Warcraft Rumble: Codes & How To Redeem Them

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Blizzard Entertainment has recently launched a new mobile game called Warcraft Rumble, which takes place in the iconic Warcraft universe. In this game, warriors hailing from various factions find themselves embroiled in a fierce battle for supremacy.

With a combat system reminiscent of Clash Royale, this free-to-play strategy game places a strong emphasis on PvE gameplay.

Warcraft Rumble first
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This intense game is available for download on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of codes and offer a concise guide on redeeming and using them.

Warcraft Rumble – Codes

Warfcraft Rumble Codes
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As of the time of writing, Warcraft Rumble does not have any redeemable codes, and there is no official information from the developers regarding their potential release. However, don’t worry – if in-game codes do become available, we’ll be sure to update our list, so be sure to check back often!

Where to Find Redeemable Codes?

Warcraft Rumble Media
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Getting into the fray with their community ensures you’re on the front lines of their latest updates and impending battles. So, check out their social media here:

The heart of their bustling community resides in Warcraft Rumble Discord, where players gather to trade battle strategies for every campaign, dungeon, and intense PvP encounter.

It’s also the place to seek out active Guilds ready to welcome new members.

In case you encounter any bugs or issues, there’s a dedicated feedback corner where you can submit a report so they can help address and resolve the problem.

How to Use the Codes?

Warcraft Rumble how-to
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As of the current state of Warcraft Rumble, it regrettably does not feature a redemption code system, and the developers have yet to hint at any plans to implement one in the near future.

However, there is space for suggestions and enhancements. Within their Discord community, they’ve created a channel for everyone to contribute their ideas on enhancing the game.

Numerous players have proposed the introduction of redeemable codes as an enticing reward for attracting new players. We will have to wait as the game evolves.

Once the redemption code is available, we will update this article!

What Codes Do in Warcraft Rumble?

Warcraft Rumble claim
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Considering their current daily reward system, the potential introduction of codes in Warcraft Rumble could offer in-game Minis, Arc Energy, Cores, XP Boosts, and Tomes as valuable incentives.

  • Minis – Minis have five different Rarities – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Duplicate Minis are converted to Star Points, which can be used with Arc Energy (AE) and Cores to upgrade Rarity. All Minis in Warcraft Rumble require 64 Star Points to achieve their maximum Rarity.
  • Arc Energy & Cores – These are additional currencies required to upgrade a Mini’s Rarity in Warcraft Rumble. You can check the current amount of Arc Energy and Upgrade Cores owned by tapping to expand the Coin amount icon on the top right portion of your screen.
Warcraft Rumble coin
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment
  • XP Boosts – XP Boosts provide experience points to an individual Mini. The amount of XP granted is determined by your Collection Level and the specific type of XP Boost (Modest, Major, or Mega XP Boost).
  • In Warcraft Rumble, XP Boosts are instantly used when acquired, and the experience points are applied to the Mini for which they were purchased.
Warcraft Rumble tomes
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Tomes – Tomes offers experience points to several Minis in Warcraft Rumble by presenting pages, allowing players to choose between two Minis from their collection.
  • By selecting one Mini from each pair, the player instantly receives the XP displayed. Major, Mega, and Mythic Tomes provide 3, 5, and 11 Pages, respectively.


Enthusiastic Warcraft fans are captivated by this game, which combines straightforward combat mechanics with a demand for strategic thinking and a collection of Minis to conquer each level. To ease your journey, the game equips you with a starter lineup.

Should codes and a redemption system become accessible, and you stumble upon this article before it’s refreshed, please feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll swiftly revise the list for your convenience!

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