Vineyard Valley Guide: 7 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
Vineyard Valley Kitchen

Jam City’s Vineyard Valley is a color matching puzzle game that also lets you design and renovate a once-magnificent vineyard and resort. 

Tangled Vines is in shambles and it’s down to you, aunt Margaret and her daughter to fix things up. You will have to renovate the kitchen, the huge resort and vineyard and prepare delicious dishes for customers. But for every task, you will need stars, which you can earn by completing block-matching puzzles. Stars will be used to replace old objects with new objects, and complete other tasks such as preparing and tasting delectable dishes.  

Vineyard Valley Kitchen

Restore Tangled Vines to its former glory but it won’t be easy as there will be hurdles in your way. With our beginner-level guide, tips and tricks you will learn how to create powerful power-ups, combos, make the most of boosters and tools, earn bonus coins and lives and join a club.  

1. Power-Ups and How to Use Them 

In Vineyard Valley, tiles need to be grouped together to create special pieces, which then can be used to clear several tiles at once. When five or more tiles of the same color are placed next to each other, their symbols change to a power-up. See the below screenshot to know more about these power-up symbols.

Power-Up Symbols

Here’s how to create power-ups:  

 – Bottle Rocket: When 5 tiles of the same color are grouped together, their symbols change to bottles. Tap any one of the five tiles to create a “Bottle Rocket”. Now tap the rocket to clear a row or column of tiles. Check the direction of a bottle rocket. A rocket pointing sideways clears a row, whereas upward pointing rockets clear columns.  

 – Barrel Bomb: When 7 tiles are next to each other, their symbols change to barrels. Tap any one tile out of those seven tiles to create a “Barrel Bomb”. Tap the barrel bomb to clear surrounding pieces.  

 – Rainbow Token: When 9 tiles are grouped together, their symbols change into a token. Tap any one piece to create a “Rainbow Token”. Tap the rainbow token to collect all tiles of that color. The rainbow token’s color will be the same as those nine tiles. For example: If 9 blue colored tiles are grouped together and you tap a tile to create a rainbow token, then the token’s color will also be blue and will clear all blue tiles when you tap it.  

2. Combine Adjacent Power-ups  

If you combine two power-ups placed next to each other, you will get a more powerful explosion that can remove several tiles at once! To combine two power-ups placed next to each other, swipe the screen to swap their places. Here’s a list of power-up combinations for Vineyard Valley:  

 – Bottle rocket + Bottle rocket: Clears a row and column at the same time. The explosion will be in the shape of a cross.  

 – Bottle rocket + Barrel bomb: Clears three rows and three columns at the same time. 

 – Barrel bomb + Barrel bomb: The explosion radius will be much bigger, clearing a lot of surrounding tiles. 

 – Bottle rocket + Rainbow token: Creates several bottle rockets that are scattered all over the game board. They will then explode automatically clearing several rows and columns at once.  

 – Barrel bomb + Rainbow token: Creates plenty of barrel bombs spread all over the game board. They explode clearing a lot of tiles.  

 – Rainbow token + Rainbow token: Try combining these two when are stacked next to each other and see the magic!  

3. Control a Power-Up’s Position on the Board 

You will have some control on the position of a power-up, and this will help you clear obstacles and reach your objectives quickly. Like I said earlier, when five or more tiles are grouped together, their pictures change to the symbol of a certain power-up. For example: If there are 5 tiles stacked next to each other, their symbols will be that of a bottle. You will have to then tap on one of the bottle tiles to create a power-up.  

Before tapping on one of the five or more tiles, just keep in mind that a power-up will be created on a tile you touch. You can take full advantage of this feature to decide where the powerup will be placed. If a tile with a power-up symbol is placed just below a group of obstacles, tap it and the power-up will replace that tile. You can then tap on the power-up to clear those obstacles.  

4. Bottle Rockets Can be Very Useful in Bringing Down Objects 

One of Vineyard Valley’s objectives is to bring down objects, such as the swan, to the bottom of the board. You will have to clear several tiles below a swan to bring it down. With limited moves, you can’t waste too many of them to complete this objective. Here’s when bottle rockets will be of immense help, especially those upward pointing rockets. Pay attention to all 5 bottle icon symbol tiles and their position. Tap a bottle icon piece underneath or above a swan to create a rocket and then tap the rocket to activate it. The bottle rocket will be created on that particular piece’s place. You can also create the rocket power-up just above a swan. Now, tap the rocket and which will clear the entire column, clearing the way for the swan to reach the bottom of the board.  

5. Barrel Bombs Can Remove a Lot of Cups and Bubbles 

A particular game objective is to clear a set number of cups and bubbles. While it is easy to clear bubbles by just tapping on same-colored pieces underneath them, you will have to match pieces beside cups to destroy them. As you already know, you will have a limited number of moves and you must complete all objectives (there will be more than one objective) before running out of moves. In such situations, barrel bombs can come to your rescue. When you tap a bomb, it explodes clearing surrounding bubbles. If a barrel bomb is surrounded by cups or bubbles, then tapping it would remove a lot of these obstacles, making it easier for you to clear them in a few moves. Always combine two power-ups for a much powerful explosion, which will surely clear a lot of obstacles on the board.  

6. Types of Tools and their Uses 

Besides power-ups, Vineyard Valley also offers useful tools/kitchen utensils to help you complete your objectives faster. You can see these tools on the right side of the game board.

Tools on the Right Side of the Screen

There are 4 types of tools: 

1. Spoon: It lets you remove a tile. Tap a spoon and then tap on an unwanted tile or an obstacle to remove it from the board.  

2. Pizza Cutter: It allows you to clear an entire row. Tap a pizza cutter and then tap a tile to remove a row.  

3. Spatula: It lets you clear an entire column. Tap this tool and then tap a tile to clear a column.  

4. Whisk: Used to shuffle the board. Tap this tool and then tap on a tile to shuffle.  

7. How to get Coins  

Coins will be used to replace old kitchenware, renovate the large, but dilapidated “Tangled Vines”, which was once a thriving vineyard and resort. While some objects can be obtained for free, most objects will require players to spend coins. If you are very choosy about the resort’s interiors and the entire estate’s decor, you will need a lot of coins to renovate as per your choice. 

One of the best ways to get bonus coins in each level is to complete a level with several moves remaining. The more moves remain, the more bonus coins you will earn. Any unused move turns into a power-up, which then explodes on the game board clearing several tiles.  

If you have pre-registered for Vineyard Valley, you will receive 5000 coins as reward.  

Earn prestige points and fill the prestige meter on the top of the screen to get rewards like boosters, extra lives and coins. You will earn prestige points when you use stars to replace a kitchenware, object or renovate the estate. You will need to spend coins to buy certain objects, but your investment won’t go in vain. The costlier the object, the more prestige points you will earn.  

Complete a chapter to earn a surprise gift at the end. The gift may contain coins, tools or boosters. You will finish a chapter when you have finished a set number of tasks, such as renovation or preparing delicious dishes.  

Prepare Recipes to Earn Coins

Make sumptuous dishes and let your in-game friends taste them to earn prestige points and coins. To prepare dishes, you will need stars, which you can earn from puzzle levels.   

Bonus Tip: Join a Club to Get Lives and Coin Bonuses  

As soon as you complete level 20, you will be able to join a club. Joining a club lets you send and receive lives (hearts), get coin bonuses and shop at the club store. The club icon is located on the lower-left corner of the screen, just above the menu button.  

Join a Club

To start receiving bonus coins and hearts, you will have to first join a club. There are several clubs created by players. Make sure you join one that has space available to add more members. Once you join one, you will be taken to the “activity” area. In the activity area, you can chat with other players or tap the “Ask” button to request hearts. You can also “send” hearts to those who have requested them on the activity area. Please note that if your lives are full, you cannot ask for more lives via the club activity area.  

You will get coins and other rewards in the “Events” area. Currently, the events area isn’t open, but soon Club events will be available in the upcoming update(s). You can help your club complete events for rewards, collect rare decor and power-ups and gain access to the club store.