11 WWE Mayhem Tips, Hints and Tricks to Beat Story and Versus Matches

Anurag Ghosh
WWE Mayhem

Mayhem is probably the most complete WWE fighting game on Android. Yes there was a game called Immortals, but it was more Mortal Kombat-like and honestly did not have those intense ring-breaking moments of a WWE match.

This game is something every World Wrestling Entertainment fan will cherish for life. It has those finishing moves as seen on TV, tag team events and a huge collection of your favorite superstars. And the best part of this game is that the action takes place in the middle of the ring, much like real-life matches.

If you are a big fan of fighting games and love to collect your favorite superstars, then we have some great news for you. There’s a new WWE game and it’s awesome. Check out our WWE Undefeated Game Guide for more details.

King of Fighters AllStar is now available on the Google Play Store and much like Mayhem, it lets you collect your favorite characters.

Mayhem also has a PvP game mode called versus that lets you fight players to get rewards and rank high up on the online leaderboard. With the help of these tips, hints and tricks, you will know how to take advantage of various moves, make your superstars more powerful and win matches:

1. Fighting Moves and How to Make the Most Out of Them

WWE Mayhem’s fighting moves are a lot similar to other mobile brawlers. Light taps, strong attacks and blocks are three major attack/defense styles, but you should know how to make the most of these moves:

WWE Mayhem

1. Light Attacks: Tap your opponent for light attacks. You should use this most of the time to quickly hit your opponent. Light attacks are fast and since you tap rapidly you build special energy faster. You will get 2x or 3x hits more often when you follow this fighting move.

2. Strong Attacks: Swipe right for stronger attacks, but you should use this move sparingly as it takes a few seconds to get it right, giving your opponent much time to counter attack. However, if you pull off a stronger attack on time, your opponent’s HP will be drained much faster. It’s all about timing, and if you time right-swipes right, you can be successful. But I would still recommend light attacks as you will be able to land blows quickly and fill the special attack bar faster.

3. Blocks: When your opponent hits, tap and hold the left side of the screen to block. When you block hits, your opponent gets exhausted for a few seconds, giving you ample time to hit back or use a special move if it’s available.

2. How to get a Special Move Instantly

You can try this if you can’t wait for the special move bar at the bottom of the screen to fill up. This is somewhat risky as you will have to wait for 1-2 seconds, which might give you opponent a breather and he may counter attack. The trick is to tap and hold the right side of the screen for a few seconds and then release.

You will get an instant special move as your player will launch a charge attack and pull off a scintillating stunt to pin down your opponent. Try this, but bear in mind that this may not work sometimes.

3. Which Difficulty Mode Should You Choose?

For story matches, select the “Normal” difficulty mode just before starting a new season. You will get more rewards after winning matches in this mode. But if you love a challenging match, then you can select the “Superstar” mode which triples your rewards. Remember that the harder the difficulty mode, the higher is the recommended “rating” and so you will have to choose the best of the best characters and keep upgrading them to increase your team’s rating. Each character’s rating can be improved by upgrading him/her.

4. When Should You Use the Health Kit?

In story mode, you might have noticed that an injured superstar’s health isn’t automatically restored when you start a new match. He starts the fight with same HP level. Surely you can replace him with a new wrestler from your team, but then you might miss him in action, especially when he is doing a good job beating the hell out of opponents. This is when you can use the health kit to restore his/her health.

Bear in mind that health kits are not freely available and you get them as rewards after completing a season or when you open certain lootcases, such as the 4-hour lootcase. You might consider using it when your superstar’s HP reaches below 50 percent.

Accumulate health kits in the first few seasons (these are pretty easy to finish) and try to restore HP of all superstars before the last fight in a season. You might also get a health as “path rewards” in a season. The last fight can be hard to finish and you may not want to lose it, so make sure all or your main superstars’ health is restored to at least 80 percent or more before a season’s big final match.

5. Know Your Story-Mode Rewards

On winning a WWE match in story mode, you get these rewards:

Story Lootcase Keys: These keys are used to open lootcases, which contain a random character. You will have to collect a certain number of keys to unlock a basic lootcase. Check the bar on the top-right corner of the screen in Story mode to know how many keys you have collected so far. Once the bar is full, you can unlock a lootcase after tapping the “Loot” button.

Cash: Used to level-up superstars and take part in events, such as the PvP versus mode. You will have to spend cash to find a match. To spend cash for upgrades, you will first need level-up bottles to fill a character’s upgrade bar and when it’s full, you will need to spend cash to upgrade him/her.

Manager XP: You get player XP in certain matches. The XP collected will increase your manager (player) level and will let you unlock superstars and new game modes.

Level-Up Bottle: You might also get a level-up bottle after winning a story mode match. While a level-up bottle is usually found inside a story lootcase, there are chances of getting it as a “Title reward” in story-mode matches. It’s used to upgrade your superstars. To upgrade character in your team, tap the “Superstars” tab and then tap his profile.

To complete a season in story mode, you will have to win all matches so that you can unlock the next season. You will get better rewards on completion. You will get gold bars, cash, level-up bottles and health kits. A health kit instantly restores health of a superstar and can be used only during an episode. You can use gold bars to buy loot cases and boosts.

Now that you know what rewards you will be getting on winning a match and how to use them properly, let’s find out what Daily login rewards has for us:

Daily login rewards include Energy refill and Premium lootcase keys. The premium lootcase keys are 7-day rewards so you might not get them regularly. Login daily to progress, and don’t forget to claim your rewards. If you miss a day, you may lose the next day’s rewards. You may also get rewards such as cash and level-up bottles as login bonuses.

6. Superstar Overdrives Boosts Upgraded Stats

To get the benefit of “Overdrive”, you should have a 2-star or above character and his duplicate. For each extra copy you own, you will get a stats boost when you upgrade him. Overdrive is not available for one-star WWE characters.

7. Play the Versus Mode to Get Amazing Rewards

Versus mode is the PvP mode that lets you fight human players from all around the world. You will need cash to find a match. This game mode lets you participate in 1 vs. 1 as well as player vs. player tag team events.

In PvP tag team events, you not only earn rewards per match, but also on reaching certain milestones and ranking up the online leaderboard. For example: In the Mayhem PvP tag team event, you will earn respect points on winning a match. Keep winning matches to earn 600 points and you will reach the 1st milestone and win rewards like 25 “versus” lootcase keys, cash, gold and 2-star lootcase keys.

If you rank higher on the online leaderboard before the PVP tag team ends, you will get lots of awesome rewards, such as lots of 2-star lootcase keys, weights that can be used to rank up your superstars, cash and versus keys.
Please note that PvP tag team events are available for a few days and you will have to keep playing until the event ends to score as many points as possible, earn respect and rank higher. Try to win consecutive matches without losing any to let the multiplier kick in, and this will help you score more points in a short period of time. Some PvP matches have certain requirements. Example: the “Level Up” event can be played if you have 2 and 3-star characters in your team.

8. Create Synergy between Superstars

You can create synergy between two characters by adding both of them to your team. For example, if you have Bray Watt in your team, then adding Finn Balor creates a synergy between these two superstars. Adding Finn to your team will give 5 percent more chance of a critical hit.

To know which character complements with a character in your team, go to “Superstars”, tap a character and then tap “Synergy” which is located at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Having the right class and creating synergies are two crucial changes you must make in your team to have a winning edge in story-mode matches.

9. Stop Hitting When Opponent Blocks

Whether you are throwing stronger punches or tapping rapidly, just stop whatever you are doing when your opponent blocks. If you keep hitting, then your superstar will be visibly tired for a few seconds, giving your opponent enough time to counter attack or launch a special attack. Since he is tired, you won’t be able to hit your opponent and he will take full opportunity to hit back.

10. Types of Lootcases and How to Get Them

There are various types of lootcases and each lootcase contains a variety of goodies, from WWE superstars to items such as level-up bottles, health kits and many more. Here’s a list of lootcases:

1. Daily Lootcase: Available every 24 hours. You might get one-star or two-star superstars as well as 3-star, 2-star and 1-star lootcase keys.

2. 4-hour Lootcase: Available every 4 hours. Usually contains only items such as health, power and XP boosts and health kits.

3. Story mode Lootcase: You will need to collect 100 keys to unlock this lootcase. You will get these keys after winning a match in story mode. A story lootcase contains one-star characters, level-up bottles and special level-ups for “Powerhouse” “Technician” and “Showman” class superstars.

4. Versus: Versus lootcase is unlocked when you collect 1000 versus keys. You will get them when you win a PvP versus match. Versus lootcases contain 2-star superstars, keys and cash.

11. Know Your Superstar Classes

There are 6 classes and each character belongs to one class or the other. Classes are denoted by icons. For example, the “Brawler” class will have a green fist icon. Each class is stronger or weaker than the other class. If you select a character whose class is stronger than your opponent’s class, you will get a stats boost, which will help you in defeating him in the ring. The chart below will help you know the class cycle:

Class Circle in Mayhem

The best part of WWE Mayhem is that it selects the stronger class character for you just before the match starts. And if there’s no strong class available, it will select a character whose class is similar to his opponent’s class. Make sure you collect lots of characters and let the AI do the job for you.

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  1. The only tip I could contribute to this article is: If you don’t have hours upon hours of free time, this game probably isn’t for you. I recently deleted the app after realizing exactly just how much time you have to spend playing this game. And spending real world money to progress further in a video game on your cell phone is just nonsense.

    The graphics are great, but outside the actual in ring portion, the game itself is way too convoluted. I never did understand the point of the 3 star, 4 start thing either. Why would one Ultimate Warrior be stronger than another? Why is there more than one Ultimate Warrior in the game to begin with? It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

    I will stick to collection the action figures personally.

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