WWE Undefeated Roster: Rare, Epic and Legendary Superstars

Anurag Ghosh

WWE Undefeated is an excellent mobile fighting game. Its unique card-based fighting mechanics is more strategic in nature, making players think twice before the next move. Choose your favorite WWE Superstar and unleash some of the deadliest finishers, combos and special moves.  

WWE Undefeated Roster

Currently the WWE Undefeated roster features 13 fighters, each having their own unique finishing moves. Check out our tier list of legendary, epic and rare fighters and know their buffs and debuffs. Some of these fighters have very high finisher damage stats. A finishing move is triggered when you tap the Hype button. You can activate Hype when it’s 100 percent full. Fill the hype meter by dealing and taking damage.  


The Undertaker:  A legendary superstar, The Undertaker’s Undead attribute ensures he has two pin escapes instead of one. You will have a tough time defeating him.  

Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns has high stamina and finisher damage. When he inflicts damage, DMG points increases by 2 percent. Keep hitting opponents to maintain the 2 percent increase. When he takes damage, his buff resets back to normal.  

Epic Superstars 

Seth Rollins: An Epic tier WWE Undefeated superstar, Seth Rollins has a very high finisher damage, so make sure you tap the hype when full to take advantage of his finishing move.  

As you already know, you will need energy points to unleash a move card (your energy refills automatically). When you have the all of one move type ready in hand, all moves of that type will cost one less energy.  

Kofi Kingston: When Kofi’s energy bar has 4 or less energy. His special moves (superstar-exclusive moves that can’t be replaced by common moves) cost 3 or less energy.  

AJ Styles: 10 percent Crit hit chance.  

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt: When you use his special move card (superstar-exclusive card), his stamina decreases by 6 percent, but his critical hit chance goes up to 4 percent.  


The Rock: His “People’s Champion” buff gets activated when his hype is 100 percent (tap to activate it). With this buff activated, The Rock’s damage, energy regeneration and defense increase by 10 percent.  

Finn Balor: The damage dealt by Finn increases by 20 percent when his opponent’s health is less 40 percent.  

Adam Cole: His damage and energy regeneration rate is increased by 10% when his hype is not 100 percent.  

Drew Mcintyre: Gets a 20 percent damage buff for ten seconds in every 30 seconds.  

Kevin Owens: Kevin’s stamina (health) regeneration increases by 10% and his opponent loses stamina regen. This happens when Kevin Owen gets hit. The buff resets when you hit the opponent.  

Otis: When Otis loses a grapple clash or any other clash, then his defense gets a 25 percent boost for 10 seconds.  

Shinsuke Nakamura: Use a 3 move combo card to get a 25% Hype bonus instantly. Your hype meter will fill faster than ever.  

There are three more superstars, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, but they haven’t been added to the WWE Undefeated roster. Stay tuned for more!