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Yes Your Highness

Develop your empire, drive away enemy forces, woo lovers, and expand the royal bloodline in the kingdom sim Yes Your Highness. The game lets you experience just about anything there is to be a king or queen.

Yes Your Highness is filled with engaging elements, and this game guide will help you through the primary ones. Read until the end of the article for essential tips and promo codes.

Yes Your Highness - Intro
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Romance and Offsprings

Let’s start with the spicy stuff because it’s what you begin with in the game anyway. While you only start with one partner, the game allows you to obtain multiple love interests, like with the emperors of old.

All your romantic and family affairs can be handled in the Backyard building. Your sweethearts will be in the Lover tower, where you can take them on Random Dates occasionally.

Lover collection in Lover tower
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You can also select a specific lover to give a gift via the Award button or tap Summon to spend an intimate night with them. If your partner is of the opposite sex, Summon and Random Dates can result in you having offspring.

Raising Children

Below the Lover tower of the Backyard is the Offspring section, where you will be able to raise your babies. Press the up arrow below every child’s panel when there is an available attempt to increase their growth and cultivation level.

Every time an offspring reaches a cultivation limit, you must choose a path for them to follow. Each child has a talent or innate boosted stats, and you can base your decisions on that.

Offspring stats
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Offspring Marriage

Your territory’s welfare will be influenced by your descendants’ progress, including their marriage. Once your offspring becomes an adult, they will move into the Backyard’s Marriage area to wait for someone to take their hand.

Accept proposals via the Request list or send them yourself to the public server. Offspring of other players can accept them. If they get married, you will acquire the stats of your offspring’s partner, further reinforcing your domain.

Married Offspring
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Finding More Lovers

To establish an extensive lineage, you can capture the hearts of more characters. There are two ways to do this. The first is simply increasing your kingdom’s Power rating. When it reaches certain milestones, a lover will be awarded to you.

The second way can be done after you build the Post House. Here, you can tour cities to enhance your reputation, but you can also cross paths with beauties randomly. When you meet them enough times, they will become your lover.

Lover selection
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You can also get lovers through events and other exclusive rewards.

Empire Building

As the ruler, your primary job is to develop your kingdom’s prosperity. You can do this by constructing and upgrading buildings. Remember that your development is limited by the level of your main building, the Town.

Buildings in Yes Your Highness are like Evony: The King’s Return because they have designated areas. At town level ten, you’ll gain the ability to move around structures. However, they can only be placed in selected spaces.

Moving buildings
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Here are the types of buildings you will set up and what they will do for you.

Gold Production

Premises that generate gold, like the Farm and Smithy, can multiply production when there’s an assigned retainer. Tap any of these buildings and press the plus button to add an available retainer.

Gold-producing buildings need to be upgraded at least five times to house one retainer. You can have up to three retainers per building to maximize output.

Retainer gold output bonus in Farm
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Functional Buildings

Functional buildings are those that you can use to run other rulership responsibilities. Some examples of these are the Backyard for your house concerns and the Council Chamber, where you settle realm affairs.

There’s a limited amount of attempts at a time to utilize these buildings. Some you can reuse after a day, and some will be accessible again in a couple of minutes. You’ll know they are available when there’s an exclamation point above them.

Available attempts in Backyard
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Housing Vagrants

Vagrants are homeless NPCs that you can invite into your settlement, like the dwellers in Fallout Shelter. Your Asylum outside the city walls makes broth for these people. When there’s food available, tap the Asylum to summon a vagrant.

They will then hang around in your Vagrant Shelter. Build a residential home for them, and tap the plus icon when there is available space to make vagrants official citizens.

Vagrants entering residential Hut
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This will increase overall gold production. The Asylum lets you rescue vagrants one at a time, but there’s a way that you can get them in bulk. That is through battles.

Stage Battles

Indeed, stage battles are where you can get loads of vagrants, but it’s also where the main story of Yes Your Highness happens. Each stage chapter has a scenario part where you must choose between dialogue options.

Battle dialogue options
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This will dictate how you will proceed with the plot, and every dialogue option has a different reward.

Battles are direct; you don’t have to press a lot of buttons during the fight. In fact, you can just skip through each wave by tapping the Skip button on the bottom right side of the screen. You can also use the Quick Battle option to rush through stages.

Stage battle
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You will win as long as you have enough funds and your army is greater than the enemy. To bolster military force, you need strong retainers.


Apart from boosting gold production, retainers can help you out in battles. They are the fighters that face off against the boss in each chapter, so they are pretty crucial for your army.

Retainer Marco Polo
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There are four retainer stats that influence your kingdom in various ways. These are Military, Politics, Commerce, and Wisdom. The same stats are used by your offspring.

You can get a new retainer from special rewards and every time you promote your avatar in the Player Profile section. Promotion will become available when you accumulate enough experience points from stage battles.

Enhancing Retainers

View all your obtained champions in the Retainer button at the bottom left side of the main game screen. Tap one hero you want to upgrade.

You can enhance all their stats by tapping the yellow up arrow, which costs battle EXP. You can also boost a specific stat by going to the Aptitude panel at the bottom of the screen or the Improve button on the right. Both require special items.

Retainer stat upgrades
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Beside Aptitude is the Skill panel, which houses unique stats. You can upgrade them using skill EXP, but you won’t get these until you erect the College building. Here, you can have retainers study for hours and come out with skill EXP.

Retainers in College
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Every lover in this semi-dating simulator is related to one retainer. You can view that on the Skill section of your partner.

When you make any sort of move on your lover, you will receive intimacy EXP. When you have enough of these, you can upgrade your lover’s skill to augment a specific stat of their related retainer.

At first, you will only have one skill upgrade option. But as you level up your Lover Affection, you will have more choices of related retainer stats to raise.

Lover skill for related retainer
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Yes Your Highness Tips & Tricks

We have covered the most crucial aspects of Yes Your Highness. There are a couple of unexplored elements, but some of them will be included in this tips and tricks segment for the game.

Raise Lover Intimacy Before Having an Offspring

You may notice that every offspring has a sort of rarity label, like characters in gacha games. There’s ordinary, mundane, and so on. The higher the rarity, the better their initial stats and cultivation path will be.

To get a top-tier child, you must have a strong bond with your lover. Raise their intimacy level as much as you can. You can’t rely on Random Dates for this one, so you must master the other romantic strategies.

Constantly give them intimacy flowers and other gifts in the Award section. This will also help you unlock their Love Memories, which are stories of how you and your lover fell for each other.

Love Memories
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Play Events to Kill Time and Get Extra Rewards

Events in Yes Your Highness are like mini-games. You can tell the developers put some effort into them because, unlike many modern mobile games, the events are not just the main gameplay with a little change in aesthetics.

Well, there are events that take place in the main game, but the major ones truly have completely separate rules. Some are like tile-matching puzzles, and some are luck-based board games.

Tile-matching puzzle event
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These are great for killing time if you’re waiting on something in the game but don’t want to quit. Of course, the rewards are also worth it if you take these events seriously.

Join or Create an Alliance

Alliances give more quests to complete, stores to check out, bosses to take down, and rewards to collect. Basically, being part of an alliance diversifies your gameplay in various ways.

Although player interaction isn’t as optimized as, say, Clash of Clans or Lords Mobile, you still get the benefit of playing with people who are on your side.

To be an alliance member, you must first establish the Alliance building. You can join or create a group. The former is free, while the latter will cost you diamonds.

Create or join Alliance
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Don’t Rely on Quests Too Much

Following the main quests in Yes Your Highness on the bottom left side of the screen is enough to get you through the game. However, some structures, like the Alliance building, are not included in the sequence of quests.

If you only follow the primary quest line for progress, you might miss out on the perks of these buildings.

Check the Build icon at the bottom right side of your city screen to make sure you haven’t left out any buildings. If there’s an exclamation point, there’s still a structure you’ve yet to construct.

Build prompt
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Yes Your Highness Codes

Apart from tips, codes can also make your game more exciting. Below is a table for all active codes you can use in Yes Your Highness. Enter them to redeem fantastic rewards.

YYHGIFT111200 Diamonds, Apt Scroll, T1 Knight Gear

How To Redeem Codes In Yes Your Highness

Carefully follow these bullet points one by one to redeem your codes and get your freebies.

  • Go to your city screen in Yes Your Highness
  • Scroll down the Power Rank Rush slider to find the User Center
  • Tap User Center and go to Gift Code Exchange
User Center
Photo: 37Games
  • Enter the promo code in the first text bar
  • Type the indicated characters in the second text bar
  • Press the Redeem button
Gift Code Exchange
Photo: 37Games
  • Exit User Center
  • Tap the mail icon above the quest indicator on your city screen
  • Find your rewards and tap Claim
Claim rewards
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What Codes Do In Yes Your Highness

Codes can give you an edge, especially if you are new to Yes Your Highness. Some rewards you will receive are rare items you won’t get your hand on until later in the game.

If you know where to look for promo codes and how to redeem them, you will be able to take a massive leap forward.

Code Not Working in Yes Your Highness

Your code in Yes Your Highness might not be working because you typed it out incorrectly. To be sure that you’re entering the right numbers and letters, it’s best to copy and paste the codes.

If this still doesn’t work, the codes might have already expired, or you’ve already redeemed it successfully in the past.

Redeemed rewards
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How To Find New Codes In Yes Your Highness

Because codes expire in Yes Your Highness, you should enter them while they are still fresh. But how does one obtain new codes for Yes Your Highness? By following relevant social media channels.

The developer, 37Games, created two designated social media pages for codes and other announcements of this settlement builder. Here are the links for them.

The Discord link can also be found in the Player Profile section.

Player Profile
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A myriad of elements to be explored in Yes Your Highness and the developers aren’t even done with the updates. There’s an upcoming AI chat feature, which will surely spice up the game even more.

While waiting for that, enjoy these essential tips and codes for Yes Your Highness.

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