Warcraft Rumble Shop: What Is The Best Buy?

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Warcraft Rumble - Blizzard Entertainment
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2023)

Warcraft Rumble is an action-packed strategy game where players can collect exciting Leaders and Minis to use in battles.

The point of the game is to strengthen your army as much as possible and to upgrade your Minis to ensure every battle is won and to progress further.

Warcraft Rumble features an exciting single-player campaign mode where players can unlock new territory on the Map.

Warcraft Rumble also features a PvP mode where players can battle against their friends or other players playing the game.

Warcraft Rumble - Shop purchases Introduction
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc

The Warcraft Rumble Shop

The Warcraft Rumble shop features some exciting items that can help players improve their battle skills.

The shop features The G.R.I.D., Special pack offers, daily offers, coin refills, and arc energy refills.

Warcraft Rumble - Battles and Shop
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc

The G.R.I.D.

The G.R.I.D. is a mini-store in the main shop where players will be able to build and expand their Mini collection to be stronger in battles.

Players can accumulate new Minis and upgrade their rarity builds. This will build your Collection Level.

With the improved Collection level players will receive improved future XP-gains from all sources in the game.

When players buy new Minis, it will change their shop options by shuffling items in the same row and column.

Players will receive Modest, Major, and Mega XP Boosts for purchasing anything from the same row or column.

All of these purchases are done with coins that can be collected in-game or purchased in the shop.

Warcraft Rumble - The GRID section
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc

Special packs

The shop features amazing special packs that will give players three different Minis at the same time.

Each Pack will only be available in the Shop for a few hours so players will need to continuously check the store for new packs.

For Example, the current pack available in the shop is the BLACKROCK P.A.C.K. which has a Mythic Value.

This pack features three common Minis and can be purchased with real currency and the prize will vary depending on your country.

The BLACKROCK P.A.C.K. features the Whelp Eggs Mini, Molten Giant Mini, and Firehammer Mini. Each of these Minis is level five.

Players will be able to click on each Mini to see their abilities and stats. Players will then be able to decide if the Mini will fit their army.

Warcraft Rumble Shop - Special Packs
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc

Daily offers

The shop also offers daily offers for all players. Each day players will receive a free daily offer which will change every day. This offer is usually coin or XP.

Other daily offers will cost coins. These can be chests filled with Mini Upgrading Cores which players will be able to use on multiple Minis.

The daily offers can also be XP boosts that will grant XP to a single Mini. XP boosts will be immediately consumed upon purchase.

Some days Arc Energy and Cores will be available to purchase. These will be used to upgrade your Minis.

Tomes can also be available for players with daily offers. Tomes will provide XP to multiple Minis in the form of pages.

These pages will offer a choice between two Minis of the player’s collection. The player can then choose which Mini they will give additional XP to.

Warcraft Rumble - Daily Offers
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc


The shop also offers Refills for players who are looking to get a head start in the game or just purchase more Minis for their Army.

Players will be able to use their real money currency to purchase more coins to use in the game.

There are different coin purchase offers available and players can choose how many coins they would like to purchase.

The offers are 90 coins, 500 coins, 1200 coins, 3000 coins, 6000 coins, and 12000 coins. The more coins you purchase the more expensive it will be.

Warcraft Rumble Shop - Refills purchases
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc

What is the best buy in the shop?

It would be recommended for players to visit the store on a daily basis to make the most of the shop offerings in Warcraft Rumble.

The goal of the game is to grow your army and upgrade your Minis to ensure victory in every single battle whether in single-player mode or PvP mode.

The best buy a player can make is additional Minis for their army via The G.R.I.D. The bigger your army, the more choices the player will have in battle.

If the player has a lot of options in their army to choose from, they will be able to test out certain combinations to see which works best for them.

Troops and Minis to use in battle
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc

The players can then choose if they would follow a ground attack strategy or an air attack strategy. Players can also use a mix of both.

Additionally, a good purchase if you have funds to spend is to buy as many coins as possible.

These coins will help you increase your army at a faster rate than receiving coins for battles.

Using these coins, players will be able to buy as many Minis as possible for their army.

If players have some extra funds to use on the game they can also purchase the packs specials to receive upgraded Minis.

Warcraft Rumble - Victory - Expand your army
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc


The shop option in Warcraft Rumble can be the key to a great start in the game. Players will have an advantage in single-player mode as well as PvP.

The best-buy option will depend on your battle strategy. Having more Minis and a big army will always be beneficial.

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