Yeet A Friend Codes – September 2023

Here are Yeet A Friend active codes!
(Last Updated On: August 30, 2023)

We’ve got the latest codes for Yeet A Friend on July 2023.

In Yeet A Friend, you must carry a friend and throw him across the map as far as possible. You can even attach a mini-rocket to your friend to make him fly further. And if you want to progress faster, check out this guide. We’ll show you the active Yeet A Friend codes.

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Yeet A Friend Codes July 2023

MoneyUpdateMythic Slime Pet
YeetCartoon2 Power Boost
NeonPetLegendary Slime Pet
AtomicRewardMythic Slime Pet
FreePowerPower Boost
StarShopper5,000 Stars
NightmaresLegendary Slime Pet
FreeStars750 Stars
YeetA250kMythic Slime Pet

How To Redeem Codes In Yeet A Friend

Photo: Low Effort Studios.
  • Open Roblox and launch Yeet A Friend
  • Walk to the Twitter Bird located near the spawn
  • In the pop-up menu, find the text box saying ‘ENTER CODE’
  • Insert the code from this article right here
  • Once done, press the button REDEEM

That’s how it works. If the code is active, rewards will be instantly added to your account.

What Codes Do In Yeet A Friend?

In Yeet A Friend, codes serve players beneficial freebies. The most common rewards are Stars, Pets, and Boosts which can speed up your in-game progression. Each Yeet A Friend code is temporary and can be activated only once per account.

If the code from this article doesn’t work, scroll down. We’ll tell you what to do in case of an expired code.

Code Not Working – Yeet A Friend

If you see an outdated Yeet A Friend code in this article, we apologise for any inconvenience we could create. Please, leave us a comment so we can update this article by removing expired codes and adding new ones.

How To Find New Codes In Yeet A Friend

Photo: Low Effort Studios.

If you consider rewards from codes insufficient or want more Yeet A Friend free rewards, follow an official Yeet A Friend Discord server. Here are the latest announcements regarding Yeet A Friend, codes, and giveaways.


That’s all you need to know about Yeet A Friend codes. If you have an exclusive code and want to share it with our readers, please leave a comment. We’ll quickly add the new code to this article.

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