Warcraft Rumble – Westfall – Dreadnaught Heroic Mission Guide

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Warcraft Rumble - Mission Guide

If you are a person who loves playing action-filled games with your friends and other random people then Warcraft Rumble is for you.

Warcraft Rumble features an amazing story mode with missions where players can attack enemies and beat them in battles.

Warcraft Rumble also has a PvP Mode available for players to battle against enemy armies and troops.

This article will focus on Westfall – The Dreadnaught Herioc Mission and other important information about the game.

Warcraft Rumble - Mission Guide
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Warcraft Rumble – Game Modes

Warcraft Rumble features different game modes for all players of the game to enjoy.

They feature a lot of different missions at each different location where players will receive rewards for completing each battle.

The harder battles will give players a better reward for example a new Mini Leader. Players can build an army around their Mini Leader.

Other smaller missions will reward players with gold which can later be used to purchase more Mini’s for the player’s army.

Mission Map - Complete to receive rewards
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Players can also challenge their friends with their Mini army in the amazing PvP mode of the game.

Friends can see who possesses the strongest army for battles. Players will also be able to play against random people around the world.

The PvP mode will also reward players with more experience and they will be able to level up their Mini’s to be stronger in battles.

The PvP mode will only be unlocked later on in the game as the players will first need to complete some missions.

Mini's - Slect the best troops for your army
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Dreadnaught Heroic Mission Guide

The Dreadnaught Heroic Mission is one of the hardest missions that a player can play in Warcraft Rumble.

Players will need to properly prepare their army full of the best Mini’s to use in this mission to be successful and claim all of the rewards.

Heroic Missions are a different type of mission in Warcraft Rumble. The missions are unlocked after obtaining 50 sigils.

These missions will need to be cleared once per faction. Players will need to ensure they have one available leader per faction to complete this mission.

These are difficult battles where players will need to activate an initial push that needs to be defended.

It will always be worth it to complete heroic missions in Warcraft Rumble. The rewards are much better than normal missions.

The Dreadnaught - Hard mission
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Dreadnaught Mission Rewards

Players will receive three tomes of experience for their troops as well as a sigil for completing the mission once.

The heroic missions need to be completed five times with different leaders to receive the reward.

Players will receive 300 coins for completing the missions with each leader that they use.

This can be some player’s best source of income as the rewards are much bigger compared to normal missions.

Leader - Best leader with troops
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The Dreadnaught mission details

The Dreadnaught mission in Westfall is the hardest to complete out of all the missions.

The Dreadnaught will feature raining cannon balls in a clockwise fashion. This can also damage buildings alongside your troops.

Players must destroy these cannonball machines as fast as possible to avoid losing much quicker than normal.

The map features a ship on the side which is the main thing that players will need to destroy to complete this mission.

Map - Missions and quests
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Inc

The Map

The map contains:

  • Three Gold Mines
  • One Meeting Stone
  • One Treasure Chest
  • Two Lanes
  • One Enemy Tower
  • Two Ally Towers
Currency - Gold balance and troops
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Inc

Enemy Mini’s

The Prowler is the main enemy Mini that will be used to destroy your troops in this battle.

The enemy will also use Vultures to attack your troops in the form of an air attack. This can be hard to defend.

The enemy will also use the Ogre Mage to defend their ship in the battle. This Mini shoots fireballs and buffs nearby troops.

The Gnoll Brute is another strong Mini used by the Enemy in battle. This Mini cleaves through troops and squads with ease.

The Harvest Golem has a melee automation feature and will shock itself back to life after its first death.

The Angry Chickens are also part of the enemy’s troops which players can easily defend against because they are not so strong.

PvP Season 2 - Unlock new rewards
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Top Mini to use for Missions

Players must choose the correct army of Mini’s together with the correct Leader to be most effective in battles and missions.

Missions usually consist of one enemy boos to overcome and to move on to the next level. Players need to strategize to use the best army for each attack.

Players must ensure they use both attack and defense troops to have a more balanced attack.

There are air troops as well as land-based troops. Each has its own positives and negatives.

Players will need to look at each troop and analyze what troop they would work the best against.

Tower - Mission to receive gold
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Inc


Warcraft Rumble is one of the most popular games amongst mobile gamers with all of its amazing features.

The game will update frequently with new missions for players to check out and play to receive amazing rewards.

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