Warmth in Winter Guide (Side Quest) – AFK Journey (AFK2)

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Warmth in Winter (Side Quest) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

While wandering the charming byways of Holistone, you meet a troubled purveyor of potions. With winter looming on the horizon, the Western sentries urgently ordered an Anti-Cold potion to fend off the impending chill.

But then there was a setback: His usual delivery boy fell ill with a cold. With the seller managing the shop, he has no one to deliver it except you. With our “Warmth in Winter Guide,” we’ll lead you through the location and rewards of the side quest mentioned.

Step-by-Step Warmth in Winter Guide

STEP 1: Talk to the Store Owner

Talk to the Store Owner NPC located at Holistone (292;160) to start the Side Quest.

Pick the “Warmth in Winter” option to receive the Potion Seller’s favor. He will ask you to deliver the Anti-cold medicine to the Western sentries in his place and offer compensation once you have completed the task.

STEP 2: Deliver the Potion

The Potion Seller trusted you to deliver the potions to the soldiers west of Holistone in the AFK Journey. Head northwest of Holistone (275;168), then talk to the Shivering Guard to provide the potions needed to keep him and the troops warm as winter sets.

STEP 3: Return to the Potion Seller

Warmth in Winter Guide (Side Quest) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Give the Shivering Guard the Anti-cold medicine, and he will thank you for your service and apologize for his poor state. After the delivery, return to the Potion Seller Holistone (292;160). The merchant will thank you for your assistance and give you the promised reward. Receiving the reward concludes the Warmth in Winter sidequest.

How to Unlock Warmth in Winter

Warmth in Winter Guide (Side Quest) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

AFK Journey‘s “Warmth in Winter” side quest becomes available after you reach Holistone City and complete the “Journey” story quest, Part Two. Press on the link below to be redirected to the Journey story quest.

Warmth in Winter Rewards

Warmth in Winter Guide (Side Quest) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Here are all the rewards that you get after completing:

  • 150 Diamonds
  • 20,000 Gold
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