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Amirul Annuar
Sparkle's "Should You Pull For" featured image for Honkai: Star Rail.

Despite her appearance, Sparkle isn’t as defenseless as she wants you to believe (yes, she’s conscious about it). A stage actress obsessed with playing multiple roles, her cunningness knows no limits, but that can be a boon in Honkai: Star Rail.

This character is currently available from the Event Warp, Sparkling Splendor, which runs from Feb 29th to March 26th. If you’re on the fence about pulling for her, though, maybe we can shed some light on what makes her amazing.

Should You Pull for Sparkle?

Sparkle doing a play in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

As free-spirited as Guinaifen yet as dangerous as the alluring Kafka, there’s a reason why Sparkle is a 5-star Quantum character in Honkai: Star Rail.

Based on her overall kit and unique personality, it’s obvious that you should pull for Sparkle while her Warp banner is still up right now.

She can play a few different roles when on the team; boosting others’ damage output, pushing the ‘carry’ for immediate burst damage, getting the healer to take a turn quicker for a group heal, and more.

Snapshot of Sparkle in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Few others can match Sparkle’s immense utility as the party support, with Bronya being another top-tier character who shares certain similarities to Sparkle’s abilities.

However, the standard Warp’s reduced chance of getting a 5-star support character isn’t ideal, so spending your Star Rail Special Passes on getting the time-limited character is highly recommended.

Sparkle’s Best Abilities

Sparkle prancing away in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

To summarize Sparkle’s kit, she offers different benefits based on her abilities, with the best of them being:

(ordered by best use)
Useful Effects


Red Herring
The team’s maximum number of Skill Points (SP) is increased by 2

All allies’ outgoing damage is increased after using 1 SP (2 turns, stacks up to 3 times)


The Hero with a Thousand Faces
Recovers 4 SP and grants Cipher to allies

While under the effects of Cipher, the damage buff from Sparkle’s Talent is increased (2 turns)


An ally’s Critical Damage is increased (1 turn)

Advanced Forwards the target ally on the turn cycle (doesn’t apply to Sparkle)

Overall, she offers:

  • Additional SPs for the whole party to use
  • Bolsters all allies’ damage-per-second (DPS) potential
  • Immediate Advanced Forward option
  • Empowers target DPS character’s Critical Damage

Moreover, she has one Trace (Nocturne) that provides extra Attack percentages based on the number of Quantum characters present in the party, meaning you can assemble Mono-Quantum teams whenever you fancy them (or feel rather adventurous)!

Sparkle’s Best Role

Collaged images of Sparkle from Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Clearly, Sparkle’s main appeal is to be the group’s primary support. As such, pairing her with hyper-carry heroes, like Seele, works wonders!

Her base HP stat is also quite respectable, meaning she can survive longer during a fight. On the downside, she isn’t a strong fighter, so she relies on other powerful teammates to help defeat foes.

While many offensive characters benefit from Sparkle’s presence, she can also aid the party’s tank, debuffer, or healer during clutch moments via her Ultimate’s SP increase and Skill’s Advanced Forward boost.

So, although she solely functions as the support, her role is further diversified to allow her to gel with multiple team compositions!


As a character, Sparkle is both weirdly dazzling and psychotically intimidating. Still, she provides tremendous value to your team regardless of how you eventually build her using Relics and Light Cones.

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