WWE Undefeated Game Guide: Tips and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

WWE Undefeated is a stunning card-based brawler from nWay inc. You will be fighting against real players in real-time multiplayer matches.

The WWE Undefeated roster has over 15 most popular superstars, such as The Rock, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns and Stone Cold Steve Austin. You can play your favorite superstar against a human opponent or just practice your moves before the big match!  

WWE Undefeated: The Rock vs. The Rock

With so many deadly card-based moves and unique signature styles, each WWE Undefeated multiplayer match will be intense and exciting! Follow these tips and strategies to KO your opponents in this power-packed WWE mobile game.  

Know Your Superstar’s Moves

In WWE Undefeated, every move counts. Knowing all card-based moves in your deck will help you decide which cards to use against an opponent.  

Some moves need to be used in certain circumstances. The Rock’s special “People’s Elbow” move can be used only against grounded opponents, so you will first have to unleash a card like “Body Slam” to slam the opponent onto the ground and then use the People’s Elbow card (if available from the randomly drawn cards on the lower-right corner of the screen).  

Move card info page.
Check the move information to know more about it.

To get critical information about each card, go to your “Deck” in the home screen. Now tap on a card and then press the “info” button to know how will this card perform when used during a fight. You will also learn key stats about each move card, such as how many hits, the total damage and whether the move’s speed is fast or slow. You will also learn whether the hit’s range is short or long. More about these stats in the next paragraph.  

Knowing a card’s battle advantages and the nature of the move beforehand will surely help you have an upper edge during a brawl.  

Card Stats at a Glance 

In the card info screen, you may have noticed certain additional information such as Hits, Range and Speed. These attributes play a crucial role during a fight, and you must tap on the right card to ensure maximum impact.  

For our WWE Undefeated card stats guide, let’s take the example of the Chop Combo card.  

Chop Combo Card

Hits: The number of times your fighter will hit the opponent. In Chop Como move card, it’s three, so your fighter will hit the opponent thrice with his hand.  

Speed: How fast this move is. If the speed stats show “Fast” then surely this move card is pretty nimble and the opponent will have very less time to react when you use a card with a “Fast” speed attribute. 

Range: Shows whether the fighting move card is of short or long range. This attribute is crucial, but there’s some confusion regarding its impact. In my opinion:  

It’s somehow connected to the distance between two fighters. If you are closer to your opponent, you can choose a short-range card to ensure your hits reaches him. If you are farther away from your opponent, you may want to choose a mid or long-range card and your fighter will take appropriate action to hit his opponent. 

What do you think? Does the range attribute in each move card suggests a fighter’s attack or hit range? Or is it something else.  

Damage (points): The damage inflicted on the opponent. The higher the damage stats, the more health will diminish. The health bar is shown on the top of the screen.  Upgrade a card to increase damage.

WWE Undefeated Moves – Strike Vs. Grapple Vs. Counter 

Cards deal damage based on their move type. There are three types of moves:  

Strike: These cards have a yellow background. Strikes are fast-paced attacks that can really disrupt an opponent’s moves. However, the damage dealt by a strike card is lower than a grapple.  

Grapple: Grapple cards have an orange background. A grapple move is slower than a strike but deals heavy damage and can easily break an opponent’s defense.  

Counter: Counter cards have a blue background. They are used to defend your fighter against strikes.  

Each card-based move is stronger/weaker than the other.  

Grapple cards are stronger than counter cards. When your opponent gets defensive, use a grapple card to break his defenses.  

Strike cards are stronger than grapples. If you use a strike card just before an opponent uses grapple, you will cancel out his grapple move and score a hit.  

Counter cards are stronger than Strikes. When your opponent throws punches and kicks (these come under strike moves), use the blue counter card to defend against them.  

How to Win a Grapple Clash 

If both fighters use grapples at the same time, they will enter a grapple clash.  

You can see a grapple icon above your opponent and you may be interested in using your grapple card (if available from the random cards) to enter the clash.  

During a clash, a grapple card that costs more energy wins. If your opponent’s grapple card costs 3 energy and your card costs 4, then you will win the grapple clash.  

Test Your Moves Before the Real Battle 

The game offers real-time PvP fights, so you will be battling real world players in one-on-one matches.  

Before playing the multiplayer battle mode, you must try out each move card with an AI or dummy opponent. Just tap on the “Practice” button under your “Deck” section to begin your training. Mind you, the AI is pretty smart and you will get some real good practice in the game’s training mode.  

Get Hyped Up 

The hype meter is located on the lower-left corner of the fight screen. It fills up every time you hit your opponent or get hit by him. When your Hype is full, it glows. Tap it to unleash your WWE Superstar’s “Style”.  

Superstars have their own unique signature styles that can be very effective during a fight. It provides awesome power-ups and the damage dealt by some fighters to their opponents is huge.  

The Rock’s “People’s Champion” style increases his damage, defense and energy regeneration by a certain percentage each time you tap on the Hype button when it’s full.  

To view a superstar’s move, go to your deck and tap on the blue “Info” button below your fighter’s portrait on the left side of the home screen.  

Hint: When “Hype” is ready and you tap it, you not only increase certain stats, but also unleash your superstar’s devastating finishing move.  

Upgrade Your Superstar and Cards 

You can level up cards to make them more effective during a fight. You will need duplicate cards and cash to level up a particular card. You can get duplicate cards and cash from loot boxes dropped after winning a match or from missions.  

When a card is ready for upgrade a green arrow appears on it. You can see this in the “Deck” menu. Tap that card and tap on the upgrade button.  

Leveling up your superstar increases his Stamina (health) and Finisher Damage. You will need cash and duplicate cards of that superstar to upgrade him.  

To level up, go to Deck > Info button.  

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