Monopoly Go: Valentines Partners Rewards & Milestones

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Valentines Partner Event

Monopoly Go brings you the Valentine’s Partners Event, where rewards are plenty, and winning them is easy. This event kicked off on the 09th of February, 2024, and is scheduled to end on the 14th of February, 2024.

Monopoly GO Valentines Partners
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Monopoly GO Valentines Partners Rewards and Milestones

Below we have listed all rewards you can stand to obtain by competing in the Valentines Partners Event.

Milestones:Points Needed To Obtain Rewards:Rewards:
12500200 Free Dice Rolls.
28500Cash Prize.
321,500250 Free Dice Rolls + Three-Star Sticker Pack + Sticker Boom for 15 Minutes.
448,000500 Free Dice Rolls, a Four-Star Sticker Pack, Cash Prize.
580,000500 Free Dice Rolls + a Four-Star Sticker Pack + Cash Prize.

These rewards can be earned by completing milestones with each partner in the Valentines Partners Event. Therefore, you can obtain the above rewards four times if you earn the points required for each partner.

How Does The Valentines Partners Event Work?

Competing in the Valentines Partner Event is simple. To add partners, tap on your board where you will see the + icon.

Plus sign
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You will either receive an invite from one of your friends, or you can invite a friend of your own.

Simply accept the Valentines Partners invite if you would like to partner with them.

Friend invites
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In order to participate, you will need to collect the required currency to be able to spin the Valentines Partner wheel. In this instance, the required items are Valentine’s Hearts.

How to Get Hearts in Valentines Partners Event?

There are numerous ways for you to earn hearts for the event, as can be seen below:

  • Quick Wins – Complete the Quick Wins milestones to earn Valentine Hearts.
Quick Wins
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  • Daily Gift – Collecting your daily gift will reward you with the usual packages, as well as give you Valentine’s Hearts.
  • Tiles – Landing on specific tiles with Valentine’s Hearts on them will allow you to collect them. The higher your dice roll multiplier, the more you will earn.
Valentines hearts on tiles
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  • Events – Specific events will enable you to earn Valentine’s Hearts as you complete them.
  • Tournaments – Competing in tournaments will allow you to obtain Valentine’s Hearts.
  • Spin the wheel – When you spin the wheel, you stand a chance to award your partner with free Valentine’s Hearts, and vice versa. You will receive Valentine’s Hearts from your partner if they are actively playing, and you can obtain them in your mailbox.

Note that when you would like to spin the wheel, you will require a minimum of 20 Valentine’s Hearts to do so.

Wrapping It Up!

This concludes our Monopoly Go Valentines Partner Event guide. Remember that it all depends on how you play the game, and with a bit of luck, you can reach the end of the event for the major rewards!

Try and stack up on Hearts before spinning them, as spinning the wheel with a higher multiplier will earn you better rewards.

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