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Shela Baxi
Zombie Fire 3D - Introduction
Picture: VNGGames Studios

Zombie Fire 3D is a first-person shooter game. The game’s objective is for you to wipe out waves of Zombies. There are different levels of Zombies that attack you in hordes, you need to wipe them out before they reach you. 

There are multiple weapons with which you can fend off the zombies, each with its X-factor. Every player has their preference as to which type of weapon suits them the most. 

We are here to list the best weapons in Zombie Fire 3D and why they are at the top of the pile for players. Our list has something for everyone, here we go! 

Zombie Fire 3D - Gameplay
Photo: VNGGames Studios

Benelli M4

Benelli M4 is a shotgun and it is an absolute shredding machine from close range. The basic Benelli M4 is powerful in its own right. The gun has a massive damage range and the firing rate is decent too.

It is definitely the damage that it incurs which makes it one of the best close-range weapons in Zombie Fire 3D. It has a good radius as well and the bullet spreads in considerable range. The reload speed and clip size are an issue but the positives far outweigh the minor limitations.

Zombie Fire 3D - Benelli M4
Picture: VNGGames Studios

The skins that you can purchase or unlock will give more boost to the gun’s characteristics. The more expensive the skin the more powerful the shotgun will get. Remember to keep upgrading the Benelli M4 to make it absolutely invincible. 

FN P90

FN P90 is an SMG that is consistent in every department. You will be required to spend 3,30,000 cash or 440 gold bars to unlock the gun first. Once unlocked, the P90 is devastating. 

The strongest point of the gun is its damage range, fire rate, and clip size. It will be a challenge to even empty the clips in the beginning. The damage P90 incurs is ridiculous too. The reason this weapon features in our list is that it is a very solid and dependable gun at any stage of the game. 

Zombie Fire 3D - P90
Picture: VNGGames Studios

Laser P90, Decimator FN P90, and ST Patrick P90 are some of the best skins you can unlock and equip with the FN P90. Not to mention the added attributes to the already heavy characteristics of the gun. 

Vacuum Juicer

If you are familiar with the Thunder gun in the Call of Duty game then you will recognize this gun in Zombie Fire 3D. Vacuum Juicer is in a similar ilk as Thunder. The fire rate and clip size of the gun are insane. The fire rate and the clip size are almost double that of every other gun on our list. 

The Vacuum Juicer will wipe off the zombies in front of you by showering a barrage of bullets at once. It will drain the zombies and end them in an instant. When the zombies become overpowering in the game, that is when this gun comes in handy. 

Zombie Fire 3D - Vacuum juicer
Picture: VNGGames Studios

Vacuum Juicer can be used as a last resort because it is a strong gun with an insane level of power, fire rate, and clip size. Athena Vacuum Juicer which is the last of the skins that you can unlock for the gun is the best skin available for Vacuum Juicer. Plasma Flare skin meanwhile gives an additional 28.3% power boost which is the highest boost among the skins.

Zombie Fire 3D – M134 Minigun

Think Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator and THAT minigun. This is it. The M134 Minigun is designed to just let your inner killer instinct out in Zombie Fire 3D. Keep spraying those bullets on the hordes of bullets and the clip won’t empty fast then spray some more.

The fire rate and clip size are amongst the best in the Zombie Fire 3D. Watch as every one of the thousand bullets you spray hits the intended target and you feel the satisfaction of wiping off the zombies at every level. 

The M134 Minigun in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNGGames Studios

The Summer Mingun and the Wooden Mingun are two of the best aesthetically looking skins in Zombie Fire 3D, while the Golden M134 Minigun skin gives a 10.8% power boost and is the most powerful skin of all. 

The damage of the M134 Minigun isn’t half bad either, it is a good gun to shred the zombies but the reload speed might hinder you a bit as it does take some time to reload the next clip. Still, it is one of the best guns to use in the game. 

Chainsaw Launcher

Tired of hitting just headshots in Zombie Fire 3D? How about just shredding the zombies in half? Yes? Well, this is that gun for you.

Chainsaw Launcher will shred those zombies in half with every round. It deals the highest damage among all the guns in Zombie Fire 3D.

The Damage, Fire rate, and Clip size are all pretty good but it is the satisfaction of seeing those hordes of zombies cut in half the reason why this gun makes our list.

As we said earlier, there is something for everyone on our weapon list, add this literal shredding machine to it. 

The Chainsaw Launcher in Zombie Fire 3D.
Photo: VNGGames Studios

The Lava Chainsaw skin gives an additional 18% power boost to the gun and it is one of the best upgraded skin in the game if not the best. Chainsaw Launcher can be used as a good switching option with the M34 Minigun. Shred and dead! 

Honorable Mention

Steampunk Blast

It has the second-highest damage in Zombie Fire 3D and it is the default gun you start with.

Zombie Fire 3D - Steampunk blast
Picture: VNGGames Studios

It is very similar to the Ray Gun in Call of Duty Zombies but it is a better version of that gun because after downing three zombies the next shot will be a plasma blast that will clear the remaining zombies. Chef’s Kiss.

Zombie Fire 3D - Mission 3 Mall
Picture: VNGGames Studios


There are all types of guns in Zombie Fire 3D, ranging from spraying bullets to wiping out the zombies with one hit.

Pick and unlock a gun according to your liking and fire away. Zombie Fire 3D has some of the best guns in the Zombie game genre. 

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