Warcraft Rumble – Best Starting Leader 

Jean-Roux Denysschen
Warcraft Rumble - Best Starting Leader
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2023)

Warcraft Rumble is a mobile game full of action and strategy. Players can collect Warcraft Minis to take into amazing melee battles.

Warcraft Rumble features an exciting single-player campaign mode and an epic PvP mode where players can battle against their friends and others.

Use your Minis in battle to defeat bosses and other characters in the Warcraft universe.

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. developed Warcraft Rumble which is available to download on the IOS App Store and the Android Play Store.

Warcraft Rumble - Introduction Image
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

First Leader

At the start of Warcraft Rumble, players are required to sign in or create a new Blizzard account. This can be done with Apple, Google, and other sign-in methods.

Players will then go into their first tutorial battle and discover how the game works by placing their troops on the battlefield to destroy the enemies.

After the player has completed a few battles, they will have the opportunity to choose their first leader to use in the game.

Warcraft Rumble - Choose your first LEader
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Leaders are powerful Minis and all of them have their own unique abilities.

Leaders increase the strength of your armies and will help the player win more battles against their enemies.

The player will have a choice to choose between three starting Leaders to join their army.

They will have the option between Tirion Fordring, Grommash Hellscream, and Rend Blackhand.

Each leader has a leader ability, special traits, and stats for battle.

Tirion Fordring

This Leader’s leader ability is Holy Light. This will heal all of the nearby friendly units in battle.

Tirion Fordring’s Traits are strong melee, strong One-Target abilities, a Tank with high health, Armored with 50% Physical damage reduction, and a healer who heals friendlies.

The stats:

  • Damage is 120
  • DPS is 67
  • Healing is 160
  • Health is 700
  • Attack Speed is 1.8
  • Speed is Medium
Tutorial battle - Warcraft Rumble
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Grommash Hellscream

The leader ability for this Mini is For The Horde! which will give all nearby friendly units Bloodlust.

Grommash Hellscream’s traits are strong melee vs ranged units, strong One-Target, Tank with high health, and Bloodlust which will give units 33% more movement and attack speed.

The stats:

  • Damage is 220
  • DPS is 169
  • Speed is Medium
  • Health is 1240
  • Attack Speed is 1.3
Choose your starting Leader to take into battle
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Rend Blackhand

The leader ability is Blacken the Skies and this will allow your other flying troops to cost one less Gold while Rend is in battle.

The Traits of this Mini are Flying which is strong against melee attacks, AoE which is strong against Squads, Dismounts the vehicle after it is destroyed, and Elemental which is strong against Armored.

The Stats:

  • Rend Dmg is 140
  • Rend DPS is 82
  • Rend Health is 1200
  • Gyth Range is 4
  • Gyth Dmg is 320
  • Gyth DPS is 133
  • Gyth Health is 340
  • Rend Range is Melee

Players can choose the Leader they like the most to start their Warcraft Rumble journey. Other Leaders can be unlocked later in the game.

Rend Blackhand - Air Domination
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Warcraft Rumble – Which Leader to choose

Rend Blackhand would be the recommended choice to start your Warcraft Rumble campaign and to win more battles consistently.

Rend Blackhand dominates opponents in the sky and can be seen as the top choice leader to choose.

Rend Blackhand is an expensive unit to use in battle but will always be worth it. The unit costs six gold to use in battle and it can take a while to reach sic gold on the meter.

Rend Blackhand will use his dragon to shoot down AOE fire to burn and destroy multiple enemy units at once.

Rend Blackhand - Recommended Leader
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Army and Troops

The army section of Warcraft Rumble features your leader, your troops, troops discovered, tower skins, kobold miner skins, and equipped emotes.

Players will be able to have their Leader alongside six other minis when they enter the battle.

Players will need to choose their best six units to use and these units can also be upgraded using arc energy and star points.

Players can earn more arc energy by defeating Dungeon Bosses. Players can also earn more star points by collecting more copies of their preferred mini.

The upgrades of troops and leaders can be done in the army section and players can simply select which unit they would like to upgrade if they have enough resources.

Warcraft Rumble - Troops Upgrades and Selection
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Warcraft Rumble – The Map

The map features all of the quests that players will need to complete to defeat enemy bosses and progress further in Warcraft Rumble.

Each area that is unlocked will feature five battles for players to complete. If the battle is completed they will receive rewards and more minis to use in battle.

When the player has completed all five battles in an area, they will move on to the next area to fight in battles.

Each battle only gets harder and players need to ensure they upgrade their Leaders and units to ensure victory in each battle.

Players will need to do their research before picking their starting hero and we would recommend using Rend Blackhand to start your fighting journey.

Warcraft Rumble - Map - Battles
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.


Warcraft Rumble is one of the most exciting and anticipated games out there on mobile.

From battles to troops to unlocking new leaders this game will keep your blood pumping.

Choose your starting leader wisely and we recommend choosing Rend Blackhand for total domination in the air.

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