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Wuthering Waves is a story-rich action RPG with an open world and a high degree of freedom. The game hasn’t been released yet, but many fellow gamers think of it as the main competitor of Genshin Impact in the next few years. 

We won’t spread the rumours, but what we know is that Wuthering Waves will feature unique, highly detailed characters with unique skills and stories. In this guide, we’ll list all Wuthering Waves characters announced as of February 2024.

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wuthering waves characters list
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Wuthering Waves Characters List

At the moment of writing, 15 characters are confirmed to be added to Wuthering Waves. However, this list is not complete and will be significantly expanded in the future. 

We don’t have the leaks, but we keep our heads up for the new information. Bookmark this guide (press Ctrl+D) and check it from time to time to see if any new characters are coming to Wuthering Waves.


wuthering waves an'ke
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

An’ke is a cute-looking girl with pink hair, and she’s a member of the Black Shores Union. She emits purity and cuteness and is always accompanied by 2 wool toys: Cloudy and Cosmos.

Woollies Roll OutMake woollies perform four continuous attacks. The last attack deals Fusion DMG
Woollies CutCloudy and Cosmos cut with energy converged rays and deal Fusion DMG.
Woollies OutburstCosmos goes into rage mode and attacks enemies.
Cosmos FoulIf Anke’s health points are above 70%, gets a 30% DMG boost.
Cloudy Snow OffIncreases Fusion DMG by 20% each time using the normal attack.
Yin Yang SheepWhen Anke’s is full HP, heavy attack will set Anke Disarrayed and trigger QTE of Resonators in the party. 
Skillful CookingCooking Survival Assisting foods have a 20% chance to return all ingredients.
Woolies GatheringCosmos strikes down from midair, dealing Fusion DMG.


wuthering waves jiyan
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

The commander of Midnight Rangers, Jiyan is a man with a brave and righteous heart. His will bends the wind itself into a weapon, slicing through adversity with unwavering resolve. Jiyan leads his lone battalion against fate, but maybe some other characters will join him.

Lay Down ArmsJiyan performs five powerful attacks. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th attacks deal Aero DMG.
Wind Stilling SwipeCharges and deals Aero DMG (can be used in air)
Sky Roaming: CertitudeMake Jiyan turn into the triumph state, which transforms normal and heavy attacks into Triumph Lance.
Sky DivingHeavy Attack increases DMG by 15% (lasts 8 seconds).
Converging WindsHitting enemies increases CRIT Rate by 1% (can stack 15 times, lasts 8 seconds)
Trick AttackDeals Lance attack with Aero DMG.
Triumph LoongWind Still Swipe will consume 30 Triumph Valor and increase Wind Still Swipe DMG by 20%.
Precision Purification10% chance to get double materials in Purification.


wuthering waves jueyan
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Jueyan is a botanist from Huanglong and a member of the New Federation in Wuthering Waves. Her connection with nature is so strong that she can hear the sounds of plants. Beneath a sky painted with starlight, the Starflowers that bloom on her vines echo her bravery, each blossoming a luminous testament to her spirit.

CultivationPerforms most 5 attacks dealing Spectra DMG. The last attack gives 1 Photosynthesis Energy.
Multiplication TestUses energy to accelerate plant growth, deals AoE damage and gets 1 Photosynthesis Energy.
Plant GrowthAccelerate the growth of nearby plants and deal with Spectra DMG. Heal 100% HP for all Resonators in a team. Inflicts Photosynthesis Sigel while hitting enemies.
Law of VerinaIncreases heal effect by 20% when the target’s HP is below 50%.
Variation BotanySprouting enhances Spectra DMG by 15% (lasts 8 seconds).
SproutingSlides to enemies and attacks them with Spectra DMG. Gets energy for 1 Photosynthesis.
Starry BlossomWhile having Photosynthesis Energy, heavy attacks will consume it to increase DMG and recover HP.
Skillful CookingCooking Exploration Assisting foods have a 20% chance of getting double foods.

Rover (Female)

wuthering waves rover female
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

At the moment of writing, we have no information about the female Rover identity. However, we know that she’s strong enough to absorb any sounds. In Wuthering Waves, she came to retrieve the forgotten memories.

Sound BladePerforms 4 continuous attacks and gets Sound Particles each time when the attack hits an enemy.
Floating SoundPerforms slash attack, dealing Spectra DMG.
Extreme SoundUses Spectra energy to deal with AoE Spectra DMG.
Hold BreathIncreases heavy attack damage by 15% (lasts for 5 seconds).
ConcentrationGets 20 Concerto Energy for hitting enemies with Floating Sound.
TremorStrikes down and deals Spectra DMG, gets 50 Sound Particles.
Particles of AllGets 50 Sound Particles for hitting enemies with heavy attacks. These will be automatically consumed to cast Floating Sound: Revolve.
Choral OrdealIncreases the movement speed of Resonators in the party by 10%.

Rover (Male)

wuthering waves rover male
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Male Rover is the brother of female Rover, so we also don’t possess any information about his personality. Like the sister, he has the power to absorb any sounds. Male Rover has come to the world to retrieve old memories. 

Sound BladePerforms 4 continuous attacks and gets Sound Particles each time when the attack hits an enemy.
Floating SoundPerforms slash attack, dealing Spectra DMG.
Extreme SoundUses Spectra energy to deal with AoE Spectra DMG.
Hold BreathIncreases heavy attack damage by 15% (lasts for 5 seconds).
ConcentrationGets 20 Concerto Energy for hitting enemies with Floating Sound.
TremorStrikes down and deals Spectra DMG, gets 50 Sound Particles.
Particles of AllGets 50 Sound Particles for hitting enemies with heavy attacks. These will be automatically consumed to cast Floating Sound: Revolve.
Choral OrdealIncreases the movement speed of Resonators in the party by 10%.


wuthering waves yinlin
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Hailing from the enigmatic Huanglongese region, Yinlin is an extraordinary puppeteer who uses the raw power of thunder to manipulate puppets. Despite being a member of Midnight Rangers, she acts in a rogue way out of her aloof personality. 

Strings TrialPerforms at most 4 continuous attacks, deals Conducto DMG. The last attack inflicts a Punishing Brand.
Manipulating PalmUnleashes a shocking attack, dealing Conducto DMG to enemies. With each successful strike, they inflict a potent Punishing Brand, accumulating up to two stacks on a single target.
Pledge to MeAttacks with Trial Strings, dealing Conducto DMG.
Agony DippingIncreases Punishing Brand duration to 300 seconds.
Potential TargetWhen she’s off the battle, gains a 3% Conducto DMG bonus with every second (can stack up 6 times and lasts 4 seconds).
Mournful TipsTakes control over the Little One and attacks a target with Conducto DMG. Gets 2 Punishing Brands and makes it deal Conducto DMG.
Wails in TrialRetrieves all Punishing Brands upon leaving the battle. Little One deals an extra attack with Conducto DMG for each Punishing Brand.
Precision PurificationHas a 10% chance to return all ingredients in Purification.


wuthering waves aalto
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Aalto is the leader of the Black Shores Union, and he’s unpredictable and erratic like a mist. His actions, often playful and unpredictable, belie a mind brimming with meticulously crafted plans. Beneath the surface of whimsy lies a cunning strategist, leaving his enemies unsure of what’s true jest and what’s a calculated move.

Mixed TruthPerforms 5 shooting attacks. The 4th attack creates a mist that lasts for 1.5 seconds.
BlinkCreates a Misty Figure that inherits a part of Aalto’s HP and taunts nearby enemies. Misty Figure generates 6 Atomizing Bullets dealing with Aero DMG.
Mistful BloomsGenerates Gates of Quandary for 10 seconds. All the bullets shot across Gates of Quandary get DMG buff.
No MistakesHeavy Attack deals Crit DMG once every 30 seconds.
IntermissionWhile shrouded, Aalto will recover stamina.
Feint StrikeShoots enemies with rapid shootings.
Mist CoverBullets of normal attack and midair attack passing the mist deal Aero DMG.
Precision PurificationThere is a 10% chance to return all ingredients in Purification for Resonator and Weapon Ascension materials.


wuthering waves balian
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Bailian is an archaeologist at the Huanglong Academy. The mysterious story lies behind her, as her soul is connected with the Remnant called “You’tan”. She’s rational and uses one simple rule: “Take responsibility only for yourself”. You can often find her embarking on the exploration of the ruins alone.

Boundry SetPerforms at most 4 continuous attacks and deals Glacio DMG.
Fading WarmthSummon the hero back, recovering HP for the party.
Reverting PowerSummons the hero and recovers HP for the party. Creates 4 Ice Crystal that will follow the active Resonator.
Warm SnowRecovers HP for the party each time you hit an enemy with Heavy Attacks.
Fallen PedalGenerates 2 Pedals upon using Fading Warmth (these last 15 seconds).
Don’t BotherYou’tan performs a plunge attack, dealing Glacio DMG (targets get 2 Chilling Veins)
Ice LotusHitting enemies with the 2nd and 4th normal attack gets 1 Chilling Vein.
Skillful CookingCooking Survival Assisting foods have a 20% chance to get double foods.


wuthering waves chixia
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Chixia is one of the members of the Ministry of Development. Chixia uses the gun, turning her passion into bullets. Fortunately, she has unlimited enthusiasm, just like her ammunition.

Take ThisPerforms 4 continuous shootings, the last one deals with Fusion DMG.
Fighting SpiritUtilizes high spirit and performs rapid shooting. Gets Thermobaric Bullets by hitting enemies.
Let It BurnShoots the nearby enemies and deals with Fusion DMG. Targeted enemies get Thermobaric Bullets.
Endless MagazineThermobaric Bullets’ maximum capacity is increased by 5. Once the Bomb hits, it gets 5 Thermobaric Bullets.
Spicy ShotWith Stifle Fire, each Thermobaric Bullet increases DMG by 1% (can stack up to 30 times and lasts for 6 seconds).
Hero LandingStrike enemies with rapid shots and deal Fusion DMG, get Thermobaric Bullets for each shot.
Blazing HeroHit enemies with attacks except Stifle Fire to get Thermobaric Bullets.
Choral OrdealStamina consumed by dashing reduces by 20%.


wuthering waves danjin
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Danjin is a member of Midnight Rangers. Her loyalty to the organization extends beyond her duty, as she always puts the “family” in the first place. Her dedication and courage inspire both admiration and fear. Anyone who threatens the family will face the full force of her resolve.

Swift BlossomsPerforms 3 continuous sword attacks.
Tattered VermilionConsuming Tattered Vermilion costs 20% of the current HP.
Scarlet BloomPerforms 6 slash attacks with dual blades in rage and 1 scarlet eruption. These attacks deal with Havoc DMG.
Scarlet RayIncreases Danjin’s ATK by 15% after using Malice Strike (lasts 15 seconds).
OverflowIncreases the DMG of Vermilion Eclipse by 20%. Doubles the HP cost and the Scarlet Essence gaining.
Malice StrikeStrike with slashes and deals Havoc DMG.
Scarlet FlashesOnce Scarlet Essence is fully charged, Danjin performs powerful rapid slashes and deals Havoc DMG, recovering HP for herself.
Skillful CookingCooking Survival Assisting foods have a 20% chance to get double foods.


wuthering waves mortefi
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Mortefi is a powerful hero from the harsh lands of Huanglong. He carries a burden of simmering rage, evident in the embers that seem to glow within his deep ruby eyes. And while Mortefi is angry, he turns the rage into unstoppable power. 

Overture of DepressionPerforms four continuous attacks, the 3rd attack has a Fusion DMG effect.
Variation of IndignantStrikes enemies with flaming flashes and deals Fusion DMG. 
Violent FinaleInflict Rhapsody of Wings to Resonators in the team for 15 seconds, deals Fusion DMG.
Will to battleWhen Rhapsody of Wings lasts, it reduces DMG from the active resonator by 15%.
LegatoWhen Rhapsody of Wings lasts, hitting enemies with Emphasis increases DMG from Emphasis by 1.5%. The effect triggers every 0.3 seconds.
Unexpected NoiseAttacks enemies and deals Fusion DMG.
Dragon’s BreathGets Irritation upon hitting enemies with Overture of Depression, Unexpected Noise, and Variation of Indignant.
Precision PurificationA 10% chance to get x2 materials in Purification for Weapon Upgrading materials.


wuthering waves san'hua
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

San’hua is a Hierarch Guard, a woman in which warmth seems an impossibility. Her eyes, like chips of glacier ice, see the world through a lens of inevitable corruption. In her vision, everything bends and warps, twisting into monstrous parodies of their true forms.

SwordartDeals with 5 continuous sword attacks. The last one has the Glacio DMG effect and earns 1 Perspective.
PermafrostDeals Glacio DMG. Gets 1 Perspective and Concerto Energy. Generating a wall of ice picks lasts 5 seconds.
Scorched FrostDeals Glacio DMG. Gets 2 Perspective and Glacier that lasts 5 seconds.
FrozenIncrease the party’s ATK by 15% upon detonating Wall of Ice Picks and Glaciers (the effect lasts 7 seconds).
Snow SippingIncreases the DMG of heavy attack by 40% (lasts for 7 seconds).
Frosting StabHit downward, dealing AoE Glacio DMG. Gets 1 Perspective for the attack.
Silent BurstWhile performed properly, San’hua will perform a heavy attack: burst to charge forward and deal 2 Glacio DMG.
Choral OrdealReduces the stamina cost spent while swimming by 20%.


wuthering waves taoqi
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Taoqi is the Acting Chief Officer of the Ministry of Development. Under the cute eyes and pink hair, this character hides the responsibility of safeguarding the whole of Tiancheng. But don’t worry, she inherited the might of Xuanwu and easily completed the duties.

Dull BladePerforms 4 continuous attacks with Claymore.
ImpenetrableDeals Havoc DMG upon nearby enemies and creates 3 Xuanwu’s Paciarmor.
Xuanwu’s BlessLaunches a Havoc DMG strike that deals damage based on Taoqi’s DEF. 
Firm RockIncreases the DEF of all Resonators while Xuanwu’s Paciarmor is on the field.
PersevereTriggering Posterior Strategy enables you to recover 100 stamina.
Offensive DefenseGets 2 Resilience, attacks enemies and deals Havoc DMG.
Energy ConversionTriggers the Posterior Strategy and allows the launch of continuous attacks by consuming Resilience.
Precision PurificationGives a 10% chance to return all ingredients in Purification for weapon upgrading materials.


wuthering waves yangyang
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Yangyang is a member of Midnight Rangers who exudes a calm and caring nature. She values harmony and can acquire information from the winds. Despite being calm, she transforms into a whirlwind of unwavering resolve, wielding her wind-touched blades with lethal precision when facing a threat.

Wind BladePerform 4 continuous attacks with swords. The last attack deals Aero DMG and earns Cleaving Winds
Wind FieldGets 1 Cleaving Wind, creating a domain of winds that pull nearby enemies together and deal Aero DMG
Reverting WindsSlashes and creates a whirlwind that pulls nearby enemies together and deals Aero DMG, knocking enemies back
Thoughtful MindAfter using Feathery Blade increases the ATK of Resonators in the party by 10% for 10 seconds.
MercyIncreases Aero DMG by 15% upon casting Azure Hymn (lasts 8 seconds).
Azure HymnKnock down enemies by attacking with a Sword. Deals Aero DMG and gets 1 Cleaving Winds.
Of Wind and FeathersWhen Yangyang has 3 Cleaving Winds, her heavy attack will be a Wind Strike dealing Aero DMG.
Choral OrdealReduces the stamina consumed while side sprinting by 20%.


wuthering waves yanwu
Photo: Kuro Game Studio

Yuanwu rules the Nightingale Tea House. He’s the master of Tea Therapy and Bright Lightning Boxing. Inside his fist aggression, indistinct lightning and delicate shows of plants are sensible.

Lightning FistUse martial arts and perform at most 5 attacks.
Shocking FistCreates Wedge of Withering Night that will attack active Resonator and deal Conducto DMG every 2.5 seconds.
Desolation RevivingHits Resonatros with Blazing Light. Deals Conducto DMG and Thunder Scar upon enemies.
Fading AmbitionHaunting Memories recovers an extra 10 Resonance Energy
Regrets of LifeGenerates a Wedge of Withering Night if Yuanwu leaves a battlefield and Thunder Thorns are not full
Haunting MemoriesDetonates the Wedge of Withering Night, inflicting the Thunder mark on all the targets
Lightning WishIncreases DMG to targets equipped with Thunder Marks
Skillful CookingCooking Battle Assisting Foods has a 20% chance to return all ingredients


As you can see Wuthering Waves, promises more than just in-depth story gameplay and a high degree of freedom.

Each character in Wuthering Waves is a unique personality with a unique power. And if you have met all of them and are not interested in any, be sure that there will be many more characters in the release.

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