Wing Fighter: The Ultimate Guide – 2023

Shahzaib Manzoor

Wing Fighter is a free-to-play shooting game developed and released by Minigame Entertainment Limited. It’s a scrolling shooter where players take on the role of a fighter jet pilot to protect the skies from evil enemies.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

On 22 July 2021, Wing Fighter was released for Android devices running Android 5.0 or up. A few months later, in February 2022, the game got an iPhone, iPad, and Mac release for devices running iOS 11.0 or higher and macOS 11.0 or higher powered by M1 chips or later.

At first glance, Wing Fighter seems like a clone of the Infinite Dreams Inc. classic Sky Force. However, certain roguelike elements and plenty of gameplay components make Wing Fighter a more engaging experience.

In this ultimate guide, I’ll provide an overview of the gameplay and share some tips and tricks on how to play Wing Fighter in 2023.

Getting Started With Wing Fighter – Basic Premise & Gameplay Features

Wing Fighter is a Vertical Scrolling Shooter that’s a fusion of multiple classic Scrolling Shooters, including 1942, Space Invaders, and Sky Force. 

Enemy aircraft fill the skies while tanks and aircraft busters appear on land. Players pilot an aircraft, take to the skies, and destroy every enemy in sight. With automatic shooting, players only need to aim at the enemies and dodge their attacks to progress.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

While destroying these enemies, players must also upgrade their aircraft equipment and skills to keep up with enemies that get progressively stronger. Luckily, the game provides this opportunity after every enemy attack wave.

With the basic premise out of the way, let’s start a detailed gameplay overview of Wing Fighter.

Wing Fighter Gameplay Modes

There are two main gameplay modes in Wing Fighter:

  1. Battle.
  2. Event.


Battle is the campaign mode in Wing Fighter. Currently, there are 60 Stages in Battle mode, but new stages get added with every update. 

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

Every Stage has various Levels, and every level has multiple enemy attack waves. After clearing every level, players get to enhance one aircraft equipment or skill. And if you are willing to watch a 25-second ad, you can double your upgrade reward.

While this recurring upgrade system may seem like overkill at first, the upgrades become essential when stronger foes start showing up at higher levels.

Pro Tip: Max out your main gun ASAP and upgrade skills before equipment. Skills like Enhance Attack, Enhance Attack Rate, or Crit Enhance result in higher damage dealing than equipment upgrades.

When you destroy enemies, they drop Stars and sometimes other resources. Collect as many Stars as possible because they are the primary in-game currency players need for permanent equipment upgrades.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

Upgrade Magnet Enhance to automatically collect all items dropped by enemies.


Event is the free-play mode in Wing Fighter. Within the Event, there are six modes that players can play for rewards and resources.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited
  1. Endless Voyage: Last as long as you can on the battlefield. This is an open-ended mode where enemies keep on coming until your aircraft explodes. The longer you survive, the higher the rewards. 
  2. Challenge: Put your Fighter build to the test in Challenge mode. Survive for 2 minutes in return for Stars, Diamonds, and other rewards. Enemies get stronger with each level.
  3. Bombarding: Battle the land-dwellers. Survive two waves of land attacks in 160 seconds before facing the final boss. Bombarding is the best mode to collect Stars quickly.
  4. Trial Against Foes: Feel the game is too easy, try this mode. Face off against the strongest enemies in return for Equipment upgrades.
  5. Cut off Supply: Destroy the enemy transport aircraft midway and disrupt enemy plans. 

After completing Stage 4 (Snowy Canyons), Legion and Collection Centre get unlocked.

Legion is the clan system of Wing Fighter. Players can create or join other Legions to co-op operations and share resources among themselves.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

Collection Centre is a resource collecting and mining area. Players collect and transport resources from an asteroid belt and transport them to their Collection Center using Fighters. These resources can then be used to upgrade Fighters.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

Regardless of the game mode, one thing remains the same- Equipment. 

Wing Fighter Equipment Guide

In Wing Fighter, there are five main pieces of equipment that players can equip on their Fighters.

  1. Main Gun.
  2. Wing Gun.
  3. Missiles.
  4. Armor.
  5. Ultimate Weapon. 

Aside from the five slots for these pieces of equipment, there are two empty slots at the bottom left and right. These slots were for Drones that are no longer available in Wing Fighter. New equipment will be released soon to fill those slots. There are chances that Drones might be reintroduced. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Let’s dive deeper into each equipment and see what’s on offer.

Main Guns

The primary weapon of every Fighter, a Main Gun is the highest damage dealer in a Fighter’s arsenal. There are five Main Guns in Wing Fighter, each with its own attributes. Every Main Gun has a primary and a secondary upgrade. 

Here’s a table of all the Main Guns and their upgrades.

Main Gun NamePowerPrimary UpgradeSecondary Upgrade
Heavy Machine GunContinuously shoots small projectiles.
Fires NINE streams of projectiles when fully upgraded.
Unlimited Range.
+1 forward projectile stream.+1 diagonal projectile stream.
RailgunFires in a straight line.
Highest damage per shot.
+1 forward shot. The full upgrade provides three shooting streams.Every shot pierces up to three enemies. 
Blast ShotgunFires a volley of small projectiles.
Limited range.
Increase in range and damage.Increase in volley width.
Laser Fires a continuous beam of laser that refracts and damages nearby enemies.
Unlimited range.
Fires a piercing laser beam every 5 seconds when fully upgraded.
Thicker beam and higher damage.Refraction. Can hit four enemies simultaneously when fully upgraded.
BatarangFires a single, large projectile forward.
Unlimited range, high damage.
Ricochets to hit nearby enemies.
Bigger projectile, higher damage.Increase in ricochet intensity.

The game starts with the classic Heavy Machine Gun, but you can unlock Laser pretty quickly.

Batarang and Laser are the two best Main Guns in Wing Fighter right now. The Blast Shotgun was right up there with the two, but the recent upgrade nerfed it.

Wing Guns

As the name suggests, Wing Guns are equipped on the Wings of your fighter. These are secondary weapons that mostly shoot diagonally to target enemies not in a direct line of the Main Gun.

Wing Gun NamePowerFinal Form
BlazingGenerates wide arcs of flames.When fully upgraded, two flamethrowing drones get launched forward. 
CannonFires a single shot forward. 
Unlimited range.
Low fire rate.
Each upgrade increases damage stats.
PrismFires guide laser beams from both wings.
Automatically locks on enemies.
Can shoot backward.
LightningFires a lightning bolt.
Creates a chain after hitting a target to damage multiple enemies nearby.
Unlimited range.
Refracts to damage multiple enemies.
Electrifies enemies and deals continuous damage.
CrescentFires crescent-shaped projectiles diagonally.
Unlimited range.
Quantity and damage increase with every upgrade.
Fires multiple crescent-shaped projectiles vertically and diagonally. 

Blazing and Lightning are the two best Wing Guns. However, Blazing flames take over the screen and cause visibility problems. 


Just like Wing Guns, Missiles are also equipped on the Fighter’s wings. Except for Lightning, all missiles are guided and will always hit a target. 

Missile NamePowerFinal Form
StandardFires two balls diagonally, damaging any enemy that comes in between.Fires up to NINE large missiles.
LightningFires a single ball of lightning.
Every upgrade increases damage. 
Fires two balls diagonally, damaging any enemy that comes in-between.
Energy-GatheredFires two energy bolts that seek and hit targets.
Can chain and hit multiple targets.
High-ExplosiveFires one guided missile that explodes on impact and causes area damage. Fires multiple guided missiles.

Despite being unguided, Lightning missiles deal the most damage when they hit. So, when used right, Lightning is the best missile. If they don’t work, Standard is the way to go!


To shoot ’em all, you need to survive long enough. Armor reduces the damage that the Fighter takes and increases overall HP.

Armor NamePowerFinal Form
HardenedIncreases HP by 6% with every skill upgrade.Reduces damage.
ElectricalFires lightning bolts to damage nearby enemies.
Short range, minor damage.
Reduces attack stats of enemies hit.
Force FieldChance of avoiding damage altogether.
Health RestoreIncreases the healing effect of hearts dropped by enemies.
ShockFires a radial pulse every 10 seconds that deals minor damage to enemies nearby.
Attack range and rate increase with every skill upgrade.
Slows down enemies that get hit.

The game starts with Hardened Armor, and it quickly becomes evident why it is available for free. Upgrade Armor ASAP and go for Shock or Force Field. 


The penultimate weapon in Wing Fighter, Ultimate is for when you get caught in a tricky situation and need a miracle to survive. Think of Ultimate as the special weapon that deals the most damage and destroys everything in its path. There’s a cooldown for Ultimate, so you better use it wisely.

Ultimate NamePower
BombFires a radial bomb that damages all enemies nearby and eliminates all enemy fire.
LaserFires a narrow laser beam for 2 seconds. It deals massive damage but only targets enemies in its line.

Both Ultimates have their pros and cons. 

Bomb saves you from the enemy cluster, while Laser can land the final blow on a boss. So, for Ultimate, I don’t have a recommendation. See which one suits your style of play the best and go for it.

Aside from the primary shooting action, there are plenty of aspects players have to take care of in Wing Fighter. 

In the Equipment section, there is a Fighter tab. This is where players choose their plane. There are 22 Fighters in the game right now. Every Fighter has its own set of skills, advantages, and disadvantages.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

Similarly, there are Commanders in the game. They unlock after Stage 6 and they also have their own attributes that improve Fighter stats.

Then there is Talent. Talent is similar to the Draw or Roll feature of RPG games. In return for Stars, players get to permanently upgrade one of the eight Talents. 

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

There are also Login rewards and Daily Mission rewards; the game even has an Idle Reward system that farms resources when you’re offline. 

By taking care of these things, you can vastly improve your Wing Fighter experience.

Before concluding this Wing Fighter guide, I want to share a list of things that you must do every day in Wing Fighter to ensure smooth progress.

Free Resources – Things To Do Daily In Wing Fighter!

Although it requires a lot of grind, Wing Fighter also offers plenty of free resources every day. Here’s how you can get Stars, Gems, Fighter Shards, Equipment Modules, and more for free.

10 Free Supreme Care Chests: Players can open 10 Supreme Care Chests every day by watching 10 ads. After opening one chest, there is a 60-second timer until the chest becomes free to open again.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

Free Stars & Modules: In Shop, go to the Resource tab to collect Stars or Equipment Modules by watching ads. This can be done 3 times a day for both Stars and Equipment Modules.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

Open Daily Free Pack: In the Discount tab of the Shop, players can open a Free Pack that provides random Equipment Modules, x1000 Stars, and x5 Energy.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

Daily Missions: There are eight Daily Missions that players can complete to open four chests and get one Inferno (Fighter) Shard every day.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

Login Rewards: Don’t forget to claim your daily login rewards. You can get Stars, Diamonds, and even Ultimate modules.

Photo: Minigame Entertainment Limited

With new content coming and changes happening with every coming update, it’s an exciting time to be a Wing Fighter player. As new things make their way to this scrolling shooter, we’ll be sure to upgrade this guide or write up a new one to help you out.

If you want a guide on a specific feature or gameplay aspect of Wing Fighter, leave a comment down below.

  1. I’m curious about the all around leveling system. I can’t figure out exactly how the leveling of your ships increase the overall power level. Do you have any information on that by chance?

    for example. if my max power level is 100k and I max out the Thor ship, it increases by 2000, but if I max out another ship, the overall power level may not increase.

  2. Hi,am on level 16 and game won’t load past 20%.What can I do? Don’t want to lose my progress after all these months.

  3. Hey does anyone know what happened to drones in this game? I jave a red and blue level drones and everything else is yellow with stars. I never get any kind of uogradws for drones.

  4. I’ve maxed my fighter (laser main gun having switched from machine gun) without spending money, but Level 8 is exponentially harder than previous levels so I’m stuck.

  5. You say every ship has its advantages, but what is the difference between them? I just got my second ship, but performance seems to be determined by loadout only.

    1. Each ship can add to your overall power level when upgraded. Most ships will had a percentage of strength to ALL your ships at levels 20, 40, and 60. It takes awhile and upgrade ships wisely. Or you’re going to have to spend diamonds like I have to correct your mistakes.

  6. What is the best Commander to select? And what is the best way to increase my overall attack rating! Thank you. KB

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