When Will Floodrush Come Out?

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2023)

For a limited amount of time, Floodrush was available to play as a Beta game. From May 29th, 2023 until June 7th, 2023, gamers were able to do a test run on this strategy game.

As an early access game, the game wasn’t fully developed as of yet. Gamers were asked to report any technical issues and bugs, which would help them implement new strategies into making Floodrush an even better game in the long run.

Developed by Supercell, Floodrush is expected to be an awesome game!

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What To Expect

REAL-TIME STRATEGY BATTLES- You are able to choose 3 seekers, which will then need to rush to dominate the island before the island sinks. Rum bombs, nets, and exploding watermelons are among some of the strategies used to defeat enemies.

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Man Overboard!

Yes, you’ve got that right! Set sail on the map and discover what awaits you on the other side.

You will be able to unlock new abilities and level up, with tier cards available to collect, which will help with building the best team out there!

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Raise Your Army

With different troops to choose from, whether you like tanking, or swarming the enemy, the various options are likely to get any gamer excited.

With this Battle Royale type game, you will need to defeat enemies while trying to survive, before the island sinks.

You will have abilities to use which will help you in gameplay.

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Your cards will tell you what abilities your seekers can use against the enemy. Be sure to read those before engaging in battle!

Treasure chests are available to pick up on the various islands.


If you are familiar with Fortnite, you know running from the storm is a thing. Staying in the circle, even more so.

In this case, you will be running for your life from water, while trying to stay in the circle, as well as clashing with teams that attack you simultaneously. Survive, or sink as they say!

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In order to move around, you will need to tap the screen. After defeating the enemy, Taika bubbles, (unit spawning energy), will be dropped from defeated enemies that you will be able to pick up.

These Taika bubbles allow you to spawn more troops while you are playing.

When the inevitable end of battle does come, you will rank in a certain place.

Certain quests will require you to rank in a certain place in order to receive special prizes.

From Octoshot, (an octopus with a shotgun who looks really mean), to Shelby, (a tank to face off with enemies and is immune to stuns), the seekers are something to look forward to.

The Big Question

Now the big question is, when is Floodrush available to download in the PlayStore? We are hoping Floodrush will be available sometime in the year 2024. Personally, I cannot wait for Floodrush to come out!

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