Warcraft Rumble Units Tier List – All Troops Ranked!

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Warcraft Rumble

Welcome to the epic world of Warcraft Rumble, crafted by Blizzard Entertainment. This game is like a thrilling blend of tower defense and MOBA genres. Dive into the action right now by downloading it from the Play Store or App Store.

Warcraft Rumble - Intro
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Get ready for some heart-pounding action in Warcraft Rumble’s dynamic arena. Here, warriors from different factions let loose with powerful spells and weapons, locked in a heated battle for supremacy.

To conquer this game, you’ll need quick wits, precise control, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing situations.

Warcraft Rumble - Intro 2
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Amid explosive showdowns, it’s the warriors who can master the delicate dance of strategy and combat finesse that’ll emerge victorious.

Becoming a champion in Warcraft Rumble means you’ll have to combine your strategic genius with skillful gameplay, and the taste of victory will be oh-so-sweet.

Warcraft Rumble - Intro 3
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re itching to dominate the battlefield with your beloved Warcraft creatures, our Warcraft Rumble Troops Unit Tier List has got your back.

These units are the backbone of your army, so understanding how they stack up against each other is key.

Warcraft Rumble - Intro 4
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Our Warcraft Rumble tier list is a snapshot of the current gaming meta, with the crème de la crème in the S-tier and the less powerful units down in the D-tier.

Remember, in-game updates can shake up these rankings with buffs and nerfs, so keep this page bookmarked for the latest standings. Let’s go conquer the world of Warcraft Rumble!

S-Tier: Super-Duper Stars

These units are total game-changers – they’re like the golden ticket of Warcraft Rumble. Grab ’em ASAP for domination!

Warcraft Rumble - S Tier
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment
AllianceBlizzard, Defias Bandits, Gryphon Rider, Huntress, S.A.F.E. Pilot
HordeDarkspear Troll, Stonehoof Tauren, Chain Lightning
BeastQuilboar, Harpies
BlackrockDrake, Whelp Eggs, Pyromancer

A-Tier: Awesome Allies

While not quite S-Tier, these units are still fantastic. They’ll make your gameplay smooth sailing!

Warcraft Rumble - A Tier
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment
HordeBat Rider, Frostwolf Shaman
BeastGnoll Brute, Prowler
BlackrockCore Hounds, Flamewaker, Earth Elemental
UndeadNecromancer, Banshee, Gargoyle, Meat Wagon

B-Tier: Battle Buddies

Solid and reliable, these troops won’t disappoint. They’re the friends you can count on, but you might outgrow them later.

Warcraft Rumble - B Tier
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment
AllianceHoly Nova, Harvest Golem, Footmen
HordeOgre Mage, Warsong Raider, Execute, Warsong Grunts
BeastSpiderlings, Raptors, Murloc Tidehunters, Vultures
BlackrockDark Iron Miner

C-Tier: Could-Be-Better Crew

These units are just okay, and you’d only call them to the battlefield in very specific situations.

Warcraft Rumble - C Tier
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment
AllianceWorgen, Arcane Blast
HordeGoblin Sapper, Firehammer
BlackrockFire Elemental, Smoke Bomb, Living Bomb, Molten Giant
UndeadSkeleton Party, Cheat Death, Ghoul, Plague Farmer

D-Tier: Don’t Even Bother

Avoid these like the plague. Seriously, you’re better off without them.

Warcraft Rumble - D Tier
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment
BeastAngry Chickens
BlackrockDeep Breath

How do we rank Warcraft Rumble units?

So, you might be wondering, how do we come up with our epic Warcraft Rumble tier list? 

Well, we’re not just pulling it out of a magical hat! We craft these rankings by blending our own gaming experiences with the wisdom of the wider gaming community.

Warcraft Rumble - How
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

While there are countless ways to play and mix units, there’s often a collective agreement on which units truly rock in battle.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there – trying to assemble the perfect deck in Warcraft Rumble. The questions of which cards to go for and which strategies to wield can keep you up at night.

Warcraft Rumble - How 2
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Now, here’s the juicy part. Our list takes into account several vital factors:

Performance in PvP and PvE: We consider how these units fare in player versus player and player versus environment scenarios. They’ve got to bring their A-game to both!

Warcraft Rumble - PVP
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Best Talent Equipped: We’ve got our eyes on those units sporting the best talents. If you’re curious about what talents they’re rocking, check out the minis build page.

Warcraft Rumble - Talent
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Level 10 Minis: Since the game is still fresh and most players are cruising around level 10, our tier list reflects this sweet spot.

Warcraft Rumble - Level 10
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Flexibility: We’re all about versatility. We check how well these characters can adapt to different team setups.

Warcraft Rumble - Flexibility
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Survivability: Are they built to last? We scrutinize both their survival stats and abilities.

Warcraft Rumble - Survivability
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Mobility: Speedy Gonzales or sluggish snail? We look at how fast these minis can move and if they can be deployed anywhere. Minis with the “unbound” trait often score higher.

Warcraft Rumble - Mobility
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Supporting Allies: Can they have their squad’s back? We take into account their supportive roles.

Warcraft Rumble - Supporting
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Damage Output: Are they the big hitters, either focused on single targets or masters of area-of-effect damage? We compare them separately.

Warcraft Rumble - Damage
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

This tier list is your treasure trove of precise and insightful knowledge about the game. Rest assured, our latest Warcraft Rumble Tier List is the real deal, packed with the freshest intel on unit updates.

So, keep coming back to stay in the loop about the ever-evolving world of Warcraft Rumble!


And there you have it, our roundup of the finest leaders and minis across the tiers. Get ready to supercharge your PvP game in Warcraft Rumble with these killer combinations!

In the sprawling battleground of Warcraft Rumble, our tier list shines as your guiding star. It’s your trusty companion, crafted through meticulous scrutiny and countless hours of gameplay.

Warcraft Rumble - Conclusion
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

These tiers are like your navigational compass, pointing you toward the perfect choices that sync with your gaming style and objectives.

Whether you’re aiming to crush opponents with powerhouse units, maintain a harmonious balance, or venture into uncharted strategies, this tier list empowers you to craft your unique path to glory.

Sure, there are countless ways to play and unite units, but there’s usually a consensus on who the top dogs of the battlefield are.

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