Vice Online – 3D Multiplayer: Weapons Tier List 

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Vice Online - Introduction
Picture: Jarvi Games
(Last Updated On: November 2, 2023)

Jarvi Games, the developers of the Vice Online game, has done a remarkable job in the way they have designed the gameplay of Vice Online. 

To replicate a game that is loved by millions ain’t easy, and to do it for phones is doubly difficult. The game’s weapons list is similar to that of GTA. Which gun tops the list, and how good are their attributes? Let’s find out!

Vice Online - Gameplay
Picture: Jarvi Games

But before that, don’t forget to download the game from AppStore and PlayStore.

Vice Online – Best Weapons List


    AWG is one of the deadliest, if not the deadliest, weapons in the Vice Online. The bolt-action gun is a dead-certain favorite in every game it makes an appearance, and in Vice Online, the love for this gun is similar. 

    Vice Online - AWG
    Picture: Jarvi Games

    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare(AWG) deals 80% damage with an accuracy of 100%. It is a one-shot kill for an armored or an unarmored target, and the target is certain to be decapitated with a headshot. 

    AWG can also destroy unarmored vehicles in around five rounds. That is pretty sick! The only downside of this sniper is its fire rate, which is only 20%, but it is something you would expect from a sniper rifle. 

    There are ten rounds in every clip, and the max ammo capacity is set at 300 clips. 


    A wild card on our list, but if used correctly and accurately, then there is no other deadly weapon as the RPG in the Vice Online game. It is a certain one-shot, one-kill weapon in the game if your accuracy game is strong. 

    Vice Online - RPG
    Picture: Jarvi Games

    Built originally as an anti-tank weapon, RPG can be effectively used in a normal combat scene as well. It is a luxury weapon to equip because unless you are good at using RPG, then it becomes simple to eliminate targets. 

    RPG has a deadly damage rate of 100%, but the accuracy rate suffers a bit at 40%. The damage makes the weapon worthwhile. RPG is great for destroying any vehicle in the game, be it a helicopter or an armored vehicle. No vehicle is safe from an RPG.

    When we say it is a one-shot, one-kill weapon in the game, we mean it because it only has one launcher ammo and a max ammo capacity of 30 launchers. 


    Mr. Consistent. AKM46 is one of the most reliable weapons in the Vice Online game. Thanks to its well-balanced statistics in every department, AKM46 is the best gun to equip in the game. 

      The AKM46 is decent to good in almost every department. It is a handy weapon to equip in a gunfight, especially since it has 80% damage, 60% fire rate, and 40% accuracy. While the accuracy is not quite up there with the best, the damage and fire rate are really impressive.

      Vice Online - AKM46
      Picture: Jarvi Games

      AKM has been around in games for ages, and when you look at the gun’s stats overall, you can see the reason why. AKM46 has a 46-clip capacity and a max ammo capacity of 900. Yup, 900 max ammo capacity, so why wouldn’t you want to roam around the map with this devil in your armory?


        The close-range god. XM-24 is a shotgun that is deadly from close range. We don’t need to tell you how deadly a shotgun is in games, and that statement holds true in Vice Online as well. It is an absolute massacre machine.

        This modern take on a Winchester Model is pretty neat. This lever-action shotgun is up there as one of the most destructive weapons in the game. For close-range combat, there is no comparison with this beast as it will down an opponent within seconds. 

        Vice Online - XM-24
        Picture: Jarvi Games

        The XM-24 has a 100% damage rate, but it does lack in the fire rate and accuracy departments as the accuracy is around 20%, and the fire rate is around 20% as well. But in close combat, if you want a one-shot, one-kill chance, then this is the weapon for you in the game.

        While in other games, you have to upgrade weapons to have more clip capacity, Vice Online trumps other games by offering you a starting clip of 10 rounds and a max ammo capacity of 300 gauge rounds.


        The king-maker. M41 is arguably the best gun in Vice Online – 3D Multiplayer game. It has everything, and it is a consistent gun to equip all the time. It is difficult to unlock this weapon straight away as you are required to first reach level 10 to unlock it from the weapon shop. 

        Vice Online - M41
        Picture: Jarvi Games

          Once unlocked, though, M41 is a jack-of-all-trades gun. It has a damage rate of 60%, a fire rate of 80%, and 60% accuracy. On top of that, you get 30 rounds in a single clip and a max ammo capacity of 900 rounds.

          A well-rounded gun!

          Tier List

          Melee WeaponsHandgunsShotgunsSMGsAssault RiflesSniperLaunchers
          Baseball BatVoltSawed-off ShotgunUziAUV-10AWGRPG
          Police BatG42
          Jack’s AxeAKM46
          Vice Online - Gameplay
          Picture: Jarvi Games


          There is something for everyone in the Vice Online – 3D Multiplayer game when it comes to weapons. While the list isn’t as extensive as some would hope for, the range of guns and the model of the guns especially have been top-tier, to say the least. 

          Vice Online - Gameplay
          Picture: Jarvi Games

          Jarvi Games has included all the top-tier gun models in the game, and they do feel premium when you use it in-game. Have a go at it yourself and try them out in the game. We have listed the best ones for you, too!

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