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Wild Forest - Introduction
(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

Wild Forest is a tactical fast-paced clan-based game that tests your strategic intelligence within the game. In this PvP game, you must out-maneuver your opponents with in-game strategies, thinking on your feet is key. 

Talking about key things in Wild Forest, the Units in the game carry utmost importance because these units fight your battle. As you progress in the game, the tier list expands and one can determine which are the best units to play with. 

So with no further ado, let’s take a look at the Unit tier list in Wild Forest.

What is Wild Forest?

Wild Forest - Gameplay
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Wild Forest is a strategic game that is based in a forest where you compete against different opponents that range from environment AI to other players. The game uses real-time strategy and units that you need to upgrade from time to time to win games. 

Card-collection is an integral element of the game where the more cards you collect the stronger you get in the game. The game is all about strategizing in real-time to defeat your opponent either by directly attacking the stronghold or taking baby steps towards taking down your opponent. 

Wild Forest Tier List

Wild Forest - League 2
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This is where the game gets interesting. The tier list in Wild Forest is fantastic, it is nothing new but still, it leaves its mark on its own. There are a total of eight leagues in the game which you can unlock. 

Every league has its own 3 tiers. You can either upgrade to tier 3 of every league or you can also unlock the league directly via the battle pass. You can also unlock higher-league clans by winning the games. 

Wild Forest - League 8
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Tier List(League)UnitsUnit Card Drop Probability
1Sniper, Archer, Swordsman
2Spearman, Ninja, JuggernautCommon(67%), Uncommon(27%), Rare(6%)
3Squirrelcopter, Skeleton, PaladinCommon(67%), Uncommon(27%), Rare(6%)
4Flaming Cat, Bomb, TankCommon(67%), Uncommon(27%), Rare(6%)
5Double Toads, Storm Cat, PigcopterCommon(67%), Uncommon(27%), Rare(6%)
6Killer Crow, Witch, Blood HunterCommon(67%), Uncommon(27%), Rare(6%)
7Medic, Shotgunner, HarlequinCommon(67%), Uncommon(27%), Rare(6%)
8Burner, Crossbowman, ArtilleryCommon(67%), Uncommon(27%), Rare(6%)

There are Battle Pass rewards with each League. The higher the League rank the higher the Battle Pass rewards. The rewards include Gold Coins and Deck Cards. You can use the Gold coins to upgrade the units that are displayed on the Battle Deck. 

How Does the Tier List Work? 

You start the game with the basic tier 1 unit. The tier 1 units come with basic powers and capabilities that can be upgraded by collecting gold coins. You can collect gold coins by winning matches or you can gain XP by just playing the matches, that way too you can make progress and unlock gold coins in Battle Pass. 

The higher the Tier list the better fighting unit you unlock. Each unit from tier 1 to tier 8 has its unique ability to damage opponents.

Wild Forest - Level Up
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Upgrading the units will increase the damage, health, speed, and attacking range characteristics of those units. The more upgraded the units the better chance you have to win battles. 

As you progress through the game, new leagues will unlock and with it new fighting units. So every time you collect gold coins from competing in battles or opening chests in battle pass, make sure you upgrade the fighting units. A basic fighting unit will only take you so far. 

Spend the gold coins to upgrade any of the fighting units, the gold coins required to upgrade characters will vary according to the characters. An upgraded unit will cost more gold coins to upgrade even more. 

Wild Forest - Battle Deck
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Go to the Cards section on the main screen, there will be a Battle Deck section, select the character you want to upgrade by clicking on Info, and upgrade the character by spending gold coins. Viola, your fighting unit will level up. 

As we said before, you can do this for every fighting unit of any League. Spend the gold coins and level up your fighting units. Find more gold coins in Battles Pass, you can also purchase gold coins from Battle Pass via its premium section. There is also a free section that gives you daily chest rewards. 

Wild Forest - Season 1 Battle Pass
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How Many Different Game Modes are there in Wild Forest?

There are quite a few game modes in Wild Forest. Let’s take a look at some of these modes. 

PvE Mode – In the PvE mode, you go against the environment. It is a more straightforward way to gain rewards and collect coins to level up your fighting units as well as sharpen up your strategy game for other challenging modes. 

PvP Mode– Ah yes, the bread and butter of every strategy-based game. PvP mode is more challenging and it will test your strategic know-how of the game and how well you use your resources as you are in direct competition with other players around the world. 

Wild Forest - Gameplay 2
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Clan Mode – Join forces with other players to form a clan, and play against other clans who themselves have joined forces. Take down those clans with your strategies to become the most dominant clan in the game. 

Tournament Mode – Now and then you can look out for tournaments in Wild Forest. Participate in these tournaments and go against your fellow gamers. Winning a tournament definitely should be top of your agenda list as it gives you a sense of achievement for the game you have played for hundreds of hours. 

Special Events Mode – Special Events are rare but when they do occur, you can take part in them and collect rewards by playing in them. You can collect rare collectible items from Special Events. Keep an eye out for these events. 


Wild Forest gives you multiple ways to farm gold coins which you can use to level up the fighting units. The more progress you make and the higher you go the more tier lists open up for you to play. Keep playing, spending, and upgrading!

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