World War Doh Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

World War Doh is a Clash Royale clone with a twist. This hilarious new real-time strategy game lets players control funny Play Doh-like army commanders and their minions in 1 vs. 1 battles.  

Unlike Clash Royale, this game features a comical yet powerful commander who can be controlled to attack towers and enemies. There are two towers – Rage and Heal.  

Tapping on the Rage tower will temporarily boost your commander’s damage and tapping on the Healing tower will refill commander HP. Commander’s minions have unique tactics and making the most of them will allow you to catch the enemy commander off-guard.  If you have just started playing World War Doh, follow these tips, tricks and strategies:  

Always Deploy Support and Ranged Units to Assist Attacking Units 

Your main attacking units should always be accompanied with a support or ranged unit.  

For example: If you have deployed Buck (machine gunner) or your commander to target the enemy commander or any other unit, such as the Rex (demolishes buildings), you should also deploy the Mad scientist. She throws a chilling formula at the enemy, slowing down its movement and attacks.   

World War Doh

Rex can also be accompanied by Buck (he usually attacks from a distance). Rex will target buildings, while Buck takes care of the enemies attacking him or at least keeps them busy for some time.  

As you progress to a new league, you will unlock better units. Look into their info section in the “Prep” screen and try to combine melee or your main commander with units that can support him while he attacks.  

You Will Still Get One Last Power-up from a Destroyed Tower  

One of your towers got destroyed by Rex? Now worries, it will drop one last power-up (healing or damage boost). Just tap on healing or rage icons to gain power-ups for that one last time. Make sure you time your power-ups right.

You can use that last healing power-up when your commander is crippled or you can use the rage tower’s damage boosting power-up when the enemy commander is near your territory.  

Demolish Towers to Claim Part of Enemy Territory 

You can drop units only on your territory (blue area). Try to drag and drop a unit on enemy territory and you won’t be able to deploy there.

However, you can expand territory by destroying one of the enemy units. You can then deploy units on that claimed territory. This will allow you to reach the enemies and the second tower faster.  

Place the Rex Egg Closer to your Towers 

Rex can be very useful for demolishing towers. One of the strongest “Tank” units, Rex can also spit fire on enemy units. With Rex on the move, your opponent will be pressurized to defend his structures, which will force him to deploy units to kill him. This will ultimately waste some of his precious doh which could have been used to destroy your towers.   

On deploying Rex, a fragile egg is spawned. This egg takes some time to hatch Rex. You must place the egg on the concrete, between towers or at least deploy the catling gun to protect it. If the egg is partially destroyed, just before spawning the giant Godzilla-like creature, a tiny, deformed Rex is hatched. This small Rex would probably be of no use and would be killed even before it approaches a tower.  

Target the Enemy Commander 

Your opponent loses if the red commander dies, so don’t miss the opportunity to target the enemy commander when he is trying to collect doh from the barrel or is within your territory attacking one of your buildings or units. You might take a big risk if your commander follows the enemy commander to his territory as both the opponent’s commander and towers will attack you. Drop your units in front of your commander on claimed territory to defend him.  

Grab that Doh Barrel 

Doh, that purple gooey clay, is required to deploy units on the battlefield. The Doh bar on the  bottom of the screen refills over time, but if you want extra doh, you can always get the barrel. 

The barrel is dropped on the middle of the battlefield. Once it’s dropped, quickly tap on it and your commander will run towards the barrel to collect. It will take a few seconds to get the doh from the barrel.  

Beware – the barrel could be a big bait for both commanders to be easy targets, so the enemy commander will attack your commander when he tries to collect it. Surely, it’s risky, but worth the effort if you want some quick doh.  

Get Better Rewards from Piggy 

Each time you win a battle, you feed the piggy with cards and coins. Once you win 5 consecutive battles, the piggy will be full and you will get all rewards trapped in his tummy.  

Time after time, you will get certain offers that grant better rewards to feed the piggy. One such reward is the SuperSize reward that appears occasionally after winning a battle.  

The SuperSize feed contains at least 1 rare unit card, more coins and a lot more cards. You will have to spend gems to get the supersize feed for your piggy. Once the piggy is full, you will get all regular and supersize offer cards (in case you have selected SuperSize offers after a victorious battle).  

Soon after getting rewards from the overfed piggy, you might be given an opportunity to spin the wheel, which may grant a rare pig that provides a unique perk. Here are the six rare piggies in World War Doh:  

Spin to get rare pigs

Choose Cards Wisely 

A deck can contain maximum of 8 cards. Before choosing the best cards for a World War Doh battle, you should check how powerful and efficient it is during combat and how much doh it uses. Look into each card’s info and try choosing the best cards that can be pretty effective in dealing with enemies and only require 3-4 Doh.   

Choose cards that provide support to your main attacking units.  

Your battle deck should also include cards that deal damage to buildings (Example: Rex).  

A mix of ranged and melee units are a must-have for a battle deck.  

Each card a unique strategy and you should make proper use of a card’s tactics to vanquish enemies. In the next section we will learn more about hidden tactics.   

How to Find Hidden Strategy in a Card  

In World War Doh, each unit belongs to certain category (Free for All, Support, Siege Tactics etc.). To discover hidden strategy of a category in each card, go to your deck (Prep), tap on a card, tap on “info” and then tap on the tiny “i” on the top-left corner of the info card.

Hidden Strategy Under Back Story

You will notice its unique strategy. It’s succinctly explained, but can extremely helpful as it lets you know the unit and its actions a bit better.  

Upgrade Your Commander to Improve Stats of Heal and Rage Tower 

To level-up your commander, you will need a certain number of duplicate commander cards. You can get them from the piggy or from chests obtained after winning a battle. You can also buy commander cards with coins from the “Daily Offers” in the store.  

Once you have the required number of cards, you will need XP. You will obtain XP every time you upgrade a card. Upgrading a card requires coins and duplicates of the same card. Leveling up a card also improves key stats of a unit. Card duplicates can be acquired from chests and from the piggy.  

Upgrading commander not only improves his HP, Damage and DPS, but also boosts the stats of Heal and Rage Tower. When the Heal Tower is upgraded, the healing points also increases. When the Rage tower is upgraded, you increase its damage and health.