WITH – Whale In The High – Ultimate Guide & Tips

Muhib Nadeem

Whale In The High, developed by none other than GRAVITY Co. – known for creating their cute idle worlds where you can forget the stress of busy life and focus on what’s important. Jam-packed with mood-healing and anti-stress properties, the game is just a masterpiece.

However, navigating your way through every bit and piece can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the standard idle formula. So, in this guide, we will be diving headfirst into the world of whale-keeping, and discover how you can create the cutest island known to man!

Getting Started: Your Main Goal

Photo: GRAVITY Co.

Before jumping into the in-depth strategies, and money-making hacks, it’s better for you to grasp the core concept of the game: expanding and upgrading your well.

Starting out, your character will fall from the sky, and land on the frontside of a flying whale. There, lies a small island and well which is going to be your base of operations from now on. The higher level this is, the more in-game currency you will be generating.

However, that’s not all, you also need to unlock hideouts. However, these will come with time, you don’t need to worry about these as a beginner.

Tapping The Hump

Photo: GRAVITY Co.

There are multiple currencies in the game. The primary one, and the one you need to care about the most is obviously gold. However, hearts come right after. We’ll talk about the other ones later, but for now, you need to collect gold, especially if you want to go F2P.

The whale loves us, and tapping its hump will generate these hearts. Tap enough times, and the hump will dish out gold as well. This can be your early-game method of powering through those pesky upgrades and vanity costs.

Remember, our goal is to invest as much as we earn, so doing this much is a given.

Wiz is Not Alone!

Photo: GRAVITY Co.

You heard that right! There are other well-dwellers just like Wiz, and they would love to inhabit your well. You just need to keep upgrading it, and add items from the shop as soon as they unlock.

The game is all but a pinwheel. Pull resources, push resources, upgrade, then repeat the cycle in order to keep progressing. One of these well dwellers is Holden the Fisher whose main job is to – as you guesses – catching fish!

While he doesn’t give you much aside from passion and cuteseys, Holden – along with many others to come, is integral for your game progression, so make sure to add more natives whenever you can!

How Do Hideouts Work?

WITH - Whale In The High Cutscene
Photo: GRAVITY Co.

Ok, now that we’ve understood the role of natives and how they bring more cuteness to the table, it’s time to dissect the role of a hideout. Earlier I mentioned that it can easily be considered as your main goal – and for a very good reason!

Hideouts are the primary method of generating gold. Remember Holden? He’s going to join our Fishing Place hideout, and do his work to generate gold for us. The more gold we have the better it is for us since we can then invest in our base to get even more returns!

Fun fact: You can even upgrade your natives, and the hideout itself, resulting in more gold generation, and higher gold storage levels. Plus, one hideout isn’t stuck on one native’s gold generation pace. It can house much more, including nifty modifications.

Modifications – More Hideouts

One of these is called the Seed Cradle, and it’s the primary modification for our fisherman Holden. The basic purpose is simple: to generate more gold. As you level up, more of these modifications will unlock – allowing you to spec your hideouts for better income.

The best part? These modifications are here to stay, meaning, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs or repeated bills. Once you’ve installed them, that’s it! You can just sit back, look at your cute natives, and see the gold rolling in!

Becoming Friends With The Pets

WITH - Whale In The High Pets
Photo: GRAVITY Co.

We’ve scoured our way through the natives, understanding the basic ways of producing gold. We needed modifications to produce more gold long-term.

But, is there any way to get a temporary boost in your gold influx to maybe pay off for a big investment you want to make in your well?

That’s where pets come in. Let’s take Circle as an example. It’s round and rolly, and it boosts your Gold Production by 110% in normal cases.

This number is naturally subject to change depending on the level and mood of Circle, but once you’ve befriended a pet, they’re naturally there to stay.

It also means you might have a chance of increasing their boosts if you interact with them daily, and manage to keep a hold of them for long times. Some of the production pets can be particularly useful since – as we discussed – gold generation is very important!

How To Obtain Pets?

Sure, pets are great and all, but it’s all for naught if you don’t know how to get more. It’s like having the blueprint for a piece of tech when you’re not even an engineer. Let’s fix that in this segment:

  • Pets are either hatched or grown with time before they’re able to provide sufficient boosts.
  • Shards are the primary method of obtaining pets.
  • Each pet offers a beneficial effect for the whale.

Upgrading Your Whale

Leveling Your Whale
Photo: GRAVITY Co.

Earlier, we discussed how leveling up with oh so important, but the game doesn’t have a level bar (at least it doesn’t show one), so how does one level up? Simple, your whale level is your current level.

Think of it as your town hall. The higher level it is, the more buildings you will be able to unlock, and to top it all off, you also get cool bonuses according to your whale’s level. Besides, it’s the main form of progression, so you have to do it regardless of the outcome.

However, it doesn’t just happen automatically, nor is there some option to just trade gold for level, so how does one go about upgrading their whale?


This resource is the bane of your progression. It’s awfully hard to obtain, but can help you gain permanent buffs depending on your current game progression.

You can level up your whale with the help of this Life water. It not only upgrades the whale’s abilities, but also increases the whale’s level bar. At full bar, the whale ups a level, and changes appearance.

This appearance change is quite subtle as it happens gradually, but as your whale matures, so does the scenery around you, and the bigger your well fleshes out to be!

Where Is Your Gold Stored?

Gold storage hump
Photo: GRAVITY Co.

The correct answer lies within the whale’s blowhole. Think of it as a storage unit, the more full it gets, the more golden it will become, and there will be a time where you will need to tap on it to release all that wealth.

Once you tap, the stored gold will be considered “obtained”, so if you were planning to treat this game as a once-a-week time pass, then rid yourself of that thought. This is serious business, and the game rewards you to take it seriously, which is kind of ironic if you think about it.

Tips & Tricks: Your Path To Becoming A Good Whalekeeper

The game – with its cute thematic – is not designed for the weak of heart. You must use your brain, understand the inner workings. Though, in reality, it’s specifically designed to feel simple, and it really is.

However, you still need to cut some corners here and there if you’re serious about progressing your whale dreams:

1. Pursue Active Gameplay

Offline Reward
Photo: GRAVITY Co.

Sure, the game’s purpose to be an IDLE clicker, but that’s not enough unless you want to take everything very slow.

Whale In The High is not a once-in-a-blue-moon game. In order to maximize your progression, you must be active in your well and tap on the whale’s blowhole regularly to claim your accumulated gold.

This consistent involvement will allow you to experience more of the game and will enable you to progress faster!

2. Make The Most Of Your Gold

WITH - Whale In The High
Photo: GRAVITY Co.

Random upgrades may seem tempting, but they may not offer you the best return on your gold investment. Strategic upgrading of hideouts and their modifications will generate higher rates of gold, giving you more bang for your buck.

Plus, holding on your gold is no good either since you investments will make you more gold. Therefore, be wise about where you pour your resources to ensure maximum yield.

3. Do Not Underestimate The Hump!

Fountain Show WITH - Whale In The High
Photo: GRAVITY Co.

Tapping on the whale’s hump is more than just an entertaining pastime. It’s your primary method for making gold in the early game. You can even consider using an auto-clicker application to generate heaps, and stand out from the rest!

By frequently tapping it, you generate hearts and, eventually, gold, which are crucial to fueling your in-game progression, especially for F2P (Free-to-Play) players who rely heavily on such free in-game currencies.

4. Inhabitants Are Very Important

New Wiz
Photo: GRAVITY Co.

Yes, they come automatically as you unlock locations, but upgrading them is just as important. Natives, like our fisherman friend Holden, are essential to creating a thriving well.

Not only do they add charm to your well, but they also contribute significantly to your gold generation. Therefore, don’t hesitate to invite more natives to your well as they unlock and don’t forget to invest in their upgrades!

5. Decorate Your Base

WITH - Whale In The High
Photo: GRAVITY Co.

The functional aspects of the game are critical, but let’s not forget about the aesthetics. Decorations not only make your well more visually appealing but also enhance your gaming experience.

Many decorations cost gems, the game’s premium currency. But fret not, you can earn gems for free, three times a day.

Also, opening boxes can get you decorations, and even though it’s tempting to open them all, try to leave at least one key for when the game asks you to open a box for a quest.

6. Don’t Forget Daily Log-ins

Daily Login WITH - Whale In The High
Photo: GRAVITY Co.

Logging into the game daily, even if you don’t plan to play that day, allows you to collect rewards and offline income. There are lots of login rewards waiting for you to claim, so make sure you have a proper log-in schedule to reap as much of them as possible.

Remember, if you miss a day, your reward streak will reset. There’s no minimum playing time per day, so even a quick check-in can make a huge difference.

7. Lifewater, Pets and Shards

WITH - Whale In The High - Base
Photo: GRAVITY Co.

Lifewater is a rare but crucial resource required to level up your whale. You can obtain it by completing tasks listed in the clipboard icon on the right side of the screen.

Some tasks may seem simple but might require a waiting period, like the growth of baby wizzes into adults.

Your pets are more than just adorable companions. Each one has the power to significantly boost your gold production. Remember to interact with them regularly to increase their mood and level, which in turn, enhances their bonuses.

Similarly, Shards are a crucial commodity. Ensure you’re always on the lookout for them and gather as much as you can. The more pets you hatch, the more beneficial effects you enjoy!


In essence, WITH – Whale In The High is a simple yet demanding game that offers a plethora of flavors depending on the players’ intentions. You want laid-back, relaxed gameplay? Sure, go ahead!

No? You want to be the sweatiest player to ever exist? Sure, there are multiple methods to achieve that! Keep check of your whale, stack up that gold, and have the investment train rolling for as much as possible!

In the end, it’s all about having fun, so be sure to prioritize that above all else, peace!

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