War Regions – Tactical Game: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Murillo Zerbinatto
War Regions - Tactical Games
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The publisher SayGames, responsible for several mobile games such as My Perfect Hotel and Race Master 3D, introduces its latest war game called War Regions – Tactical Game.

In this battlefield domination strategy game, quick thinking, dexterous swiping, and agile analysis will lead players to victory.

War Regions seems simple at first glance, but as the player progresses through the levels, the board’s grid expands, as does the management of your troops and which bases you must dominate or protect.

Therefore, we created this War Regions – Tactical Game: Guide, Tips & Tricks to help you conquer your enemies with total dominance.

Gameplay Loop

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The gameplay of War Regions is super simple but increasingly challenging. Your base is temporarily constructing new reinforcements.

Then, with a simple swipe, you can allocate the troops to another base, either an ally to bolster its defenses or offensively to an enemy base.

Once you capture an enemy base, your troops start to be produced there. However, the same happens if the enemy captures one of your bases, so stay alert.

Each base has a maximum troop capacity at any given time, so always be attentive and swipe around because if you exceed this limit, you will lose troops every second.

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When two troops meet on the way, they will battle each other, reducing the number of units until only one survives and continues the previously determined path.

As a rule of thumb, the troop with a greater number of units and higher rarity generally wins.

You must capture every base on the map in War Regions to win the level. Even if you destroy every antagonistic army and only neutral gray bases are left, you still need to capture them, or you won’t grab the victory. It’s odd, but it’s a must.

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After winning a level, you acquire coins or crystals, which can be doubled by watching an ad – we always recommend doing this; the 30 seconds will be worth it in the long run, mainly if you don’t want to open your purse.

Troop Types in War Regions

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Our team consists of four troop types, each with unique characteristics.

  • Tanks are the most basic troops and can move across the land normally. Their most significant issue is how they absorb every trap head-on.
  • Helicopters can move over water, making them essential for attacking land portions detached from your main territory. They can also avoid traps and mines.
  • Hovercrafts can navigate through land and the sea, a mix between helicopter and tank.
  • Buffers are trucks with the potential to disable enemy structures, being necessary at the front to avoid missile assault on our other squads.
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For example, when sending a troop to a helipad, all tanks instantly transform into helicopters. If both bases are allies, the units change their type without cost.

If it is a neutral or enemy base, it reduces the value of your troop according to the value allocated in the base being attacked and then changes the troop’s type.

Upgrade the Troops

War Regions - upgrade
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Similar to Clash Royale or other games of the genre, in War Regions we earn cards for our troops. Upon reaching a certain threshold with the cards, we can upgrade the level of our troops by spending coins.

Image: SayGames

The higher the level, the more influential the troop, but the higher the cost of coins and the number of required cards.

However, it is essential to upgrade your troops evenly because we often need to decide which troops will be available on a map, so having an evenly powerful army is the most suitable.

War Regions - Tactical powerful troops
Image: SayGames

Since we can only take one tank, helicopter, buffer, and hovercraft into battle, we select a specific card among these to compose the team. Initially, all cards are of common rarity, but we acquire new rarities as we play.

The order of rarities of the cards is common -> uncommon -> rare -> epic -> legendary.

The higher the rarity, the higher the attributes. Epic and legendary cards gain a new skill depending on the card and are the best rarities to have.

Image: SayGames

Among the skills we have at present:

  • Dodge: 2% +1 chance to dodge an enemy shot.
  • Burning Strike: 10% +1 chance to burn the target for 1 second.
  • Freezing Strike: 10% +2 chance to freeze the target for 3 seconds.
  • Explosive Strike: 3% +1 chance to deal an explosive shot.
  • Double Strike: 2% +1 chance to deal an additional shot to the target.
  • Critical Strike: 2% +1 chance to deal double damage.
  • Last Strike: Detonates upon death, dealing 1 +1 damage to enemies.
  • Protection Shield: Protects from 1 enemy attack(s).
War Regions - buffs
Image: SayGames

The +1 chance is relative to the number of units available in that troop, so the more units, the better the effect of the skills.

We know it seems obvious, but we won’t always choose a card just because it is rarer than the others. A common rarity card can often be at a much higher level than the higher rarity card, making its attributes more potent.

It all depends on your luck and the cards drawn from chests in War Regions. So, plan accordingly and ensure that your team always delivers the highest efficiency on the entire battleground.

Study the Battleground Map

War Regions - strategy
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Some levels feature variations in the map, such as traps or turrets. You can suggest a path for your troops away from these structures, but often, there is no way to avoid them.

Therefore, knowing what each one does is essential both for attacking and for planning your defense.

  • Frost Traps make all ground troops passing over the grid slower. Sometimes, you can’t avoid them, so the best way to deal with them is head-on. But, if possible, opt for helicopters.
  • Fire Traps cause continuous damage to ground troops, gradually increasing the longer they stay on them. Helicopters are always the best choice, but if you need to pass them with a tank, sending troops with 10 or more units is ideal since low units will be eliminated instantly.
  • Mines cause 25 damage to any ground troop that passes over them, regardless of which army is dominating the area. Don’t think it is an ally just because the mine is on a blue grid. Mines swear allegiance to no one.
War Regions - mines
Image: SayGames

Some maps in War Regions will require the sacrifice of noble soldiers in these mines to reach an objective.

Since the damage is fixed at 25 units, sending only 5 units to clear the path first and sending the more robust units to get another base is ideal.

  • Turrets attack enemies that enter their fire radius, causing damage according to the number of troops allocated. They are a mighty defensive troop to protect all allied areas.
War Regions turrets
Image: SayGames

However, pay attention to an important detail: turrets do not produce additional units, unlike bases. If you leave it without units, not only will it cause no damage, it will never deliver new troops, leaving it completely vulnerable.

There are different types of turrets, such as the basic cannon, which only hits one troop with the numerical value of its structure.

The grenade turret hits an area of effect around the first troop hit, and a Gatling gun turret continuously shoots at enemies, causing reduced damage.

Before starting the level, see what troop base types are in it. In War Regions, a good offense is indeed the best defense.

Gray bases are useless until captured because then they start producing units for the holding army, so prioritize them as soon as possible.

War Regions - gray bases
Image: SayGames

Depending on the map layout, generally focus on the helicopter or hovercraft base. This is because, many times, you impair all the opponent’s offensive by removing the troops with the greatest possible mobility.

On a specific predominantly aerial map, attacking all the opponent’s helicopter bases guaranteed us a sure victory, seeing that they could no longer move around the map, and the number of allied squadrons was exponentially overwhelming the enemy’s.

As Sun Tzu said, “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” In the War Regions case, we need to fight in the battle. But we can apply this tip to studying the field before we start our swiping in War Regions.

Mid-battle Special Strikes

War Regions - special strikes
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By acquiring coins, you can use them during battles to summon mighty airstrikes that can turn the entire battlefield dynamic, destroying the enemy army and clearing the path for your assault.

However, the air strike should be used strategically to hit most units and not just a few isolated ones, since it’s quite expensive.

Fighting Multiple Enemies

Some battlegrounds have more than one enemy, each with its specific coloration. Although initially daunting, you can use their conflict to your advantage.

multiple enemies
Image: SayGames

For example, if the red enemy sends its troops to attack a green base, their offensive troops will reduce the number of defensive troops according to their differences.

With this, you can take advantage of this subtraction to send your own troops immediately afterward, capturing the base for yourself and starting the production of your units.

Often, the opponents will fight each other, destroying themselves in the process while you accumulate more troops.

There is no need to be hasty: just observe, capture vulnerable bases, and gather more units. Then, when you are enormous, wreak havoc on what remains of your enemies.

capture bases
Image: SayGames

It’s all a matter of observation and timing in War Regions because the opposite can also happen to you. If an enemy attacks you and another appears shortly after, creating a robust defense is challenging, and you will likely lose that base.

As we mentioned, War Regions is a game of strategy that values quick thinking. However, distinguish acting quickly from acting desperately.

Once you swipe and send a unit to a base, it does not go back, and this can leave you defenseless.

Boss Fights in War Regions

boss fights
Image: SayGames

Some levels feature a different gameplay dynamic, introducing a huge boss constantly attacking your bases with massive numerical power.

Each boss is quite varied, so they have no specific strategy. However, the same basic concept of other maps in War Regions applies: analyze the map, identify your squads, conserve your troops, and swipe at the right time.

If you lose in War Regions, it’s okay. There is no problem in failing; just try again. The problem is giving up.

Dealing with Defeat

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If you fail a mission, worry not; you can try it again for free. As there are numerous ways to tackle the same battleground, you can adjust your strategies, change the points you will invade, better observe the movement of your opponents, and improve your timings.

Unfortunately, War Regions does not allow you to repeat old stages to grind coins and evolve your units. You become totally dependent on the free rare chests and their respawn time, which we will discuss shortly.

It’s the most tedious part of the game because it leaves you helpless as you wait for time to pass unless, of course, you invest real money.

Open Daily Chests

daily chests
Image: SayGames

Every day, you can open an average of 6 rare chests in War Regions. The first one just requires you to tap on it, and that’s it, while the subsequent ones ask you to watch a 30-second ad. Then, the chests are refreshed after four hours.

The premium currency is crystals, which are exchanged for either coins or more chests. You either pay real money to acquire or get them after specific levels.

When you earn them, we strongly recommend watching an ad to double the number of crystals, seeing that they are scarce.

watch ads
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War Regions – Tactical Game is a lot of fun. It has a simple gameplay that is easy to learn but difficult to master. With each new level, you will find yourself getting into more complicated war predicaments.

Although the drop of coins and crystals is relatively scarce, and the game requires you to watch an ad between stages, it relies heavily on your tactical ability rather than the system of collecting cards and evolving your troops.

At the end of the day, it is your strategic knowledge as a general that will lead you to victory.

Are you already playing War Regions – Tactical Game? If so, tell us what your rarest unit is. We are still on the hunt for a legendary helicopter.

Before you leave, check out these games: War Thunder Mobile and War Heroes.

  1. When fighting the bosses, put as many of your troops into cannons as possible. The higher the number in the cannons, the higher the hit damage on the bosses. And watch the bases that get taken over by the enemy in the process. Its quite the balancing act.

    1. As far as I can tell, they are useless. I leave them until last because if you put troops in them, you can’t pull them back out.

    2. When your troops move through the area of effect of a radio tower the number of troops will increase. the more troops in a radio tower the larger it’s area of effect.

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