Viking Idle Tycoon – Ultimate Guide With Tips

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(Last Updated On: October 11, 2023)

It’s time to relive Viking glory and progress through trepidations with Viking Idle Tycoon! Developed by VNG GAME STUDIOS, the game challenges you to think fast and make the most effective moves in the process.

Now, in order to be really good at Viking Idle Tycoon, there is a set of rules that you need to follow. Hence, in this guide, we will attempt to break each aspect of the game down to help you get ever-so-close to that perfect run!

The Basic Premise

Viking Idle Tycoon

Viking Idle Tycoon, much like any other mobile game, works on the concept of wealth. You need to go out there, spend time, and mine stuff, all in pursuit of cold, hard gold. The benefit? You go through the stages faster.

As a Viking, it’s your job to hire workers and clear out the blockages to reach the ships located on the other side of the map. There are worker levels, and then there are restriction levels.

Some of these restrictions take a couple of seconds to clear, while others require you to dump your wallet for higher-level workers!

Viking Idle Tycoon – Currencies

The currency distribution in this game is quite well-connected. You have:

1. Gold

Viking Idle Tycoon

This is your stage currency that resets after each stage. Naturally, this means you will be getting a lot of it per stage, but trying to horde it isn’t wise either. Instead, it would be better to think of it as an investment opportunity.

The more gold you invest, the more gold you’ll make. However, there are instances where this can backfire. So, you need to be wary of how much you’re spending on an upgrade, and how much you’re getting in return.

If something doesn’t seem worth it, just drop it. No need to go out of your way to upgrade them because, in Viking Idle Tycoon, level times are small.

Meaning, that you’d roughly be spending somewhere in the vicinity of five to forty-five minutes per stage.

2. Runes

Viking Idle Tycoon

This is your main progression currency. This – along with specific cards, dictates how much you can upgrade a facility/workshop and thus, it eventually assists you in generating more gold.

However, as stated, this change is permanent, meaning you should go for it, no matter how expensive it gets.

Runes cannot be traded for any other currencies, so even if you try to get them in bulk; they won’t be able to provide you with that extra boost needed to justify the purchase.

So, the best way of obtaining this would be via clearing stages. Restrictions that drop runes would have a different color compared to regular restrictions. It’s always worth it to clear each restriction before moving to the next stage.

3. Rubies in Viking Idle Tycoon

Viking Idle Tycoon

This adds a premium layer to Viking Idle Tycoon. You can think of it as a cheat currency that helps you fill up your other weaknesses.

  • Don’t have enough runes? Purchase some with rubies!
  • The clearing time is too long? Get a time skip with rubies!
  • Missing some cards? Open some loot boxes – also purchased with rubies!

So, as wondrous as this currency is, it’s also the hardest one to obtain, purely because of its value. It does not reset or decrease with time, but it’s a pain to collect it, and spending it freely is going to bite you in the back.

Instead, you should consider it as emergency funds that should only be used when there is a legitimate emergency unless you want to factor in real-world currency to the mix.

Viking Workers

These are the core of your gameplay. You can purchase them with gold, upgrade them, and get better clearing prowess in return.

However, each worker purchased/hired adds more to the cost of the next worker. Meaning, you can’t just summon hordes of workers for cheap.

However, there’s no cost for upgrading them, so you have to drag and drop similar leveled workers on top of each other for them to merge.

Is Upgrading Workers Worth it in Viking Idle Tycoon?

Viking Idle Tycoon

The short answer is always! Two Viking workers level one does not equate to one Viking worker level two, and we need to consider the fact that only 10 workers can be active at a time.

Plus, with limited spaces to place them in, you won’t be able to make quick work of the restrictions with quantity. In Viking Idle Tycoon, quality is always better than quantity, regardless of the intentions behind it.

Free Workers

Viking Idle Tycoon

After a certain period, your ship tends to spawn some free low-level workers that can then be used and upgraded just like every hired worker.

The main goal for these is to help alleviate some of those “stuck in an awkward phase” moments where you have nothing to do because everything costs a lot, and your gold generation can’t keep up!

Cards and Loot Boxes

Viking Idle Tycoon

These are the main ways of obtaining cards, rubies, and can – at times – also drop runes. There are different tiers of chests, each covering something higher in value, be it card tiers or the sheet amount of resources.

The main idea of cards is to work in tandem with runes to upgrade facilities permanently. Thus, they can improve resource generation and eventually allow you to hire more Viking workers, leading to a faster clear.

Naturally, there’s an RNG (random number generation) element to this. However, considering your decisions technically dictate the entire pace of a stage, it won’t have much influence over your gameplay.

That said though, having to try over and over for a specific resource can be pretty jarring.

Tips and Tricks for Smooth Sailing!

Now that we’ve explained how the game fundamentally works, it’s time to tackle the elephant in the room: How do you use these elements to propel yourself to success?

To answer this, let’s commit the following methods to memory:

1. Always Think about the Return on Investment

Viking Idle Tycoon

Each decision echoes through your gameplay in Viking Idle Tycoon. But what’s the guiding star in this sea of choices? The Return on Investment (ROI).

Every gold coin you part with, every rune you use, and every worker you hire or upgrade should promise tangible benefits. Before leaping into an upgrade or a purchase, pause and evaluate.

Will this move expedite your progress? Will it yield more gold or save precious time? If an investment doesn’t promise a favorable ROI, perhaps it’s wise to steer clear and save your resources for a more fruitful endeavor.

2. Splurging on Loot Boxes is Never Worth it

Viking Idle Tycoon

Loot boxes, with their promise of treasures, might tempt you into parting with your hard-earned rubies. But tread cautiously, valiant Viking.

While these boxes occasionally house rare cards or a handful of runes, their unpredictable nature can often lead to disappointment. More often than not, the cost far outweighs the reward. Instead of gambling your resources, focus on strategies that guarantee progression.

Secure paths, like clearing restrictions and upgrading facilities before anything else, will ensure your voyage to victory remains steady and sure.

3. The More Workers You Upgrade, The Better!

Viking Idle Tycoon

A wise Viking knows the strength of a formidable crew. In Viking Idle Tycoon, your workers are the backbone of your operations. While it might seem tempting to hire a legion of workers, the real power lies in their quality, not quantity.

Upgrading your workers boosts their efficiency, enabling them to clear restrictions faster and mine resources more effectively. As we discussed, two level-one workers don’t match the prowess of a single level-two worker.

Prioritize upgrades and harness the full potential of your workforce. After all, a skilled crew is the key to conquering the challenges that lie ahead.

4. Try to Clear and Reach Facilities ASAP!

Viking Idle Tycoon

These establishments are not just milestones but powerhouses that boost your resource generation. The quicker you clear restrictions and access these facilities, the swifter your gold accumulates, propelling you ahead in the game.

Every moment you delay means potential gold lost. You need to sharpen your axes, rally your workers, and pave your way to these facilities. The earlier you reach them, the more formidable your Viking empire becomes.

Think of it this way: The earlier you generate more gold, the faster you can progress, and when it comes to progression, the safest route is to go for those recurring bits!

5. Do Not Try To End The Game in One Go; It Won’t Happen

Viking Idle Tycoon

Ambition runs deep in the heart of every Viking, but even the mightiest warrior knows the value of patience. Viking Idle Tycoon is a journey, not a sprint.

Attempting to conquer it in a single sitting will not only exhaust your resources but might leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Pace yourself. Take breaks, strategize, and return with renewed vigor.

Even in the real world, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your Viking Idle Tycoon empire be. Become one with the journey, enjoy each stage, and relish the challenges that come your way.

6. Full Clear is The Name of the Game

Viking Idle Tycoon

Leaving tasks half-done is a recipe for stagnation. Every restriction, every obstacle, and every challenge you face is an opportunity in disguise.

Ensuring a full clear of each stage means you not only maximize your resource gain but also prepare yourself for the challenges of the subsequent stages.

Half-measures might seem tempting in the short run, but for those who seek true Viking Idle Tycoon glory, a comprehensive clear is the only way forward.

Go deep, leave no stone unturned, and march ahead with the confidence of having given your all.

7. No Point in Keeping Workers Idle

Viking Idle Tycoon

In the hustle and bustle of Viking Idle Tycoon, every second counts. Your workers, the pillars of your Viking endeavor, should never be left twiddling their thumbs.

An idle worker is a missed opportunity, a lapse in gold generation, and a delay in clearing restrictions. Ensure each worker, whether newly hired or a seasoned veteran, is continually engaged in productive tasks.

If they’re not mining, they should be clearing. If they’re not clearing, they should be upgrading. A constantly active workforce guarantees steady progression and a gold influx that keeps your Viking journey on the right path.

8. Don’t Use Time Skips

Viking Idle Tycoon

The temptation of time skips in Viking Idle Tycoon is undeniable. The allure of speeding up processes and leaping ahead can seem irresistible. However, caution is the name of the game.

While these skips can be valuable in certain situations, using them recklessly can lead to resource wastage and strategic missteps. Before employing a time skip, weigh its benefits against the cost.

Is it truly necessary at this juncture? Could waiting a little longer yield the same results without expending resources? After all, in the world of Vikings, strategy trumps haste every time.

9. Watching Ads is Always Worth It

Viking Idle Tycoon

Advertisements, though sometimes seen as an interruption, are hidden treasures in Viking Idle Tycoon. Taking a few moments to watch an ad can yield benefits that far outweigh the time spent.

Whether it’s a boost in gold generation, a handful of precious rubies, or even a rare card, the rewards are often generous. Embrace these opportunities.

Not only do they enhance your gameplay without costing you a dime, but they also provide a strategic advantage, giving you an edge over challenges and speeding up your journey towards Viking dominance.

10. Participate in Events!

Viking Idle Tycoon

This game is also peppered with dynamic events that offer unique challenges and bountiful rewards. These events, often time-limited, are golden opportunities for players to amass resources, secure rare cards, and even earn exclusive items.

Engaging in these Viking Idle Tycoon events not only breaks the monotony of the main gameplay but also provides a refreshing change of pace with new objectives to conquer.

Moreover, the rewards from events can significantly boost your progress in the main game. So, whenever an event banner unfurls, dive in with gusto!

These special occasions might just be the catalyst you need to propel your Viking journey to unprecedented heights.


To sum it all up, Viking Idle Tycoon does a lot to hold you accountable for your mistakes. However, as long as you follow a specific set of rules and always prioritize your return on investment, it’s actually pretty simple. Happy gaming!

We hope you enjoyed this Viking Idle Tycoon Guide, but before you leave, feel free to check out these games: God Of Idle, Fortress Saga, and Top Troops.

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