Wonder Park Magic Rides Guide: Tips, Hints and Tricks to Build the Best Theme Park

Anurag Ghosh
Wonder Park Magic Rides
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

PixOwl is known for its creative ways to make gameplay interesting. If you haven’t played some of their movie-based games, such as The Addams Family: Mystery Mansion and Goosebumps HorrorTown, then you are missing out on some really addictive games.   

Its new park builder sim, Wonder Park Magic Rides, takes you to a magical place full of attractions, fun rides and cheerful characters. Your goal is to build the best theme park, attract visitors and earn profits. The game begins with a simple tutorial that explains how to place attractions, keep visitors happy and unlock new characters. 

Wonder Park Magic Rides

As you progress, managing your theme park won’t be easy. You will have to earn profits, attract and retain visitors, keep them happy and take care of buildings/repair them. You must maintain a proper balance between profits and visitor satisfaction to make sure your theme park is a big hit among kids and adults. Follow this Wonder Park Magic Rides guide if you want to earn more coins and XP, get more visitors and make them happy: 

1. Complete Quests to Get Bonus Coins and XP 

Finishing quests is one of the best ways to earn profits. Tap the book on the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap a character’s portrait to have a look at your current unfinished quests. A character may have more than one quest for you. Complete a series of quests for a particular character to collect your rewards.


These rewards range from coins to XP, even diamonds! Diamonds are used to unlock certain characters, expand the marketplace to sell more items, speedup building constructions and expansions.  

2. Attractions and Supplier Buildings Generate Profits 

Once you place a new attraction or food stand on your park, it will generate coins, XP and other resources on its own every few minutes or hours. Tap each attraction or supplier building (stand) to know how much profits they will be generating and the time it will take to earn profits. For example: The Ferris Wheel generates coins and XP every 4 minutes. Stands, such as the apple stand, popcorn stand and the candy stand, not only generate coins, but also drop candies and apples, which can be sold at the marketplace to obtain coins and XP.   

3. Build Attractions that Get More Visitors 

What’s a theme park without an attraction? And what’s the use of an attraction if it does not “attract” visitors. One of your main objectives in Wonder Park Magic Rides is to draw as many visitors as you can to get bonus rewards. The happier your visitors, the faster the “Smile-o-Meter” fills up and quicker you earn rewards.  

The visitor bar on the top-left corner of the screen shows how many visitors can visit your park. To get more visitors or increase the visitors cap, you will have to develop your park by expanding it and building more attractions on it. Tap the worker’s helmet icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen and tap on the “Attractions” tab to get a list of unlocked buildings. Each building unlocks once you reach a new level. The level number is displayed on each locked attraction.  

Place only those attraction buildings that will help you get more visitors. Check the number of happy faces on each attraction’s portrait pic to know which ones garner more visits. Attractions such as the Ferris wheel, slide tower, bumping cars and flying chair attract more visitors than others. Keep earning coins from your current attractions, quests and from selling items to customers via the marketplace and save them to buy these high-cost attractions.  

4. Get More Smileys to Fill the Smile-O-Meter Faster 

The more attractions you build, the more visitors will visit your theme park and more happy faces you will see popping up on the screen. Tap those happy faces to collect them. This will fill the “Smile-o-Meter” faster. The smile-o-meter or happiness meter has certain milestones. You will have to reach them to get rewards like diamonds and tickets.  

Happiness Meter

Tap the smiley icon on the top of the screen to check how many smiles you will need to reach a milestone and get your rewards. The number of smiles you collect is measured in percentages. The more smiles you tap, the faster you will reach the highest milestones. There are three major happiness milestones – Glad, Joyful and Overjoyed. Reaching the first one is easy, but the rewards are small. As you collect more and more smiles, you will get bigger rewards when you reach the second and third milestones on the smile-o-meter.   

When you reach all milestones and get your rewards, you will have to wait for 24 hours to get new milestones and new set of rewards. Play Wonder Park Magic Rides daily and complete milestones to get your rewards.  

5. Assign Tasks to Different Characters to Get Blueprints and Other Items 

In Wonder Park Magic Rides Blueprints are used to expand your theme park’s territory. To unlock a tile, you will not only need a certain amount of coins and some blueprints but also reach a certain level. As you unlock new territories, you will also unlock new buildings already placed on them.  

Assign Tasks to get Blueprints

To get blueprints, you will need to assign certain tasks to your character. Tap the graph on the bottom-left corner of the screen and then tap Boomer’s tab. You will notice a list of unlocked characters. Tap “Assign” under a portrait pic and then assign a task to a character to get rewards.  

For example: Assigning the “Drawing Blueprints” task to June will grant a blueprint as well as a coin and XP. Assigning the “Fall Asleep” action to Boomer the Bear will also grant blueprint and other rewards. Make sure you tap the “Start” button beside each action to begin a task. It will take some time for the task to complete. Once finished, you will get your rewards.   

6. Earn Massive Profits from Different Types of Rides 

As you unlock more territories, you will also unlock new rides. You will notice that certain territories already have rides placed on them. When you unlock these territories using blueprints, coins and other items, they will be unveiled one by one. You will have to upgrade a ride to repair it before you can start using it.  

Add Characters to Rides to Earn More Profits

After repairing a ride, it will be ready for visitors. To earn profits from a ride, you will need to assign characters to it. Tap a ride and then tap assign under each unlocked character. Notice the rewards increase when you assign a new character. As you unlock more and more characters, you can assign all of them to a ride to earn huge profits from it.  

7. Should You Increase the Ticket Price of a Ride?  

If you want to earn more profits from a ride, increase its ticket price. This will change the default rewards that you will be collecting from an assigned character. Tap a ride and then tap the money bag tab on the bottom of the screen. It is located just beside “Activate”. Now tap the plus or minus sign under ticket price to increase or decrease the cost of a ride.  

Note that when you increase ticket price, you will receive less smiles. It’s obvious that with the rise in ticket price, visitors won’t be happy, hence the reduction in happiness. If you desperately want to more profits, I would recommend increasing the price of the ride. But if you want more smiles so that you can retain visitors and fill the happiness or smile-o-meter faster to get diamonds and other rare items, I would suggest keeping the ticket price to a reasonable value. It’s your call and it all depends on how well you are managing your theme park and earning profits. You can check your earnings to date by tapping the graph on the bottom of your home screen, under finances.  

8. Craft Food and Sell Them to Visitors via the Marketplace 

As you already know, ingredients such as candies, apples and popcorns can be sold to visitors via marketplace to get coins and XP. You can get them from time to time from the apple, popcorn and the candy stand. But did you know that crafting special delicacies using these food items fetches more coins at the marketplace than individual items? To craft recipes, you will need to unlock the “Sweet Food Factory” when you reach level 3. You will have to expand your territory using coins to unlock this building.  

Sell Food at Marketplace

Tap the sweet food factory to check what ingredients are required to cook delicious food such as “Candy Apple”, “Popcorn Apple” and “Pop Cotton”. For example, to make Candy Apple, you will need 1 apple and 1 candy, which you can collect from the apple and candy stands. Just tap cook and wait for a few minutes to prepare it. You can then sell the food item at the marketplace by tapping the checklist icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. The marketplace unlocks at level three and you will get the required materials such as blueprint and coins in the tutorial to unlock it.  

9. Upgrade Your Inventory to Add More Space 

In Wonder Park Magic Rides, tickets, ingredients and other food items are stored in the inventory. You can open your inventory by tapping the backpack on the top-right corner of the screen. To free up some space, you can sell food and ingredients at the marketplace (don’t delete them), but if you want more free slots, you will need certain items to upgrade your inventory first. These items include candies, special foods made at the sweet food factory etc.  

10. Move/Rotate Buildings and Store Decorations 

If you want to change the direction of a particular building or move it to some other location, just tap and hold that building. A set of actions will appear on the bottom of the screen. You can rotate a building by tapping the orange button. To move a building, just tap and hold and then drag your finger to the location you want to move. When done, tap the tick mark to confirm placement. Make sure there are no obstacles or darkened areas. You can remove dark areas expanding territories using coins and blueprints.  

To store a decoration, tap and hold it and then tap the box to store it. You can retrieve stored decorations by tapping the helmet icon and then tapping the storage box icon.  

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