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unknown knights tier list
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Unknown Knights is a pixel-art RPG that puts a premium on character collection above all else. With a synergy feature, assembling the best team is as satisfying as it is essential to overcome challenges.

However, having knowledge of which characters are the best is crucial if you want an efficient and powerful team. That’s why we’ll show you which knights you should prioritize in this Unknown Knights Tier List.

But we know that acquiring strong characters depends more on your luck with rolls than your goodwill. So, we’ll also highlight some less rare knights that can be well-utilized in your synergy composition.

The Tier List Grade

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We’ll rank the tier list from S to D, with S being the strongest character and D the most expendable. As each character has an element and a class, we’ll separate them by categories as well.

Another thing to pay attention to is the synergy mechanic. The more knights of the same class/element in battle, the better the bonus acquired. So, even if a character is individually strong, others may be better when in synergistic union.

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In-game, there is a recommended contents tab that shows in star quantification which stage that knight would be best. We will use this feature as guidance for the tier list as well.

Unknown Knights Tier S List

As you might imagine, this is where you’ll find the majority of legendary knights in the Unknown Knights. Currently, there are over 30 legend-grade characters, allowing you to create a powerful synergy in your team.

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The truth is, Unknown Knights seems to only have legendary knights. It has more legendary-grade characters than all other rarities combined, which is quite unusual in mobile games. Still, it is what it is.

Best Unknown Knights at Tier S

Among all these Unknown Knights listed, some stand out for their excellence and deserve an honorable mention.

Unknown Knights Tier List 1
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The first is Ive, one of the most potent legendary knights in the game. Her ability, Tempest Arrow, allows her to attack all enemies 10 times in a row, dealing 70% damage.

Her weapon skill fires a volley of 15 arrows, dealing 80% damage, and ends with a piercing arrow, causing 300% ATK damage. The number of arrows and damage increases for every 5% extra attack speed.

In short, Ive has a mighty scaling power. This is because her element is Wind, which increases her attack speed as more knights of the same element are in the lineup. If you draw an Ive, rejoice.

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The other knight is Remiel, a legendary support. Her Heavenly Support skill gives a 600% shield to attacking knights for 3 seconds. After the shield is destroyed, it recovers HP equal to 40% of the remaining shield value.

As if that weren’t strong enough, her weapon skill provides all allies a shield with an attack power of 700% and a buff that increases attack power by 10% for 3 seconds. The attack power increase rate increases by 5% according to the star level.

When the shield disappears, it deals 250% damage to nearby enemies and inflicts blindness for 2 seconds, recovering HP equal to 60% of the remaining shield value. Any warrior or tank besides Remiel is virtually invincible.

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Unknown Knights Tier A List

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Here, we have more than enough knights to carry you through any available game modes, whether in adventure, ARENA, or the Tower.

They are not necessarily worse than Tier S, but perhaps their skills are not overall recommended for all types of content. Many are extremely strong for one stage but fall short in another.

Unknown Knights Tier List (12)
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This is the case with our titular namesake, Unknown Knights. It’s easy to recommend him because it’s guaranteed that all players will have him on their roster. With the Unknown grade, the Unknown Knight is extremely powerful in Challenges and the Secret Mine and competent in the Tower, but there are better options in PvP or expedition.

However, it is necessary to transcend him to the maximum level. His potential is not fully unleashed as long as he is only a 2-star. But worry not; it’s just a matter of time.

Best Unknown Knights at Tier A

But we have other standout knights here in Tier A, starting with Ravia. Ravia is a Wind Assassin, meaning she will hit fast and hard.

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Her skill is Bloody Edge, dealing 6 strikes of 70% damage to nearby enemies. A brutal DPS attack. When it becomes a weapon skill, it also causes 6 strikes, but the damage increases to 170%.

The important thing here is that as Ravia is an Assassin, each critical hit reduces the skill cooldown by a set amount of seconds. The more Assassins, the more significant the reduction. As she is of the Wind element, her attack speed also increases.

Since her skill has a cooldown of 9 seconds, each time she lands a critical, the subsequent activation comes faster. With the Wind element, she hits fast, increasing the odds of a critical. Can you see how Ravia is synergistic with herself? Add other Wind Assassins to the lineup, and you’re ready to crush any enemy.

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To complement Ravia, nothing better than the wind support, Kari. Kari’s Wind’s Hand skill gives all knights a shield equal to attack for 3.5 seconds and increases their attack speed by 25%. The weapon skill dramatically evolves these capabilities. The shield evolves to 650% of the knight’s attack for 3.5 seconds, and attack speed increases by 35%.

Then, she creates an area of wind that deals 30% of Kari’s attack per 0.5 seconds to nearby enemies. Being a Wind element knight, this additional attack speed accumulates, making all other knights extremely fast. Especially Ravia, who benefits from high attack speed.

Unknown KnightUnknownLightWarrior

Unknown Knights Tier B List

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Here, we come to what is considered the mid-tier of the game. These are good knights but do not excel in anything. Still, adding them to your lineup is worth it if the element or class synergizes with others.

Best Unknown Knights at Tier B

Agnes is your knight for those who like to deal a lot of damage. As a Fire Mage, she has a passive increase in attack and passive cooldown reduction, allowing her to use her skill, Meteor, more frequently.

Unknown Knights Tier List (9)
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Meteor, by the way, throws a meteorite fragment at all enemies, dealing 430% attack damage for 3 seconds. Skill damage increases by 20% per fire synergy level. So, a total fire team will send hellfire to your enemies.

The weapon skill evolves the meteorite to cause damage equal to 530% attack power for 3 seconds. Afterward, it drops a colossal meteorite forward, dealing 200% damage. In this case, the skill damage increases by 40% per synergy level.

By now, you should have realized that more than having rare knights, the ideal is to focus on synergy – or on knights whose abilities scale with synergy. This way, you’ll see your damage gradually increasing.

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Hard not to mention Kevin because you might think we placed him in the wrong tier as a normal-grade knight amid legends. But that’s right, all due to Kevin’s simplicity.

As a Wind Sniper in Unknown Knights, Kevin has both higher attack speed and cooldown reduction. His skill, Speed Shot, increases attack speed by 25% for 5 seconds and has a cooldown of 9 seconds.

In other words, he gets an even higher attack speed and reduces the cooldown with each attack, allowing him to keep his skill activated almost all the time. Still, keep in mind that he is only helpful for some types of content.

Kevin excels at Nature’s Tower, Trial of Light, and Secret Mine but is horrible in Adventure, Goblin Eradication, or Expedition.


Unknown Knights Tier C List

Unknown Knights Tier List (11)
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In tier C, knights tried to have a higher tier, swam and swam, but died on the beach. Still, depending on your draws in Unknown Knights, using them as a complement to synergy is valid.

Best Unknown Knights at Tier C

Eclipse is a dark assassin in Unknown Knights, which should be a deadly combination just by the category. As Dark, he heals HP for every normal attack. As an assassin, critical hits reduce skill cooldown.

Unknown Knights Tier List (2)
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The problem is that Eclipse is too straightforward for his own good. His skill, Brutal Scar, causes 550% damage to the nearest enemy in Unknown Knights. The weapon skill causes 650% damage and inflicts bleeding status on hit, dealing 30% damage for 3 seconds.

And that’s it. His skills don’t resonate with the element or class, making Eclipse too simple.

Lilith suffers from the same problem, also of the dark element but a mage. Mage and normal attacks don’t go well together.

Unknown Knights Tier List (3)
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Her skill, Dark Hole, deals 450% attack to enemies for 3 seconds and sucks them into the center of the dark hole. The weapon skill explodes the dark hole, dealing 100% damage.

Again, it is elementary and doesn’t communicate with other heroes. It’s worth it if they are the only ones you have on the roster, but for the endgame, they are disposable.


Unknown Knights Tier D List

Unknown Knights Tier List (14)
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Well, not much to say here. It’s even counterintuitive to put two legends in Tier D, but it’s to show that not everything that glitters is gold. Solum and Asura are pretty subpar compared to their legendary peers, and I will explain why.

Best Unknown Knights at Tier D

Solum is a fire tank in Unknown Knights. Fire is a synergy that increases damage, and it is good to compose a team focused on damage dealing. But it contrasts with the role of a tank, which should reduce damage and protect its party members.

Unknown Knights Tier List 123
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His skill, Viking Rush, causes 200% damage, knocks back, and stuns for 3 seconds. Useful, but again, it needs to prioritize defense. The Weapon Skill, at least, also causes damage and stun but grants a shield with 500% of his damage to front-row knights for 3 seconds.

Here, he performs his tank role, but we know that activating the Weapon Skill requires an investment.

As for Asura, his performance is similar. A warrior also of the fire element, Asura looks pretty committed to dying quickly. His skill, Berserker, consumes 15% HP in a single burst for 5 seconds but ensures every attack is a critical hit.

Unknown Knights Tier List 12
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The weapon skill reduces HP consumption to 5%, keeps every attack a critical hit, and increases damage by 8% per 5% HP lost. It’s strong and seems to have enormous potential, but it is useless if Asura dies too quickly – which will happen if there is no dedicated tank to protect him.

That’s why these two legend-grade knights are in Tier D. They can’t communicate with each other or the team, making their replacement viable.

Unknown Knights Tier List (5)
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This was our Unknown Knights Tier List for February 2024. As the game is constantly updating, expect new knights to be added to the roster, changing the capacity and even the order of the list.

As mentioned, Unknown Knights is somewhat unorthodox because it has many more legendary characters than usual for a mobile game. Luckily, you will be blessed by the Gacha God and will draw those that best fit your lineup.

So, what are your best knights? Comment with us! Thanks once again for supporting Playoholic!

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