Viking Rise – Basic Gameplay Guide

Ahmed Fawzy
(Last Updated On: June 17, 2023)

Ever wished to be a Viking leader?! Welcome to Viking Rise, the mobile strategy game that takes place in the Viking age.

Viking Rise was developed in Jun 2023 by IGG.COM who also developed the well-known game that has more than 600 million downloads worldwide, Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars.

Viking Rise can be found on both the Play Store and the App Store, where players take the role of a Viking leader who must build a village, train armies, do his research and plans, and conquer his enemies.

Gather your spears and armor, in this article we will discuss the Viking Rise basic gameplay guide, giving out the tips you will need to start with your own village.

Photo: IGG.COM

Basic Gameplay

Photo: IGG.COM

The basic gameplay of Viking Rise is relatively simple but interesting as players are asked to build a village, train troops, and conquer different areas on the map. Also, as the game is played in real-time players can still play different game modes such as PvP, guild wars, and a lot more.

Set up your village!

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First of all, you need to build up your village, and to do that, you need to get enough resources to build the required buildings.

With a simple click on a wood pile, tree, or food, a worker will automatically be assigned and get you the resources needed.

Photo: IGG.COM

After getting enough resources, you will need to go to the buildings tab and start building the available ones so that you can get a place for your villagers, training camps, healing buildings, and a lot more.

Starting with the Chief’s Hall, which will be your headquarters, then all the buildings that you will need along your journey, such as clan camp so your villagers can get a place to live, and so on.

Keep in mind that every time you level up the Chief’s Hall, you will get access to new buildings and be able to upgrade your existing buildings.

Recruit Villagers and Workers

Photo: IGG.COM

Once you are set, you will need to recruit more workers and villagers so that you can assign them to different tasks.

Villagers and workers are both important resources, but they have different functions. You should assign villagers to all the tasks but not the construction one, as the workers are faster and more efficient in terms of construction.

Photo: IGG.COM

That’s why the workers would cost you resources to recruit, while the villagers are free to recruit.

Build New Structures

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After recruiting the workers, now you can use them to construct powerful buildings for you, choosing from 3 categories of buildings: economy, which focuses on the village itself and resources; military, which focuses on your offensive and defensive aspects; and decoration, which doesn’t affect your gameplay but will surely make your village look awesome!

Train Troops

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After building different types of barracks, you will need to head to each of them to train troops so that they can increase your mighty level and assist you on raids so that you can take down different types of monsters and raid nearby villages.

Research technologies

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Heading to the academy building, you will find 2 categories: economy and military, where you can do your research, improve your tech, and get more powerful by upgrading both your armory and resources.


Photo: IGG.COM

Viking Rise is a fun and challenging game that may be easy to learn but difficult to master, but with some practice and strong networks, you can become a powerful leader and conquer the whole map.

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