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Released earlier this year, Whiteout Survival made waves among the mobile gaming community due to its incredible polish, beautiful art style, and frequent in-game events.

In due time, new systems and materials were also introduced, with the end-game resource, Fire Crystals, being one of the game’s most valuable ones to date.

Because of their extreme rarity, they are hard to acquire, but not when you have this guide to help you get them!

Fire Crystals – Precious Yet Illusive

A satellite view of the planet in Whiteout Survival.
Photo: Century Games Pte. Ltd.

In Whiteout Survival, leading your people to survive – and prosper – against the never-ending cold is a long-term commitment.

The game plays out similarly to Icy Village: Tycoon Survival where you manage a particular colony’s daily routines to ensure every process is at its optimum efficiency.

It all starts with the Furnace, and all other building technologies and enhancements can only be researched depending on how advanced it’s been upgraded. After all, your people are living in an unending glacial nightmare now, so heat is the most important element for survival.

Temperature warning in Whiteout Survival.
Photo: Century Games Pte. Ltd.

Once your Furnace reaches Level 30, that’s when your community’s normal technological growth is at its peak.

To advance past that point, a more powerful resource is needed to push your town’s/ city’s boundaries, and that is where the mysterious Fire Crystals come into play.

How To Farm Fire Crystals in Whiteout Survival?

The Fire Crystal Age banner in Whiteout Survival.
Photo: Century Games Pte. Ltd.

Fire Crystals aren’t common resources that can be collected or mined from the surrounding environment in Whiteout Survival. They can only be acquired through gameplay means, usually requiring you to achieve certain goals or milestones.

These aren’t too restrictive, though, because you can still get Fire Crystals through various ways just by playing the game normally (albeit with slightly more grind for reduced amounts of them).

This somewhat levels the playing field between free-to-play (F2P) players and dedicated buyers of in-game packs.

The Top-Up Center in Whiteout Survival.
Photo: Century Games Pte. Ltd.

In general, these are how you can farm Fire Crystals:

  • Daily Missions
    • Completing Whiteout Survival daily tasks will unlock Reward Chests, with the final few containing Fire Crystals in them.
  • Intel Missions
    • Participating in Intel Missions will yield a small amount of Fire Crystals as rewards.
  • Crystal Laboratory
    • Buildable during the late game, the Crystal Laboratory lets you combine different resources to create your own Fire Crystals (the amount of resources required increases for every subsequent time, up to five times per day).
  • Events
    • Special in-game events or seasonal festivities offer high amounts of Fire Crystals as rewards for completing their missions.
    • E.g. Flame and Fangs, Vision of Dawn, Frosty Fortune, etc.
The Trials event in Whiteout Survival.
Photo: Century Games Pte. Ltd.
  • Monuments
    • Achieving certain Monuments will award you with one-time amounts of Fire Crystals.
  • State Of Power
    • Through State of Power (SoP), you can earn Fire Crystals by exchanging either Sunfire Tokens or Medals respectively.
  • Shop Packs
    • The in-game Shop offers the most direct route for getting Fire Crystals through real-life purchases.

From time to time, there might be other methods that you can exploit to accumulate Fire Crystals. That being said, these are the best ways for you to get them, regardless if you are an F2P or paying player.

What To Do With Fire Crystals?

A level 30 Furnace in Whiteout Survival.
Photo: Century Games Pte. Ltd.

Since you now know how to get Fire Crystals in Whiteout Survival, understanding what to do with them is next on your agenda. As mentioned earlier, Fire Crystals are utilized for the end-game, and here are a few of its best uses:

  • Upgrading buildings
    • Commonly, Fire Crystals are consumed by specific buildings to allow upgrading beyond Level 30. (E.g. Upgrading a Level-30 Furnace to become Furnace Fire Crystal Level 1)
    • Afterward, every Fire Crystal (FC) Level will then have five stages each, meaning you need to upgrade FC Level 1 another four times to reach FC Level 2 (up to a maximum of FC Level 5).
    • Buildings enhanced with Fire Crystals provide boosts to their resource productions, units trained, and overall settlement Power.
The Starter City skin in Whiteout Survival.
Photo: Century Games Pte. Ltd.
  • Completing event missions
    • Periodically, certain events might also request you to use a set amount of Fire Crystals for specific uses. (E.g. Use 50 Fire Crystals to upgrade a building)
    • Using Fire Crystals as specified will reward you with the event-specific currency/ token in return.

As you can see, Fire Crystals are niche resources used by veteran players for end-game content or State of Power. So, if you’re not at Furnace Level 30 yet, start compiling those Fire Crystals to reap the rewards later.

It’s better to start early to avoid the more chore-like grind during the post-game in Whiteout Survival.

A town in Whiteout Survival.
Photo: Century Games Pte. Ltd.


Century Games is an experienced mobile game developer, and Whiteout Survival proves this by way of its impressive quality and smooth gameplay mechanics. The way they implemented the Fire Crystals update is evidence of this as well, convincing players of their dedication to the game.

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