10 Utopia: Origin Tips, Hints and Tricks to Stay Alive and Survive

Anurag Ghosh
Utopia: Origin
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Utopia: Origin – Play in Your Way is a stunning survival role-playing game from developers at HERO. The game lets you explore a lush 3D world of “Beia”, interact with other players, hunt for food, fight monsters and battle other players in your fight for survival.

Utopia: Origin

This open world game also lets you chat with other players, trade items and tame pets so that you can use them to fight other monsters in a battle. There are lots of things to do in Utopia: Origin, but you will have to survive before you can fully explore Beia. Check out these tips, hints and tricks if you want to know how to keep hunger and thirst at bay, tame pets and collect resources faster.

 1. Choose Peace if You are New and Want Some Practice

There are two game modes in the Utopia Origin game – Peace and Chaos. As the name suggests, Peace lets you co-exist peacefully with other players. When you select Peace and then choose a server, you will notice that the server has PVE written on it and not PVP. PVE means player versus environment. You will be able to fight only monsters. In Peace mode, you cannot attack other facilities and hearths.   

In Chaos mode, you can fight other players. However, all new players are under “player protection” until they reach level twenty. After PvP is enabled, a player can attack other players and facilities. New players can’t attack each other. In Chaos mode, you are allies if you and other players belong to the same “hearth” or group. But you can attack others if they don’t belong to the same hearth.  

When you begin playing, choose a game mode that fits your play style. For beginners, I would recommend Peace mode. You won’t have to worry about other players attacking. You can explore a world, learn crafting and other skills for as long as you want. Peace mode can be a great playground to get some practice if you are new to this genre of game. However, if you have played survival games before and love challenges, then you should play Chaos mode.   

2. Build a Wood Axe and Wood Pick 

There are lots of things to do and discover in the magical land of Beia. If you want to explore it fully, you will have to know how to survive. Your virtual avatar feels hungry, thirsty and his health can deteriorate if he is attacked by monsters. He can show signs of fatigue (as shown by the on-screen stamina meter) when he does some task, such as climbing trees and hills, cutting woods and breaking rocks etc.  

You will have to make sure your avatar does not starve to death or die of thirst. Your avatar’s thirst meter goes down from time to time. The droplet icon on the upper-right corner of the screen displays your thirst. To drink water, all you have to do is run towards a lake or any water body and enter it. This will quench his thirst. However, you may have to make a basic water skin for storing water in case you want to wander to faraway places where there might not be any water body nearby.  

Once the game begins, your very first objective is to build a campfire and you can do that pretty quickly. But before that, you will have to make a wood axe and wood pick so that you can gather wood and stones. You will need wood and stones to build a campfire.  

Get Wood for Making Axe

To build a wood axe, you will need 5 wood. You can get them by felling a tree using your hands. Go near a tree and tap the sword icon. Your avatar will use his hands to break it. It looks painful and you will lose some HP while doing so, but don’t worry. You will regain HP automatically. Keep tapping until the tree falls. Now tap the flashing hand icon to get products. You will get the required wood logs and some more items such as fruits, straw etc.  

Now tap the circle on the upper right corner of the screen and then tap the hand icon on the top. Go to Weapons > Axe and tap “Make”. You can also make more than one axe in batches if you have collected 10 wood. After building one, you will have to equip it by tapping its icon on the shortcut bar. You can now cut trees faster.  

Once you gather 15 wood, make a wood pick, which is used to break rocks to get stones. The wood pick can be found in the same “Weapons” section. Create a shortcut for a weapon or any other item. Just tap your backpack and then tap the item’s icon. Tap the “shortcut bar” to add the item to the shortcut list for easy access. To break rocks, go near a small or medium sized rock and keep tapping the sword icon until it breaks. Tap the hand icon to get stones.  

3. Build a Campfire to Prepare Food

Now that you have collected stones and wood, it’s time to build a campfire. To build one, you will need 10 wood and 10 stones. The campfire is available under “Facility” section. You can get a list of such sections when you tap the circle on the top-right corner of the screen and then tap the hand icon on the upper left corner of the new window. After building one, you will have to place it on a flat plain. Make sure there are no obstacles when placing it. Move to a empty flat plain and then tap the campfire icon on the shortcut bar to place it.

Make sure you have noted down the location of your campfire. As there will be several such campfires in your world, you must know your campfire’s location. Also, your campfire will be temporarily available and will extinguish after a day or so. You will have to build another once it disappears.   

The campfire is one of the most important facilities in Utopia Origin. It will help you prepare food. The food prepared at the campfire will help you keep hunger at bay. The hunger bar (intestine icon) on the upper right corner of the screen would be the first to go down. Your avatar feels hungrier at night, especially when it’s too cold. The more complex a food item, the faster the hunger bar fills up and goes green. You must quickly consume food if the bar turns yellow.  

4. Create a Basic Weapon and Start Hunting

After building a campfire, it’s time to hunt for food. You can’t eat raw meat to satisfy your hunger, which is why you will need a campfire to cook raw food, including game meat if you want to consume it. You will have to build a basic weapon, such as a wood club to begin hunting. This weapon can help you hunt creatures and attack monsters. To make one, you will need 20 wood, so make sure you have gathered enough wood to build it. Club is available under “weapons”. Just tap the circle on the upper-right corner of the screen > hand icon > weapons.  

The easiest creature to hunt is chicken. Chickens are available in large numbers are usually found near campfires. Equip your avatar with a wood club and go near a chicken. Now tap the attack button (sword icon) multiple times until the chicken’s health bar on the top of the screen hits zero. The chicken may run away from you and you will have to follow her and keep hitting the attack button until she dies. When you kill her, tap the hand icon to gather raw chicken.  

Now move towards your campfire. Tap the hand icon to interact with it and then tap “Make”. On the list of food items, check the number under it. The number shows that the food item is ready to be prepared. If you have hunted a chicken and collected, then a number will be shown under the chicken leg icon (BBQ Drumstick). Tap it and then tap “Make”. Now go to your backpack and tap the chicken leg to eat it. You can also tap the chicken on the shortcuts bar to eat it quickly.  

Along with chicken, you can hunt pigs, turtles and horses for their meat. Turtles attack, so be careful. You will have to keep attacking it until it dies. Along with chickens, pigs are also available in large numbers. To cook meat from these animals, go near a campfire, tap the campfire icon and then tap the food item icon shown by a number under it.  

Tip: If you haven’t built a campfire yet, just move closer to another player’s campfire and then tap “Make”. You can do this in the beginning of your journey, when you are just exploring Beia.  

5. Go near a Campfire if You Are Attacked by Multiple Monsters

By now, I am sure you have built a weapon for your protection. Utopia: Origin players need this if they want to hunt animals and attack monsters. As you gather wood, stones, hunt for food, you will be attacked by monsters. You can fight a single monster with your wood club easily, but it’s difficult to tackle multiple monsters. The best strategy is to avoid them.

Quickly run away from them and move closer to a campfire. You can move to any campfire near you, it doesn’t have to be your campfire. It could be anyone’s fireplace. Most monsters are afraid of fire, so you will be quite safe if you are near one. Once you regain HP (your avatar regains HP automatically), you can resume your adventure and start exploring. Just make sure you attack a single monster and not monsters in a group if you are equipped with a basic weapon.   

6. The Beacon Protects You

The starting ground archipelago in Utopia: Origin has a big tower. Called the beacon, this tower protects a player. You just have to move closer to a beacon if you want some protection. Unlike the campfire, which only protects you from monsters, the beacon protects you from monsters as well as other players.  

Use beacon to Teleport Avatar

You can also teleport your character to another location using a beacon. Move closer to a beacon and climb on top of it. Now move closer to the magic portal and tap the flashing hand. Tap “beacon teleport” and then select a location on the map. 

7. Repair a tool or Weapon to Save Resources 

If you are in no mood to create multiple weapons of the same type, you can always repair your existing weapons and tools. Fixing a tool requires fewer resources than creating one. For example, to repair an axe, you will require only 1 wood. To fix a club, you will require 2 pieces of wood etc.  

To repair a tool or weapon, tap your backpack and then tap an item. Next, tap “Fix” displayed on the window to your right. If you have the required number of resources, you will repair it immediately. 

8. How to Tame and Capture a Mount

Utopia: Origin has a nice little pet system that lets you capture a mount and ride it to travel faster. You can capture a pet and use it. You can also set a pet free if you don’t need it. To capture a mount, follow these steps:  

We will be taming a horse as it’s the easiest creature to capture and the mount required to capture it can also be created easily.  

You will need a blunt weapon, such as a wood club. Equip a club and move closer to a horse. Now tap the attack button. Keep attacking until the horse is stunned. The game will inform you as soon as you stun him.  

Once you stun him, keep feeding him carrots by tapping a carrot on the shortcut bar. You will need lots of carrots to feed a horse until he gets friendly. You will have to find carrot plants to get them. You may require a different food item if you are capturing a combat pet. The food’s icon is shown above a stunned pet.   

Taming a Pet

When a horse is friendly, quickly use a saddle (mount) to capture him. To make a saddle, you will need 10 wood and 1 leather. You will have to make leather from animal hide, which you can obtain by hunting horses. Different creatures require different mounts. You will need a snare to capture combat pets.  

Now that you have tamed a horse. You will have to ride it. Tap the horseshoe icon on the right side of the screen to ride a horse. You can now travel faster. 

9. Make a Water skin

Quenching your thirst is easy as you will have to wade through a lake or sea, but you may be in trouble if there’s no water body nearby. In such situations, you will require a waterskin to store water. To make one, you will need 2 leather. To make leather, hunt horses and get 2 hides. That’s it. You are now ready to make a waterskin. 

10. Get help from Summer

Congratulations! You are now fully equipped with all necessary items. You can survive in the big lively world of Utopia Origin. If you are bored or don’t know what to do next, just tap summer on the shortcut menu to seek help. Your helpful fairy will answer your questions or even reward you if you have completed certain tasks.  

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