What Are Stickers On Monopoly Go?

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Stickers are a prominent feature in Monopoly Go. They are an additional way to keep you invested in this excellent mobile version of the most famous board game in the World. Stickers are collectible items that will give you monetary and additional chances incentives. 

We will expand on the Stickers feature with our simple guide and how to attain and use Stickers in Monopoly Go. 

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What are Stickers and Where are they situated?

Stickers are an additional incentive to give you cash prizes and additional dice rolls. The dice rolls are limited in Monopoly Go, so you need to look for other ways to increase or add to your limited kitty of dice rolls and Stickers are one of those features that give you that. 

Stickers are situated in the bottom right corner of the screen. They are included in the folder named Album. In Album, you will see different stickers. The Stickers keep changing as the game changes the Album every few days. So, you have limited time to complete the set. 

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Completing the set of stickers is difficult as there are 189 stickers that you need to get hold of every time to complete the album. Every set of stickers has 3 stickers and there are seven rows of stickers with each row containing 3 sets of stickers. 

What are the Types of Stickers in Monopoly Go?

As we said, the type of stickers keeps changing every few days so you never know what comes next. Currently, as of this writing Epic Myths album is ongoing. Collecting these stickers carries massive rewards, as it should be because they are hard to attain. 

These stickers are the most premium feature of the Monopoly Go because the rewards that these stickers carry are greater than any other feature that carries similar rewards. 

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How Do You Attain the Stickers in Monopoly Go?

There are several ways you can attain Stickers in Monopoly Go! 

Enter Tournament

Multiple tournaments take place in the game, you can take part in these tournaments. All you have to do is to finish in the top three places of these tournaments to get stickers. Finishing below the top 3 places means you will miss out on these collectibles. 

Complete the Game’s Objectives

This is the basic way to get Stickers in Monopoly Go. Keep playing, keep earning, and keep progressing in the game, finish the objectives that are placed in the game to have a chance to win stickers as rewards. 

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You will also attain Stickers when you reach milestones in the game. Reaching these milestones will give you 3 stickers every time, so watch out for stickers when you reach any milestone in the game. 

Spin the Wheel

As you complete objectives and progress through the game, you will come across a coloring wheel that you can spin. There are multiple rewards attached to the wheel such as additional dice rolls, cash rewards, and stickers! 

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If you luck out then you can win stickers through spinning the wheel. You can also complete the color set on the board to get to the “spin the wheel section”!

Daily Rewards

Like in any other game, you also get daily rewards in Monopoly Go. If you are lucky you might end up getting stickers as a reward. The chances are low but still, if you play regularly then your chances of getting stickers as a daily reward increase.

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There are a couple of packs that you can take a look at to get Stickers. There is an Endless Bargain, Endless Offer, and a Pack feature through which you can either buy packs or get some packs for free. 

Usually, you will get a couple of items for free and then you have to buy one item so that items after that are free again. But, there are chances you might find stickers in some of these packs. It is worth looking into these packs now and then. 


This is a nice way to interact with fellow players as well. If you own a surplus sticker, you can exchange or trade your sticker for another within Monopoly Go’s Facebook community. If other players have a surplus of stickers that you need, you can trade yours for theirs. Easy peasy. 

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Album Exchange Scheme

If you own a duplicate sticker, you can go to the album and exchange or trade that sticker by selecting the option in an album on the bottom right corner. There is a catch in this method, you need to have stars in your locker to felicitate this transfer.

Stars are hard to come by and it will require a lot of playing time and luck to accumulate them but hey it is still another way you can get stickers. 

Mini Games

After progressing to the higher levels, you will get a chance to compete in mini-games, in some of those mini-games you will get the chance to win stickers as one of the prizes.

The best part about it is that you get to play some cool fun games to get these stickers and believe us when we say they are incredibly addictive little games. 

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The bottom line is that Stickers are an incentive in Monopoly Go and you have lots of methods with which you can attain them. Some methods are tedious and hard while others are fun, easy, and lucky. Make sure to grab the stickers as quickly as possible because they exhaust within a few days!

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