallen in this game. This semi-automatic shotgun has a solid stature among gun enthusiasts, but its in-game damage isn’t on par with it. Recommend using it during the beginning of a playthrough only.

[T4] FIM-92 Stinger

The FIM-92 Stinger in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

On paper, more rockets equals huge levels of destruction! Well, not with the FIM-92 Stinger. Even though you can harm many zombies at once by shooting multiple rockets at them, its DPS is quite pitiful for a seemingly overpowered item.

[T4] Spray Laser

The Spray Laser in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios

As for the Spray Laser; respectfully, it isn’t weak at all, but its knockback effect doesn’t do much unless you can follow it up with a headshot immediately afterward. Being a single-target gun, it could do with a much-needed damage boost or firing rate increase.

Mission 10 overview in The Forest in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNG Game Studios


Zombie Fire 3D is a no-nonsense zombie shooter that drops you straight into the action, no questions asked. It’s great for killing time, which is even better for zed hunters out there!

While you’re still here, why not check out Zombie Fire 3D‘s gameplay guide too, or drop by the LifeAfter-versus-Undawn comparison to see which could be your next apocalyptic survival game in the pipeline?

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