Walls and Balls Review

Walls and Balls
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

ZPLAY’s Walls and Balls is a clever mix of Arkanoid and golf. Your goal is to put the red ping-pong ball into the hole by drawing walls in such a way that the ball bounces off them and falls into it. The game is a pure physics-based puzzler, so when the ball bounces off a wall or an obstacle, it behaves exactly like a real ping-pong ball.

While drawing a wall, you will have to make sure that it does not move out of the game board. You will have to trap the ball inside your hand-drawn walls to keep it bouncing off them before going into the hole. The angle of the lines drawn on the game board changes the ball’s direction, so make sure you draw lines correctly so that it takes a few “walls” to make it fall into the hole.

Walls and Balls

The game has two difficulty modes: Easy and Normal. Try the easy mode first before attempting “Normal” levels. The first few levels will be easy to complete, but putting the ball into the hole becomes pretty challenging from level 26.

The ball will arrive from any direction, plus there will be several obstacles that will make it difficult for you to complete a level. Shurikens will push the ball to a different direction when it hits them. Springs will make it travel fast. A few power-ups like the star and the lightening symbol will help you move the ball towards the hole.

If the ball hits the star symbol, the hole will become bigger for a few seconds. The lightening symbol will make movement slower. Besides drawing walls to trap the ball, you will also have to pay attention to obstacles and power-ups and make the most of all three elements to achieve your objective.

Walls and Balls has lovely hand-drawn graphics. It’s a minimalist puzzler that encourages user interactivity by allowing players to draw lines to change the ball’s direction. Objects behave exactly like their real-life counterparts, making the game more challenging. You should play this game if you love physics-based puzzle games and are a big fan of Arkanoid.