Utopia: Origin – Guide to Fishing

Anurag Ghosh
Utopia Origin Fishing Guide

To begin fishing in Utopia Origin, you will need a fishing rod and a worm as a bait. Once you get these two, you can go near the sea to begin catching fish. Seems easy at first, but it will require some hard work. You will need several ingredients to build a rod and you will have to search for worms. Fret not. Our basic guide to fishing will help you find the right materials to make a rod, get bait and enjoy angling on the calm waters of Beia:

Your first objective is to reach level player 10. Upon reaching level 10, you will unlock fishing rod and the furnace. The furnace also requires a few additional conditions before it can be fully unlocked. You can level up and reach level 10 easily by doing simple tasks such as breaking rocks, hunting, cooking food and felling trees.  

To make a fishing rod, you will need 20 wood, 1 tendon and 1 iron bar. You can easily get wood by cutting apple trees. To get an iron bar, you will have to smelt iron ore at the furnace.  

Materials Required to Build Fishing Rod

To obtain a tendon, you will have to explore a bit:  

Tendon is a cow ligament, so I hope you got the hint. It’s the ingredient between iron bar and wood logs as shown in the above screenshot. You can obtain it from cows and cattle. You will find cattle among cows and he is quite larger than others. Cattle will attack you, so make sure you keep attacking them using a proper weapon. A basic club will do the job! To be on the safe side, attack cows first, as they don’t hit back. However, tendon is rare, which is why you will have to hunt quite a few cows before you can get one.

Get Tendon from Cows and Cattle

You can find cows close to the far end of the Harvest Sea in the isolated “Starting Ground” archipelago. There’s a separate area where there are full of cows and cattle. They are usually found in forest areas. Climb a big mountain or the beacon to get a bird’s eye view of the entire archipelago and you might be able to spot an area full of cows.   

You will also need an iron bar to make a fishing tackle:    

You can make an iron bar at the furnace. To unlock a furnace, you will have to fulfill three conditions: Reach level 10, build and place a horse-shaped work bench and obtain 1 iron ore.    

To build a work bench, you will need 20 wood. Make one and place it somewhere on a flat surface.  

A Work Bench

You can obtain iron ore from the iron mine. You will need a wood pick to break an iron mine and obtain resources from it. Iron mines are usually found on top of mountains or larger rocks. You will find several mines on top of big rocks that are near the Harvest Sea in the starting ground archipelago.  

Get Iron ore from Iron Mine

After fulfilling all three conditions, you can make a furnace. You will need 30 stones to build one. Move your character near your work bench you just built, tap “Make” > “Facility” > “Smelting Facility” and then tap the furnace to build it. Place the furnace on a flat ground.  

Make Furnace

Move closer to a furnace. Tap “Make” and then tap Iron Ore to add it to the empty slot. You can add several ores to make more than one iron bar. You will also need to add fuel to start a fire. Straw and wood act as fuel. Chop an apple tree to get them.  

Tap “add fuel” and then tap straw and wood to make fire in a furnace. You can add more – just tap “quick submit” to add all resources. The more straw and wood you add, the longer the furnace will burn.  

Add Wood and Straw to Furnace

It will take a few seconds to make iron bars for your fishing rod. Tap the iron bar icon on the results slot to collect it.  

Now tap the big circle on the upper right corner of the screen > Hand (above the fireplace icon in the build window) > Items and under “Fishing tackle”, tap the basic rod. Now tap “Make” to build one.

You will now need a bait to catch fish in Utopia: Origin. You can use earthworms as bait. To get an earthworm, gather clay at the strawberry hills in “Starting Ground”. Clay mounds are black in color and usually found on complete barren areas closer to the sea. You will see big beach houses and structures in “Strawberry hills”. You will have to swim to get there. Go closer to a clay mound and tap the flashing hand icon to collect it. You will get earthworms from random clay mounds.  

Gather Clay from Strawberry Hills


Now that you have built a rod and gathered some earthworm as bait, it’s fishing time. Head to the sea and stand by the sea shore, facing the sea. Equip the rod by tapping it. Make sure you have added the rod and earthworms to the shortcut menu. Now tap the earthworm to load it onto the rod’s hook. Tap the attack button. Your character will automatically sit and start fishing.  

Utopia Origin Fishing Guide

It will take some time before he catches fish. To get rarer fish, you will need better bait. Earthworms are the most basic forms of fishing bait so don’t expect rare fish using an earthworm as bait.