Valkyrious: Ultimate Gameplay Guide & Tips

Abdullah Selmani
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(Last Updated On: November 2, 2023)

Valkyrious, made by Wemade Max is a gaming hit that has caught the eye of players.

You can find it on both the Google Play Store and App Store where this real-time strategy Trading Card Game (TCG) has captured players.

What sets Valkyrious distinct from card games is its application of blockchain technology and a captivating storyline centered on Valkyries.

It goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a conventional card game in terms of gameplay.

Photo: Wemade Max

The Birth of Valkyrious

Created by Wemade Max, Valkyrious brings together the excitement of gameplay and the captivating appeal of cards.

In this Trading Card Game (TCG) players wield the abilities of Valkyries, which are one-of-a-kind cards that spring, to life in thrilling battles, against both computer-controlled opponents (PvE) and other players (PvP).

The game has captivating storyline, combined with its features has propelled it to acclaim.

Photo: Wemade Max

Power of Valkyries

Valykrious relates thrilling accounts of what is known as Valkyrie who came into birth with exceptional characteristics unlike any other.

These Valkyries are collectible and improved, such that, players can create their own play styles as well as decks.

Firstly, as an exception compared to many similar valkyries, it provides exciting and non-boring gameplay.

Photo: Wemade Max

The Role of Zent

Zent is the name of the local currency in the land of Valkyries. These are received by partaking in various game actions such as arenas.

An essential substance from which the “Valkyreum” token will derive from it. Furthermore, the token is more than just a mere trophy in the game setting; it enhances both the gaming experience and the economy of the game.

Photo: Wemade Max

Competitive Seasons and Rankings

Nonetheless, Valkyrious has put in place a seasonally administered competitive grading regime that ensures high motivation and competitive drive among players at all times.

Every year, players play a season fighting for the best positions and various reward alternatives like soul, medal, and persistent used to call Valkyries or upgraded versions of them.

To make certain the players receive freshness, the development team adds the season to the game after every two weeks.

Photo: Wemade Max

Gameplay Mechanics

What makes Valkyrious gameplay unique is its set-aside real-time strategy card. Here’s a closer look at some of the key elements that shape the gameplay experience.

Gimmick Tiles

To that effect, Gimmick Tiles are specifically positioned before every match to improve strategic play in Valkyrious.

These tiles also offer some benefits if captured including tactical options during combat sessions.

Photo: Wemade Max

Story Mode: Chapters

“Player Chapters” allows gamers to explore all the game’s fighting features as well as its theme.

The newcomer mode is a good introduction to the storyline and the basics of gaming in this game.

Photo: Wemade Max

Missions and Rewards

For example, players get rewarded whenever they complete a mission or quest of theirs.

Specific clears also generate special trophies as well as special rewards; this adds more details or layers, making it more involved in terms of gameplay.

Photo: Wemade Max

Real-time PvP Arena

In Valkyrious, “Arena” mode facilitates real-time player versus player fights. It features Zent Battles, 1: One piece of PvP content for Zent battle energy that refreshes daily.

Despite consuming all your Zent Battle Energy, it is possible to take part in Zent Battles.

Also, there are tourneys where you can play with anything between 4 and 64 people, ensuring an excellent level of rivalry.

Photo: Wemade Max

Leagues and Tournaments

In “Leagues,” players can battle it out with other players to be crowned as the most strategically powerful commander across the globe.

The last time we played was very long ago, and it’s just for a limited period when we can claim fortune and glory. Real-time strategy is never-ending in Valkyrious through leagues and tournaments.

Photo: Wemade Max

Daily Login Rewards

There is also an additional aspect namely a Daily Login Event associated with it as well. Players log in every single day and get different awards on offer until the 14th daily log in which presents the biggest reward.

The feature is designed to boost the everyday participation of players and reward them for their commitment.

Photo: Wemade Max

Converting Zent into Valkyreum

The game`s economics includes an essential component called “Zent Battle Energy”. Zent as a prize in gladiatorial fights.

Virtual currency named as Zen is utilized in purchasing Essence which valkyries require for their growth. 

Moreover, players may combine Zent to create ‘Valkyreum’ coins or destroy ‘Valkyreum’ for more Zent.

Season Tiers and Competitive Play

The “Season Tiers” of Valkyrious are unlocked at level 5. 

These are the avenues through which they compete for the rewards of being promoted to higher leagues.

Positions one and twenty-five will move up to the silver league, while those positioned between twenty-six and fifty will stay in the same league for the next season.

Photo: Wemade Max

Special rewards are also awarded to the top players in every league making the game even more competitive and motivating.

League Tiers

  • Besides playing in different Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond league leagues at Valkyrious. They bring distinct challenges and rewards, each offering an opportunity for the player to trial his/her strategy.


The exciting TCG, Valkyrious created by Wemade Max can be acquired through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store on Android and iOS respectively. 

It provides unlimited strategic adventures with fascinating plots, a variety of Valkyries, and game economics on “Zent” and “Valkyreum”.

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