When Will Silent Hill Be Released?

June Reyes
Silent Hill: Ascension title card
(Last Updated On: October 9, 2023)

Silent Hill: Ascension is an upcoming CYOA horror game published by Genvid Entertainment LLC. It features top-notch graphics as well as a gripping story that revolves around the choices that you make.

Its gameplay is similar to popular titles like The Walking Dead and Life Is Strange, where your decisions dictate the flow of the story and have long-lasting, unforeseen consequences.

Silent Hill
Photo: Genvid Entertainment LLC

Considering that Silent Hill: Ascension is part of the critically acclaimed Silent Hill franchise, expectations are high for Genvid Entertainment LLC to deliver a phenomenal horror experience for mobile gamers upon release.

Here, we will discuss exactly when the game will be released and how you can get your hands on it as soon as possible by pre-registering with your Android or iOS devices!

Release Date For Silent Hill: Ascension

Silent Hill Monsters
Photo: Genvid Entertainment LLC

The official release date is on October 31, 2023, at 9 PM Eastern Time or 6 PM Pacific Time—right before Halloween. The game will be made available for both Android and iOS devices upon release.

This thrilling game is set to be one of the biggest horror game releases of the year, and it aims to bring the unnerving, psychological horror of Silent Hill games to the mobile gaming scene.

This a monumental goal to be sure, but a worthy one to be striving for nonetheless, especially since the mobile market has been lacking new horror games of good quality in recent times.

YouTube video
Video: YouTube

Some long-time fans of the franchise, however, are skeptical that Silent Hill: Ascension would be able to recapture the same charm that its older installments had—as seen in the comments of the game’s official trailer above.

After all, the previous games were more than just horror games—they’re also one of the very few generational titles that left a lasting mark on the horror genre as a whole.

Silent Hill game
Photo: Genvid Entertainment LLC

Despite the mixed reception to the trailer announcement, it remains to be seen if Genvid Entertainment LLC will be able to deliver a title worthy of the Silent Hill franchise. Only time will tell.

How To Pre-Register For Silent Hill: Ascension

How to preregister
Photo: Genvid Entertainment LLC

If you want to be notified when this fantastic game releases and install it on your device ASAP, you can pre-register for the game using the following links:

Pre Register for Silent Hill: Ascension (Android)

Pre Register for Silent Hill: Ascension (iOS)

Regardless of the platform, you’ll be able to pre-register for free. Upon release, the game will continuously add new scenes every day for six months, presumably until the story’s ending has been reached.


Silent Hill: Ascension carries with it both the prestige and heavy expectations that come with every game released within the Silent Hill franchise. Hopefully, the game will be a step in the right direction for all mobile horror game developers to follow.

While you wait for this thrilling game to be released, feel free to check out other great horror game titles for mobile such as Horrorfield and Alien Blackout!

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