Wild Catch And Ranch – Match3 RPG: Gameplay Guide

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Wild Catch And Ranch

Brought to you by Aimed Inc., Wild Catch And Ranch is no ordinary match puzzle game. For gamers who enjoy a bit of action, strategy, and adventure, Wild Catch And Ranch is a must-play!

In this game, you are able to collect mounts by fighting them as well as rack your brains with puzzle match 3 strategy.

Download this game from the Play Store, while we go into more specifics of Wild Catch And Ranch gameplay.

Wild Catch And Ranch Introduction
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Wild Catch And Ranch – Getting Started

Starting off, you will have the option right from the start whether you want to sign in as a guest or log in using an account. Signing in with your account is recommended if you don’t want to lose gameplay progress.

account login
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Once you have selected an option, you will jump straight into a puzzle match, where you will need to match 3 or more of the same blocks to catch the bull.

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Don’t stress if you are not sure what to do, Wild Catch And Ranch helps by giving an in-depth tutorial at the start.

If you match 4 or more of the same color, you will receive special blocks. We will go into more detail on those a bit further on.

special blocks
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Matching them will give you bonus points to help you capture the bull.

Your Own Ranch

Once you have completed the puzzle, a new screen will appear, which will be your main screen. This is where you can build things that will help your progression throughout Wild Catch And Ranch.

You will be prompted to build a few things in the beginning, such as a farm, mine, and warehouse.

Each building has its own function and will help you tremendously throughout gameplay.

ranch buildings
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For instance; the farm will produce wheat, the mine produces coal, and the warehouse enables you to store these resources. Each of these resources in turn is needed to upgrade buildings further along.

Leveling up will give you some decent rewards! To level up faster, make sure to follow the questline as you progress. These can be found on the bottom left-hand side of your screen, by tapping on the book icon.

To upgrade a building, ie. level it up, simply tap on the building you would like to upgrade and select the Building Level Up option. Then you can select level up if you have the correct amount of resources required to do so.

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Battles – Time For a Fight!

Now when a person speaks of battle, a lot of different things come to mind, however, in Wild Catch And Ranch, you will be competing against Mounts.

The goal is to stay mounted on them long enough in order to win the battle, using puzzle match 3 tactics.

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There are 3 different types of battle modes in Wild Catch And Ranch:

  1. Story Mode
  2. Exploration
  3. Total War

Story mode

This mode consists of consecutive stages, each stage will become harder to clear, so make sure you are strong enough to take on each stage.

In order to win a stage, match 3 or more blocks of the same color, ensuring that you get as many special blocks as you can. This enables you to get a clear shot at winning the match.

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Exploration Mode – Catch That Mount!

Exploration mode in Wild Catch And Ranch allows you to capture wild Mounts. This is not guaranteed, however, as you need cages that are strong enough to capture them, and it works on a reroll system.

When you select explore, you receive the awards that the marker stops on.

Important Note: You have to tap on each reward that you have obtained, if you select Exploration without doing so, you will lose those rewards!

battle mode
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Make sure you have collected all of your rewards before proceeding to the next exploration stage.

Some awesome mounts can be found and tamed in this feature!

Total War

This feature in Wild Catch And Ranch enables you to go against one specific mount. Sounds easy, right? Wrong!

This is a tough mount to challenge, even when selecting a normal difficulty. You will receive a numbered amount of tries each day, but after they are over, you will have to pay with diamonds to continue competing.

If you reach a certain level on the leaderboard, you will receive special rewards that aren’t easily obtained anywhere else in Wild Catch And Ranch.

Wild Catch And Ranch
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Competing is part of the thrill of the game! So strap on those cowboy boots and jump in! If you are afraid of losing the match, you will lose out!

Wild Catch And Ranch – Mounts

Mounts are awesome in Wild Catch And Ranch! Not only do they come in different shapes, sizes, and rarity levels, they can be leveled up as well.

To do this, tap on the character icon and select the far right tab indicating mount, at the bottom of your screen.

Select the character at the top of your screen, make sure your mount is equipped, and select the growth button after tapping on the Mount you would like to level up.

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In order to successfully capture a mount, you will need to complete the puzzle, by matching 3 or more blocks of the same color.

When it comes to puzzles, a very important thing to keep in mind, you have a specific time period in which you need to complete the level.

This is dependent on the strength of the mount you have gone up against, so be sure you are ready for a fight!

Mounts contribute to your characters’ magical skills. They are as follows:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Dark
Devil Of Darkness
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Equipping mounts of higher rarity levels will increase these skills, making your character much more powerful.

These are also available in Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.


Keep in mind that the cages used to capture the mounts are available in different rarity levels as well. There are Normal cages, Advanced cages, and Premium cages.

Normal cages are okay for the mounts in the beginning, however, as the mounts become stronger, they will break through normal cages.

You will need to use the normal cages in instances such as these multiple times before capturing the mount in question.

Advanced cages make it harder for mounts to escape, however, they are not as easily obtainable as Normal cages.

Premium cages, need we say more? These cages are the best in the game, and obtaining them? Well, let’s just say I have not had the fortune of obtaining one as of yet.

Don’t fret though! There is a small light on the horizon, in the form of crafting. This takes a bit of grinding and effort, but where would the fun be without it?

You would need to level up your Town Hall for starters and, thereafter, level up your Forge. There are additional buildings you would need to level up in the meantime to obtain that level.

The other resource needed to do this is diamonds, your in-game currency in Wild Catch And Ranch.

Cages and gems
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This would take some time as you will need to build up the resources, level up buildings, and wait for the designated amount of time required for the building to complete its level up time.

There are speed-ups available for those moments, so don’t waste them if you can help it.

time reduction
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Getting Stronger – Tips

Characters In Wild Catch And Ranch

Your ranch has 2 riders; Jaina and Douglas. Jaina specializes in healing, while Douglas is the preferred choice for attacks.

Level up your Character

Leveling up your character is one sure way to become stronger in Wild Catch And Ranch.

To do so, select the character icon on the bottom left-hand side of your screen, wait for the pop-up, and Select “level up” at the bottom of your screen.

These level-ups will apply both to Jaina, and to Douglas, so no need to go back and forth between the two. To toggle between the two characters, select the character’s avatars on the top left of your screen, just below their names.

level up character
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Equip Gear

There are various gear rarity levels – Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Normal is the lowest gear that you will find in Wild Catch And Ranch. This is normally your first gear obtained and will help you in the beginning levels of the game.

It is not advisable to level this particular rarity level up too much, as when you find yourself in higher matches, these are not suited to withstand the pressure, literally.

Rare is second best to Normal, and again, has the same concept as Normal gear. Equipping these will help, but not if you are looking to progress to a much higher level.

equip gear
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Epic is second best to Legendary. Epic can be used to fight pretty difficult battles, and you will be able to withstand harder battles the further along you get.

The best of the best; Legendary. The color gold is not just for kicks & giggles. This is the best gear you can obtain in Wild Catch & Ranch, and should be your ultimate goal to equip all your slots with this rarity level.

Just equipping gear, however, is not enough. You can level each set up to obtain the maximum level.

Equipment Sets

Gear doesn’t just have certain rarity levels, in Wild Catch And Ranch, you can equip specific sets that enhance your characters’ stats as well. The sets you can obtain are as follows:

  • Outlaw Of The Wilderness
  • Goddess Of Lightning
  • Shadow Gentleman
  • Wind Watcher
  • Starlight Of Hope
  • Ice Flame
  • Goddess Of Fire
  • Wave Of Passion
  • Watcher Of Dreams
  • Firm Resolution
gear sets
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  • Dazzling Brilliance
  • Beast Tracker
  • Crimson Shadow
  • Flame Guardian
  • Nature Shaman
  • Sharpshooter Cowgirl
  • Wind Grace
  • Colorful
  • Sand Plunderer
  • Wind Breath
  • Dark Rider
  • Shimmering Brilliance
  • Casual
  • Stone Leather

Equipping each item is good enough, however, equipping a total set at the same rarity level will enable your stats to become OP.

Level Up your Equipment

The easiest way to level up your gear is by tapping on the collection icon at the bottom of your screen and selecting equipment. Tap on the tab alongside collection, and select growth.

By tapping in Total Growth at the bottom, instead of leveling each item one by one, this feature levels them all up instantaneously.

level up equipment
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Gear contributes to the following stats, which is why it is worthwhile for you to obtain the best possible gear:

  • Attack (ATK)
  • Defense (DEF)
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Increase Health (HP)
  • Increase Critical Hit Damage
  • Increase Defense power
  • Increase Attack Power

Complete Quests

As in any game, Wild Catch And Ranch has specific quests you can complete, which give you special rewards and currencies to help with game progression. These are especially important for growth!

Quests can be found at the top-right-hand side of your screen, and they consist of Daily and Weekly quests.

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Using these quests can work to your advantage!

Storyline Wild Catch And Ranch

Progressing in the storyline is one of the most important things you can do in Wild Catch And Ranch! This enables you to follow the story, as well as open up various things that would help you progress even further!

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Certain features of the game will only open up once you have completed specific quests of the storyline, so don’t jump ahead and start something else.


Wild Catch And Ranch is a fun and entertaining game to play. There is no shortage of things to do! From taming mounts by battling them to building and upgrading, collecting resources, and collecting stunning mounts, this is a good game to play!

If you enjoyed our Wild Catch And Ranch guide, feel free to leave a comment in the section below, and before you leave, check out some more interesting games: Beedom, Warcraft Rumble, and Reverse 1999.

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