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Abdullah Iqbal
Waven game starting screen
Image: Ankama Studio

Waven is a lively turn-based combat RPG that is making the rounds in the gaming community.

A world that was ruled by gods and dragons has suddenly been hit by a tsunami, and only a few islands remain. You play as an adventurer hero who is looking for the causes of this upheaval.

Rising water animation
Image: Ankama Studio

You’ll go from island to island to meet different people, complete missions, participate in quests, battle against real players, and more in Waven.

Below is everything you need to know about the game, starting with its basics. I’ll try to make Waven as easy as possible to understand.

Waven – Game Basics

Start of tutorial
Image: Ankama Studio

When you start the game for the first time, here are the three things you’ll be doing:

  1. Select your hero (more on heroes later).
  2. Complete the tutorial.
  3. Equip some spells and companions.
  4. Start completing missions in the Story Mode.

Once you complete the tutorial and a couple of missions, you’ll have a good set of spells and companions.

Spells will help you damage the enemies and spawn your companions. As a result, the companions will help you during battles with their attack and defense.

Here is how you compete in a battle in Waven:

  1. Cast a spell on the enemy.
  2. Move your hero to some blocks. if the enemy is out of range.
  3. If an enemy is within range, attack them.
  4. End your turn.
  5. When you have enough elemental gauges, spawn a companion.
  6. Now you can move both your main hero and companion to attack the enemies.
  7. Eliminate all the enemies to win the battle.
Battle in Waven
Image: Ankama Studio

You will get Elemental gauges after casting spells in the fight. These are necessary to spawn your companions.

I’ll explain this in detail later in the article, when we’ll discuss spells.

Story Mode

Waven story mode quests
Image: Ankama Studio

We already discussed in the context of the game that the world was affected by rising water and a few islands remained.

Now what the Story Mode does is give you small quests that you have to complete. The quests are usually fighting against different enemies and bosses to help the local people.

Once you complete all the quests on one island, you’ll move on to the next one. There are more than 17 islands to explore, 25 heroes to get along with, 90 companions, 300 spells to equip, and 600 monsters to defeat.

So, as you can see, it is a long journey and one you’ll definitely enjoy!

Competitive Island – Play PvP

Waven competitive island
Image: Ankama Studio

Competitive Island gets unlocked after you complete the first few missions on the first island.

Here is where you can challenge other players and battle against them. It is basically the PvP mode.

But make sure to not fight against those who are at a much higher level than you. They will have upgraded heroes, spells, and companions, and beating a beginner won’t be an issue for them.

Deck Editor – Organize your Hero

Deck Editor is something you’ll be using regularly in the game.

As obvious, this is the section where you will edit your deck for both PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player) modes.

Deck editor in Waven
Image: Ankama Studio

Editing your deck means equipping spells, equipment, companions, and heroes.

Moreover, this is also where you’ll upgrade everything and increase the skill level of your heroes.

The Deck Editor can be accessed from the bottom-left corner of the screen.


Selecting a hero in Waven
Image: Ankama Studio

As I said earlier, there are 25 heroes in the game at the moment, divided into five classes. I won’t go over every hero, but here’s a short description of their classes:

  • Healer: Healer’s main role is to support allies while fighting bravely on the battlefield. Players who like diversity will love them
  • Warrior: Warriors have a short range, but they are super powerful there. They have great defense and attack and can easily win close combat.
  • Archer: Archers attack from a distance and aren’t the best at close combat. Players who don’t prefer rushing into combat should choose them.
  • Mage: Mages can manipulate space and time. You’ll understand this once you choose them. But don’t start the game with them, as they can be hard to master.
  • Assassin: Assassins are great at setting traps and manipulating enemies. They are also pretty complex to manage, especially for a beginner.

I’d suggest going with any of the first three heroes at the start. Once you get hold of the game, you’ll always have the option to create new heroes.

Hero Skills

Every hero has certain skills that increase their strength, attack, defense, power, and other aspects.

You can access the skills section by going to Deck Editor > Skills.

Once you’re here, you’ll have a certain amount of white currency (kind of coins), which is used to upgrade the skill level.

Skills section in Waven
Image: Ankama Studio

You’ll get this currency as you level up in the game. Some skills will require 5 coins, while others can require as many as 50 or more.

Again, start from low and move yourself up.

Hero Customization

Waven hero customization
Image: Ankama Studio

This is the section where you can buy and equip Emotes, World Visual Effects, and Combat Visual Effects for your hero.

Emotes are pretty self-explanatory. You can do certain actions at any time in the game.

The World Visual Effects are some effects that your character will always have when you’re in the open world.

This can be something circling around your hero’s body.

Lastly, the Combat Visual Effects will be the graphics you’ll see when you hit an enemy.


Equipping skills in Waven
Image: Ankama Studio

Spells play an important role in Waven. These are basically some additional attacks that you can do apart from the main attacks of your hero.

You’ll get 5 random spells out of the ones you have equipped to start the round. And once you use one, it will be replaced with another.

Some spells do damage to the enemy, some will give you a certain aura, some will help you move additional blocks, and more.

You can equip a maximum of 15 spells belonging to different elements.

There are five elements in Waven:

  1. Fire
  2. Air
  3. Earth
  4. Water
  5. Ether

Casting each spell will give you an Elemental Gauge. Their details are in the next sub-heading.

Elemental Gauges and Companions

Casting spells in Waven
Image: Ankama Studio

Just like spells, companions have the same five elements.

These companions cost elemental gauges to be summoned.

And to gain elemental gauges, you’ll have to cast spells with the same material.

Think of elemental gauges as a kind of token.

For example, I need to summon a companion that requires two water elemental gauges.

Now what I’ll do is cast a spell that gives me two water elements. Or, I can cast two spells in two turns that give a single water element each.

Once I have two water elements, I can summon a companion to join me in the fight.

There are multiple companions in the game. Some are pretty weak, while others come in pretty handy.

All the companions require a particular elemental gauge combination to be summoned.

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Spell Upgrade

Upgrading skills
Image: Ankama Studio

Spells can be upgraded by going to the Deck Editor and selecting a spell.

It’ll cost you 50 coins at the start, but the price will increase as the upgrades level up.

Moreover, to upgrade a spell, you need a copy of that spell. In simple terms, you need to have two of the same spells to upgrade them.

Maybe you’ll need to have more copies of the same spell to upgrade them to higher levels.

Additionally, you can buy skills for your spells and equipment with the gold bars. You will find them inside the chests.


Equipment increases the chances of critical hits, improves attack power, and more.

Equipment includes Rings, Brooches, and Armbands. All of them will help you in one way or another.

You can equip a maximum of four rings along with a single armband and brooch.

Make the most of them by selecting the equipment that matches your playstyle and gives you the most benefit.

Equipment Upgrade

Equipment upgrade
Image: Ankama Studio

Just like spells, equipment can be upgraded as well. They will also require their copies to upgrade them, and it will cost you a minimum of 50 coins to level up.

But once they are upgraded, your hero will perform much better in the battles.

You’ll have to plan your strategies for what you have to upgrade at a given time. If you have enough money and both skills and equipment can be upgraded, decide which one is more beneficial at that moment and prefer upgrading it first.

Logbook – Quests and Season Goals

Logbook section
Image: Ankama Studio

The logbook is where all the information about your game progress is available.

Here you’ll find the details of every mission on every island, and you’ll be able to see how many of them you’ve completed.

Moreover, there will be some quests in the Quest section that you’ll have to complete in order to progress in the Battle Pass.

Battle Pass

Battle pass
Image: Ankama Studio

Waven, just like any other game, has free and premium battle passes. The latter include Gold and Platinum passes available to buy for $7 and $15, respectively.

As I said, completing quests will give you stars, which will improve your season’s battle pass progress. The quests usually include side missions that are not part of the story mode.

The free one also has excellent rewards, which will come in very handy. However, the premium ones are much better, obviously.

Reward Chests

Beginner's chest
Image: Ankama Studio

Chests are awarded when you complete certain missions or quests.

Chests basically contain some rewards, and you can choose any one or two rewards you like the most.

The chests that have 4 or 6 items will normally let you choose one reward out of the lot. The others will let you choose two.

Equipment chest
Image: Ankama Studio

Some chests contain random items, while others have multiple specific items.

For instance, the Spell Chest only contains spells, and the Companion Chest only contains companions.

On the other hand, a Beginner Chest will contain different items.

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Tips and Tricks

Every game has some strategies, following which you can have better success. Similar is the case with Waven.

Waven isn’t as easy as it might sound after reading this article. You’ll have to be sharp and smart to master the game and compete with other players.

Here are some tips that might be useful for you!

1. Always Attack Before Ending your Turn

You might forget to attack after moving some blocks. This is a reminder to not end the turn until you’ve utilized your spells and your hero’s and companions’ attacks.

Also, always plan the first move after planning what you’ll be doing in the next turn.

2. Keep Experimenting with your Spells and Attack Pattern

When you start the game, there will be difficulties in setting the right spells, equipment, and companions.

This is why you need to keep rotating them and experimenting with the combinations to see which one works for you.

You can also create multiple decks for different playstyles.

3. Keep Summoning Companions and Focus on Synergy

You can’t win every battle alone. You’ll have to rely on the help of your companions.

Select the companions who you’ll be able to summon by collecting elemental gauges.

You don’t wanna have a companion that requires air elements while not having any spells that give these elemental gauges.

4. Keep Upgrading your Companions, Spells, Equipment, and Skills

Companion upgrade
Image: Ankama Studio

Constantly upgrading your stuff will help you complete advanced missions and compete with other players.

Whenever you’ve got enough coins, focus on upgrading something so you’re never behind the clock.

5. Collect the Daily Gift

Daily gifts in Waven
Image: Ankama Studio

You can collect daily gifts from the shop, and sometimes they are very useful.

The shop can be accessed from the top-right corner of the screen.


This was all about the newly released Waven. The game is still in development, and its early access is available on Mac and PC only. However, the game will be released on mobile very soon.

Until then, enjoy Waven’s free early access!

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