Warcraft Rumble: Dire Maul Dungeon Guide

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Warcraft Rumble
Image: Blizzard Entertainment
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2023)

If you have been playing Warcraft Rumble for a while now, you must already know the most loved Dungeon is the Dire Maul. Why, you might ask? Well, it is because they are long-winded with easy mechanics and fail-proof strategies.  In short, this dungeon is the perfect ego booster for all seasoned players! 

If this is your first time entering Dire Maul Dungeon in Warcraft Rumble, then don’t panic because we have got your back.

In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about the Dungeon. From the leaders to choose to the moves to pull, we have it all covered! 

Warcraft Rumble
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Why Complete Dungeons in Warcraft Rumble?

Now before we move forward, let’s answer the all-too-common question: Why enter the dungeon in Warcraft Rumble in the first place? Think of these dungeons as your treasure mines and the treasure is the Arclight Energy. 

Arclight Energy is crucial for upgrading your characters (which, in a game like Warcraft Rumble, you need to do every once in a while).

Additionally, completing dungeons also allows you to better organize your in-game leader’s strategy, meaning it lets you put together something that can gain you as many benefits as possible, right? But here is the trap.

When you first start off, in Warcraft Rumble, gaining Arclight energy is no hard task. You can collect some every here and there, but as the level increases, so does the difficulty! Thus, make sure you are using the initial energy to build the best team possible.

What The Dire Maul Is Like On The Inside? 

Dire Maul is one of the classic dungeons in World of Warcraft (WoW), and it makes up just a section of the wide continent, of Kalimdor.

It is a widespread dungeon divided into three different wings in Warcraft Rumble. Each wing comes along with a different challenge and experience and its own set of Bosses, loot, and quests. Here is a rundown of the three wings:

The East Wing

Warcraft Rumble
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Let’s start with the East Wing of Dire Maul. This wing is often considered the easiest of the three, making it a good entry point for adventurers. Here is what you need to know about the East Wing:

  • Bosses: The East Wing comes with a variety of bosses, including Zevrim Thornhoof and Hydrospawn. Each boss brings along its own mechanics to be dealt with. Therefore, it is recommended that you coordinate with your teammates on how to manage the boss effectively. 
  • Loot: You can find various pieces of gear and items in the East Wing that are particularly useful for certain classes and roles. Keep an eye out for upgrades and unique items.
  • Quests: The exciting part about this wing is that completing quests not only earns you a load of rewards but can also do wonders for your reputation. These quests can range anywhere from defeating the opponent’s bosses to collecting items within the dungeon. 

The West Wing

Warcraft Rumble

Moving on to the West Wing, which is a bit more challenging than the East Wing. Here are the basics of what you should know:

  • Bosses: The West Wing bosses are usually tougher than the East Wing, such as Immol’thar and Prince Tortheldrin. Therefore, these fights may require more effective coordination and strategy from your team.
  • Loot: When it comes to loot opportunities, the West Wing has a lot to offer its players. Keep checking the loot tables frequently to see something valuable for your character.
  • Quests: Like in the other wings, completing quests in the West Wing is a rewarding process. These quests may be about defeating challenging bosses or solving hidden secrets. 

The North Wing

Warcraft Rumble
Image: Excoundrel

Lastly, we have the North Wing, known as the most challenging of all the wings. If you are someone looking for a real challenge, then the north wing is surely your best bet! 

Here is the essential information on the north wing:

  • Bosses: The North Wing opponents are to be feared, including King Gordok and Cho’Rush the Observer. Thus, battles in this wing can be really intense, demanding that you to give in all you have i.e. the best strategy you can come up with. 
Warcraft Rumble
Image: Excoundrel
  • Loot: As the difficulty is higher in this wing, so are the loot opportunities. Before stepping inside the north wing, brace yourself to be met with tough competition yet extraordinary rewards! 
  • Quests: North Wing follows the same rule for both its quests and loots: the greater the difficulty, the better the reward. Be ready for epic battles and challenging tasks!
Warcraft Rumble
Image: Excoundrel

Warcraft Rumble – Tips for Success

Warcraft Rumble
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Now that we have gone through the basics, here are some general tips to help you succeed in Dire Maul:

  • Group Composition: We have said it before and we will say it again: Your team is your biggest asset in Dungeon Dire Maul. Focus on putting together a team that includes different roles like tanks, healers, and damage dealers. Remember, coordination is key in challenging dungeons.
  • Communication: Keep in touch with your group. Discuss strategies, mark targets, and share information since a well-composed group is most likely to win.
  • Speed: Take your time and do not rush into anything. Explore the dungeon, complete quests, and, most importantly, enjoy every bit of it!
  • Preparation: Preparation is the key; thus, make sure to bring along appropriate consumables, like potions, food, and bandages. These can make a huge difference in your group’s performance.
  • Know the Lore: Warcraft Rumble is all about Lore, so take the time to learn about the background and story of Dire Maul. It will enhance your overall experience in the game.

Bottom Line 

And that was our guide in the Dire Maul for Warcraft Rumble! Remember, this dungeon is filled with loot and rewarding quests. Regardless of the wing you are in, there is always some hidden prize. Keep up good coordination with your team, and you are good to go. Happy Gaming. 

You can download Warcraft Rumble on the Google Play Store.

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