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Will of Hashira guides and tips
(Last Updated On: October 5, 2023)

You must have heard about Demon Slayer, right? The best-selling manga has over 150 million copies sold worldwide, a successful anime adaptation, and top-grossing movies!

The Demon Hunt is now on mobile. Will of Hashira is a 3D idle RPG game that welcomes you on the hunt for demons with Tanjirou, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Insouke!

Employ strategies and summon higher-ranked heroes, equip them with rare equipment to make them stronger slayers, and save the world from those bloodthirsty demons!

Accompany Tanjirou, a young demon slayer, on his journey to turn his demon sister, Nezuko, back to human form. Will he accomplish his goal?

Let this guide be your Nichirin sword to excel in the idle RPG Will of Hashira with bonus tips and tricks!

Types of Game Modes in Will of Hashira

Idle RPGs often don’t have many enjoyable game modes — but not this one. Will of Hashira brings you a lot of game modes.

Game modes in Will of Hashira
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  • Arena: For mockup PvP battles with other players all over the world
  • Championship: Battles held on specific days of the week. Play and level up your heroes to participate in Championship matches for great rewards
  • Ranked Battles: These battles begin after you have played the game for at least 8 days, and as it suggests, these are ranked battles. You get matched with players based on rank; the higher your rank, the stronger your opponents!
  • X-Championship: Available on Day 11 of gaming,– this game mode is a beast among the rest. In X-Championship, you get matched with challenging foes, but that also goes for the rewarding system – more incredible competitors, greater rewards!

Summon Heroes in the Will of Hashira

Will of Hashira features heroes, the characters we summon to battle with other players and level up our ranks.

Heroes in Will of Hashira
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Heroes are obtained by summoning. For summoning, you need different resources for different heroes.

The summoning is divided into four slots:

  1. Advanced (requires gems for summoning)
  2. Basic (requires a summon ticket for summoning)
  3. Friendship (requires friendship points for summoning)
  4. Faction (requires faction ticket for summoning)
Summoning heroes in Will of Hashira
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These heroes vary based on rarity. And, of course, the higher the rarity of your hero, the stronger the hero is!

Types of Heroes and Rarity in Will of Hashira

Now, hero types matter a lot in Will of Hashira. You have to gauge heroes based on their best abilities as well as higher-level heroes for your team. The heroes can be divided into three categories based on their types:

  1. DPS (Damage-dealing Heroes, e.g., Rengoku Kyojirou SSR DPS)
  2. Support (Supporting Heroes, e.g., Tamayo SSR Healer)
  3. Defense (Attack blocks, e.g., Rui Lower Rank Five SSR Defense)
Rui lower rank five
Photo: Chengwu Xinshi Network Technology

Next, they can be divided into four different factions, namely:

  1. Water (the blue icon)
  2. Flame (the flame icon)
  3. Wind (the green icon)
  4. Demon (the demonic red icon)
Inosuke mask version
Photo: Chengwu Xinshi Network Technology

After that, they can be divided into rarities; remember, the greater the rarity, the stronger the hero!

  • SSR (Most powerful and rarest)
  • SR (Second-strongest and rare)
  • R (Mediocre strength levels and not so rare)
  • N (Most typical)
Sabito hero
Photo: Chengwu Xinshi Network Technology

Therefore, you can engage in battles with all sorts of tactics and strategies in place, depending on your heroes.

Level up and ascend your heroes to increase their overall stats and health, and get your hands on new skills to defeat your foes and emerge victorious on the leaderboard!

But don’t forget to balance out your teams. You can only take up to five heroes into battle.

Pro Tip: A decent lineup can be 2 DPS heroes + 2 Defense + 1 Support.

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Hero Skills in Will of Hashira

As crucial as rarity is for the heroes and your ultimate in-game experience, the level of your heroes, their ascension, and their skills are just as important.

Ascend heroes in Will of Hashira
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The most striking thing about excelling in Will of Hashira is to focus on hero abilities and skills to get the most out of them.

Not to mention, everybody can’t be a P2W (pay-to-win) player. So, as a F2P (free-to-play) player, your utmost attention should be on leveling up your heroes.

To level up, you just need enough gold. But for ascension, you need to have:

  • A required number of cards for the hero. This can vary from hero to hero. Some need 1, others need 2 or more.
  • A 5-star hero
levelling up heroes in Will of Hashira
Photo: Chengwu Xinshi Network Technology

Once you have the materials required, you can quickly ascend your Hero to unlock more extraordinary skills and abilities.

Hero Equipment in Will of Hashira

Did you think the heroes had it all, especially the SSR ones? Nope, that’s certainly not it because this idle RPG doesn’t only have unique heroes to boast but also different enlightening hero equipment!

Hero equipment in Will of Hashira
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Heroes have four different kinds of equipment:

  • Weapon
  • Helmet
  • Garment
  • Boots

Each of the pieces of equipment provides a different boost to the existing stats of the hero equipped with them. There are faction bonuses for certain factions, and it entirely depends on the equipment.

Weapon equipment in Will of Hashira
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You also have to keep in mind that there is equipment for every type of hero. For instance, Support Heroes’ equipment can’t be equipped by DPS Heroes, and vice versa.

But don’t let that worry you, because the tips and tricks coming next will cheer you up right away.

Let’s give a boost to your in-game progress and gameplay!

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Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Hunting Game

1. 8-Days Login Rewards

New players get rewards for 8 days. This means that in all those 8 days after you have started playing the game, you will receive a unique reward for each day.

8 day login rewards
Photo: Chengwu Xinshi Network Technology

And guess what? Among all the other rewards and resources, you get to unlock a SSR DPS Hero Sakonji on Day 2. Moreover, you get to unlock SSR DPS Hero: The Flame Hashira: Rengoku Kyojirou on the 8th and final day.

You get to unlock two of the most amazing and robust SSR-ranked DPS heroes almost right off the bat. Isn’t that exciting? A great start to our good old Demon Hunt, isn’t it?

2. Starter Challenge Rewards

The Starter Challenge Rewards will keep you busy on the hunt for demons. Explore different challenges and endeavor to complete them for exciting rewards.

Starter challenge rewards
Photo: Chengwu Xinshi Network Technology

You can get a fantastic jumpstart by receiving maps, gold, gems, tickets, and much more.

And all you have to do is keep hunting demons, challenge your foes, and win or lose. The experience is all that counts! (But do your best to win, okay!)

3. Dispatch Heroes

Dispatching heroes is another way of getting rewards in the demon world. You see, there are always demons acting up in different parts of the demon world.

Dispatching heroes in Will of Hashira
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As the ultimate demon slayer, it’s your duty to aid the people oppressed by those bloodthirsty demons and rescue them.

In order to accomplish that, you send help (dispatch) heroes from your collection to help out, and in return, you get loads of rewards.

This adds to your experience and faster in-game progress.

4. Daily Sign-in Rewards

Don’t forget to sign in to your account to not only save your progress but also to activate the daily sign-in bonus rewards.

Sign in rewards in Will of Hashira
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Once you are done with the sign-in process, you will receive rewards on a daily basis when you log in that day.

These can be anywhere from tickets to gold and gems to hero cards and much, much more. This is one of the best ways to boost your in-game progress, especially as a F2P player.

5. Online Gifts and Events

Will of Hashira also features online gifts and different limited-time events. Online Gifts, just as the name suggests, are Online Rewards for all the time you spend being online and an active demon slayer in the world of demons.

Online gifts in Will of Hashira
Photo: Chengwu Xinshi Network Technology

Furthermore, events take a different turn. Most of the events are limited to a particular time and pack different sorts of rewards.

For instance, The Dragon Flame Event features the Flame Hashira as its top prize (with many more cool prizes).

Dragon flame event in Will of Hashira
Photo: Chengwu Xinshi Network Technology

Taking part in such events gives a great jumpstart to your gaming progress, and you can quickly get ahead of many players, even more so when you have luck by your side!

6. Idle Reward

The most important aspect of Will of Hashira, and the most rewarding as well, is the fact that it’s an idle RPG.

Not only does it boast stunning graphics as a 3D RPG, but as an idle game, the reward system is massive for all the players.

Will of Hashira
Photo: Chengwu Xinshi Network Technology

This means that even when you are offline and not playing the game, the idle counter is still active, and your rewards are stored safe and sound.

You can get these idle rewards as soon as you log back into the game and enjoy the privilege of an idle RPG.

All of these rewards will help you quickly climb up the ranks and assemble a better and upgraded team.


With that said, we have reached the end of our Will of Hashira guide, filled with everything you need to know about the game, from the basics to tips and tricks for the best in-game progress.

If you are also a Demon Slayer fan, why haven’t you downloaded Will of Hashira yet? Go ahead and download it here!

What do you think of this 3D idle RPG? Let us know in the comments.

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