Watcher Of Realms – Ultimate Guide & Tips

Hamza Rashid

Moonton, the mind behind the insanely popular game Mobile Legends, is here with another super fun game. This time, it’s Watcher of Realms, a fantasy RPG set in the mythical world of Tya.

If you’ve played games like Realm: Shadow Legends or even Arknights, then you’ll probably already have an idea of what to expect from this game. However, believe us when we tell you that Watcher of Realms is one of the most unique mobile games you’ll ever play.

Watcher Of Realms
Source: Moonton

Are you looking for a story that’s sure to get you invested? This game has it. What about a bunch of powerful and awesome heroes you can summon? This game has that too. Surely it won’t have a bunch of beautiful animated cutscenes, right? Well, it has those too.

So buckle up hero, because we’re about to go through everything you need to know before you journey into the realm of Tya for yourself.

Starting Off

Watcher Of Realms starting off
Source: Moonton

As soon as you finish downloading and installing the game, you’ll have to install some additional assets. Hey, that’s how you know a game’s about to be good. 

With the assets installed, you simply have to agree to the terms of service and then you’ll instantly be thrust into an animated cutscenes.

We highly recommend you watch all the cutscenes in this game as without them you’re very likely to get completely lost in terms of understanding the story. And trust us, you want to understand the complete story to maximize your fun with this game.

Watcher Of Realms starting off
Source: Moonton

It is during this cutscene that you’ll unlock your very first summon, the lighting mage hero Voltus. Don’t worry, since he’ll be the first of many heroes you’ll be able to lead throughout the course of this game.

Understanding the Battle System

Watcher Of Realms battle system
Source: Moonton

After the first cutscenes, you’ll be faced against the corrupt army with nothing but your trusty elemental summon hero with you. At this point, it’s crucial that you start understanding how the battle system of Watcher of Realms works.

Now, Watcher of Realms is a tower defense fantasy RPG, kind of like Castle Empire and All Star Tower Defense. From the get go, you’ll notice that there will be a red portal like circle as well as a blue crystal. The blue crystal is what you need to protect from enemies. Where do the enemies come from? From the red portal, of course. 

Watcher Of Realms commander returns
Source: Moonton

To ensure enemies aren’t able to reach your crystal, you have to utilize your heroes and their abilities. Of course, things like positioning and the order in which you place your heroes are important too.

Positioning is Key

Watcher Of Realms positioning
Source: Moonton

Perhaps the most important thing you have to do is position your heroes properly. When any battle starts, the battlefield will be completely empty. However, you’ll notice that there will be icons representing every hero in your team at the bottom right corner of the screen.

What you have to do is hold the icon of the hero you want to send to the battlefield, and then drag your finger to one of the open positions on the field. You can identify open positions rather easily as they’ll be colored green. Keep in mind that deploying a hero uses some of your cost, so you can’t simply send everyone at once.

Watcher Of Realms hero positioning
Source: Moonton

As soon as you place a hero, you’ll have to swipe toward the side you want the hero to face. Now, every hero has a different range of attack which is represented by the red boxes you can see when deciding which side you want the hero to face. You want to ensure that the most number of enemies walk or stay in that area of attack to ensure you’re able to make the most of that specific hero.

If you aren’t sure where the enemies will walk, don’t worry. Before enemies start spawning, you’ll notice that a red light will create a pathway starting from the enemy’s spawn portal and ending at your crystal. This line represents the route the enemies will be taking to get to your crystal. Use this information to plan the positioning of your heroes.

Utilize Different Abilities

Watcher Of Realms abilities
Source: Moonton

Now, you might notice that every hero you place on the battlefield has two different bars on top of them. The red bar naturally represents the hero’s health, and that hero is defeated if the bar runs out. However, what about the blue bar?

Well, the blue bar is one that slowly increases as the hero associated with it performs any action. When it gets full, you’re able to unleash a special ability. Of course, every hero has a different special ability. While some heroes are able to deal devastating damage to enemies, others buff or heal their nearby allies.

Watcher Of Realms casting abilities
Source: Moonton

Additionally, the way abilities are unleashed differs as well. Some heroes automatically activate their abilities as soon as they’re ready, while you have to manually activate them for others. 

To check what type of ability a hero has, simply tap on that hero while they’re in battle. If the word ‘auto’ is written below the ability, it’ll be activated automatically. However, if it isn’t, then you’ll have to tap the hero to activate it.

Defeat Different Types of Enemies

Watcher Of Realms enemies
Source: Moonton

Just like how there are different types of heroes you can summon, there are also multiple types of enemies you have to face. While most of them are regular mindless undead, every now and then you might come across enemies that make you scratch your head in confusion.

For example, there are some heroes who climb on top of platforms and get to the crystal. Similarly, there are also enemies who hold shields in their hands and tank damage from your heroes for their allies.

Watcher Of Realms defeating enemies
Source: Moonton

However, the enemies you really need to watch out for are boss enemies. You’ll know a boss enemy has spawned when a large red health bar appears on the top of the screen. Bosses are usually pretty tanky and also have some unique abilities, so best be prepared for anything. 

Synergize Different Heroes

Watcher Of Realms hero synergize
Source: Moonton

Remember when we said every hero was different? Well, that goes beyond just looks and abilities. There are different types of heroes, from those who can deal damage from a distance to those who deal melee damage. Similarly, there are also heroes who only heal themselves and their allies.

Synergizing different heroes to ensure you’re able to make the most of them is the way to win matches. For example, it might be a good idea to ensure the tank melee hero is blocking the path of enemies while a healer is on a platform healing the tank. Come up with several different combinations and see which works best for you.

Protect Your Crystal

Watcher Of Realms protect crystal
Source: Moonton

Finally, the most important thing to win a match is to protect your crystal or home base. If you’ve played any other tower defense games in the past then you know how this goes.

Enemies are always headed toward your crystal. If they reach it, then the number on the top of the screen decreases. If the number reaches zero, the match is over and you lose.

Of course, there are certain exceptions. For example, if a boss enemy reaches your crystal then it’s instantly game over. Therefore, we recommend you try to keep every single enemy away from it. It only takes one enemy to break through your defense for the other enemies to follow through.

Build the Ultimate Team of Heroes

Watcher Of Realms hero teams
Source: Moonton

Of course, you’re also able to build your own team as you see fit with different types of heroes. Now, while the rarity of a hero is a good indicator of how strong that hero is, it’s always a good idea to take a look at that hero’s class as well. After all, the class determines what type of hero it is.

Some of the different hero classes are:

  • Fighters: Heroes with this class excel in close combat. They are able to deal some devastating damage to enemies and therefore are usually near the front of the battle formation.
  • Marksmen: Marksmen are the complete opposites of fighters. Instead of being up close and personal, they stay back and deal damage with their weapons.
  • Defenders: As the name suggests, defenders are best in, well, defending. To be more specific, they have enough health to stay at the front of the battle formation and take hits while the long-range heroes deal damage to enemies.
  • Healers: Healers heal. What more do we have to say? They’re what you might call the backbone of any good team as without them it’s impossible to last in long fights or against certain bosses.
  • Mages: Here’s a class you’re probably familiar with since the first hero you summon is a mage. These guys deal devastating magical damage and are usually associated with some sort of element.

Make Your Heroes Stronger

Watcher Of Realms upgrade heroes
Source: Moonton

As it is with any other RPG, it’s crucial that you ensure your heroes are as strong as possible. How can you do this? Well, by leveling and ranking them up, of course. 

Through the course of the game, you’ll be rewarded for multiple positions when completing battles. These battles can be used on heroes to level them up. Naturally, leveling a hero up makes them stronger and therefore better in battle.

Watcher Of Realms upgrading heroes
Source: Moonton

If you want to make a hero you like even stronger, then it’s also possible to promote them. Now, promoting a hero isn’t as easy as leveling one up since it requires you to acquire rare promotion material. However, a promoted hero gets significantly stronger and also unlocks a new skill. Oh, and did we mention they also get a makeover?

Assemble the Strongest Formation

Watcher Of Realms assemble fountain
Source: Moonton

Of course, you can’t take every single hero you own into battle every time. This is where the squad formation feature comes into play. Now, you can have a total of five heroes and one assist unit in one lord squad. However, not all the placements will be available from the start.

Instead, you’ll have to clear campaign missions and progress with the overall story to gradually unlock squad slots.

Naturally, we highly recommend you ensure your squad has heroes of multiple different classes. This will make it so you’ll be able to cover different fields and diversify your attack type. Can’t have five healers in one squad, now can we?

Collect New Heroes

Watcher Of Realms collect heroes
Source: Moonton

Now, you might be wondering how you even unlock new heroes, right? Well, there are actually three main ways you can collect new heroes. The first is, of course, to progress in the main campaign. Every time you’re about to unlock a new hero in a campaign mission you’ll be able to see from the initial reward screen.

Watcher Of Realms collect rewards
Source: Moonton

The second way of unlocking new heroes is by completing specific quests and events. Fortunately, Watcher of Realms very frequently comes out with new events that grant you heroes, so all you have to do is complete the requirements.

Watcher Of Realms summon heroes
Source: Moonton

Finally, the last way of unlocking new heroes is by summoning them. That’s right Honkai Star Rail and Cookie Run fans, this game has a gacha system. As soon as you complete the first chapter of the campaign, you’ll unlock the ability to use summon crystals to summon new heroes.

Save the Realm of Tya

Watcher Of Realms realm of tya
Source: Moonton

Hey, we can’t leave out the most important part of the game, now can we? We are, of course, talking about the campaign. 

We already mentioned before how captivating the plot of this game was, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to not skip any cutscene. The game starts off with you, the commander, getting resurrected after ten years and gathering your watch guard. However, things get much crazier as you progress.

Watcher Of Realm
Source: Moonton

In addition to the fact that you’re able to unlock new features, rewards, and other heroes as you progress, there’s one more thing that might make you want to complete the campaign. Players who unlock the campaign get one free legendary hero. Doesn’t that make you want to rush through the story now?

Well, you can’t because this game also has an energy system to ensure players aren’t able to zoom through the campaign. Don’t worry though, because the more time you take with it the better the campaign is.


This was everything you needed to know about Watcher of Realms. As long as you utilize all of these tips we’ve mentioned, you’ll be able to rise to the top as the hero you’re destined to be. Just don’t forget the poor three-star heroes who helped you get there.

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