Warcraft Rumble: PVP Explained

Jean-Roux Denysschen
Warcraft Rumble - PvP Mode Explained

Warcraft Rumble is an action-packed mobile game where players use their Minis to conquer any enemy that is in their way.

Build exciting armies by unlocking additional Minis. Minis can be upgraded to improve all the battle stats that are used in battles.

Each Army has a Leader Mini which will lead your troops into battle. The Leader is the strongest member of the Army.

Warcraft Rumble has an exciting story mode with battles and also features a PvP mode. This article will focus on the PvP mode of the game.

Warcraft Rumble - Quests and PvP Mode Introduction
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

Unlocking PvP Battles

Warcraft Rumble is a game that is built on progress and players will continuously unlock new levels, modes, and Minis.

In Warcraft Rumble, the main objective is to defeat enemy armies by beating them in battle. The player’s Mini’s will need to be much stronger than the opponent to be able to win.

PvP Battles - How to unlock them
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

When new players first open Warcraft Rumble they will be required to fight battles on the map. The more battles are won the more new battles are unlocked.

Each time a battle is unlocked players will unlock better rewards in the form of coins or other game modes.

Players will need to complete quite a few battles with their chosen army before they will be able to unlock PvP Battles.

PvP Battles - Defending your own Tower
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

What are PvP Battles in Warcraft Rumble?

PvP are battles just like the campaign battles but are against real people. Players from all around the world will be able to play against each other.

Players can simply choose the army that they are going to use and click on PvP to load up a battle in an arena against a random person.

Players will get to test different armies and strategies by swapping in other Minis to use in battle.

Player vs Player - PvP Introduction
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

Players will be able to decide which tactics they can use to destroy other PvP players by using air and ground attacks.

PvP Battles can be a more fun experience for some players as they are playing against real people.

Later in the game if the player unlocks more levels on the map they will be able to battle against their friends to see who has the more powerful army.

Players can also communicate with one another via the guilds. Players can share their PvP strategies with one another.

Best PvP Minis to use

Players will start off Warcraft Rumble by choosing a certain leader to use to lead their Mini army into battle.

One of the best Mini-leaders to choose from is Rend Blackhand. This Leader will give players air and ground attack options which is vital in battles.

Leader Mini - Rend Blackhand
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

There are also other amazing Leaders that players can choose from and the progression in the game will lead to unlocking more.

The recommended method of attacking in PvP Battles is to use both air and ground attacks to be able to defend against every enemy attack as well.

The goal of PvP battles is to destroy the enemy’s tower on the other side of the battle arena.

Players will also be able to take towers that are in the middle of the arena and will then be able to place Minis closer to the enemy’s tower.

PvP Battles - Selecting army
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

This can lead to quicker victory in PvP battles. It is also recommended to collect chests for gold before the enemy gets it.

Players will be able to get their best Mini by using gold to deploy them in PvP battles. The strongest Minis are the most expensive.

Players can mix Minis from different clans to use as part of their attacking army in PvP battles.

Tips for PvP Battles

  • Always mine as much gold to be able to continuously deploy the best Mini’s in your army.
  • Make sure to focus on defending your tower as much as focusing on destroying the enemy tower.
  • Test out different combinations to ensure the best army of Mini’s wins every PvP battle.
  • Learn which Mini’s defends well against other popular Mini’s that the opponent might be using for the best results.
  • Always check the timer to ensure your army will have enough time to defeat other players.
PvP Battles - Collecting Gold
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

PvP seasons

The Warcraft Rumble PvP mode operates in Seasons. The Maps, Towers, and Modifiers used in PvP battles will change every season.

This will allow players all around to be excited to test out their newly learned battle skills on a new map.

Each new map will have its own challenges that players will need to overcome by practicing with different armies.

The PvP map will change every two weeks and each season will last around six weeks.

The main currency used in PvP battles is Honor which players will get for winning battles in PvP mode.

It is currently PvP season one with the current map being Alterac Valley. The current towers are Dragon Towers and the current modifier is Fortifications.

PvP Battles - Season 1 with different maps
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.


Warcraft Rumble is one of the most popular mobile games out there and is available on all devices.

Playing against other people online is exhilarating and helps players test out their new skills on other game modes as well.

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