Unexpected Game Walkthrough & Guide (All Hidden Endings)

Anurag Ghosh

Short, bite-sized stories can be scary. And with you participating in these creepy stories takes the game to a completely different level. Unexpected allows players to reconstruct a short story frame-by-frame to reveal the truth, which in most occasions, turns out to be absolutely gut-wrenching.

There are 20 “fridge horror” stories and each story is as unnerving as the previous one. The premise of each story seems ordinary at first until you start collecting clues to solve the mystery.

Unexpected Game Walkthrough

A story is divided into multiple frames or “scenes”. Swipe the screen to go from one frame to another. Clues will be hidden somewhere or visible in plain sight on certain frames. Find, collect them and place them on the correct spots in the last scene to reveal the plot twist. Our Unexpected game walkthrough and guide will help you find these plot twists and discover hidden endings. 

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How to Play

In each frame, find clues and tap to collect them. A clue can be an object or a character. Clues collected so far will be displayed on the bottom of the screen, known as the items list.

In some stories, clues collected from previous frames have to be used on an object or character in the current frame. Tap on the clue on the items list and then tap on the object/character in the frame. The result will be a modified object or an altered character, which will then show up in the items list. Use them in the last frame to reveal the truth.

The last frame has swirling dotted white circles. You will have to place the clues on these white circles in the right order. Not all objects have to be placed on the white circles, some of them need to be positioned in the right location within the scene/frame to reveal the truth.

Once all items are in place, tap on the “Judge” button to know the ending. If everything’s placed in the right order, the secret will be revealed, else you will fail and will have to start over or alter the final scene to find the truth.

Along with the main ending, a particular story also has a hidden ending. Some stories have two secret endings.  Find more in our Unexpected game walkthrough:

Story 1: Worth It

Story 1
A tangled love affair.

Retrieve the belt and the suicide note from frame 4. The belt is underneath the table and the suicide note is placed on top of the table.

Get the man lying on the floor in frame 3.

In the final frame, i.e. frame 5, arrange the objects in this way:

Man – on the center, beside the bed.

Suicide note – Bottom swirling white circle

Belt – Top swirling white circle.

Now tap on the “Judge” button.

The story ends with the title – Killing for Love.

Hidden Ending: Part-Time Killer

This secret ending will unlock the trophy “Part-Time Killer”. Since it’s not the main ending, but an alternate one, you will fail, but will unlock this trophy.

In the first frame, tap on the drawer to open it. It’s located on the left side of the body. Tale the elastic band.

Take the suicide note placed on top of the table in frame 4.

In the final frame (frame 5), arrange the objects:

Man – In the middle, beside the bed.

Suicide note – On the bottom-right.

Elastic band – on the top swirling white dotted circle.

Story 2: Nice Dishes

Story 2
What’s Cooking?

Swipe the screen to move to frame 2 – The Kitchen. Take the rolling pin and the vegetables. Both are placed on the table behind the chef.

In the same frame (2), tap on the chef. You will need him in the final frame. He will now be part of the items list on the bottom of the screen.

In frame 3, use the rolling pin on the dog. Tap the rolling pin on the items list on the bottom to select it and then tap on the dog to hit him. The injured dog will now appear on the items list.

Move to frame 5 and take the leash. It’s lying on the floor.

On the final frame, arrange the objects in this manner:

Chef – In the middle, next to the cooktop.

Injured dog and vegetables – Deep pot

Dog leash – on the bottom-right dotted white circle.

The ending is titled “Disgusting Recipe”

Hidden Ending: I do a better Job

Get the waiter in the first frame.

Take the vegetables from the chef’s table in the second frame.

Move to the last frame.

Waiter – Next to the cooktop on the top white circle.

Vegetables – In the pot.

 Story 3: My Lover

Story 3
Love knows no bounds.

There are three endings in this story – 1 main and two hidden. Let’s discover the main ending first:

In the first frame, retrieve the girl from the cracked photo frame.

In the fifth frame, take the black brassiere lying on the floor.

Arrange objects in the final frame in this way:

Right white circle – Girl. Tap on the girl and then tap on the white circle to place her.

Left white circle – Brassier

Ending Name – She and She

Secret Ending 1: Pink Cute

Retrieve the girl from the cracked photo frame.

In the fifth frame, tap underneath the bed to reveal a pink brassier

In the final frame:

Girl – Left white circle.

Pink brassier – Right white circle

Secret Ending 2: Be Cheated?

In frame 1, retrieve the boy from the cracked photo frame.

In frame 5, take the black brassier.

In the last frame:

Boy – Left white circle

Black brassier – Right white circle.

Story 4: Boyfriend

Story 4
Double Trouble.

Take the book placed on the side table in frame 2.

Tap on the boyfriend in frame 4. To take his hoodie.

In the final frame, place the book on the right circle and the hoodie on the left circle.

Ending name: Complex Relationship

Hidden Ending: Think Too Much

Get the watch from side table’s second drawer in frame 2.

In frame 5, retrieve the doll (figurine) from the shop’s showcase.

In the last frame:

Watch – Right circle

Figurine – Left Circle

Story 5: Masterpiece

Story 5
Paint me red.

Take the iron rod from the first frame.

In the second frame, tap on the middle painting to retrieve it. The middle painting has a young lady with her eyes closed.

In the final frame, place the young lady on the couch. Tap on the painting and then tap on the white circle over the couch.

Tap the iron rod and use it on the young lady.

Hidden Ending: Beautiful

From the second frame, take the middle painting.

Now swipe the screen until you move to the last frame.

Place the frame on the sofa.

Story 6: Office Lady

Story 6
Surprise. Surprise.

In the fourth frame, tap on the men’s symbol on the tile next to the bathroom door.

Retrieve the secretary from the fifth frame.

In the last frame, place the men’s symbol on the empty plate on the door.

Place the secretary (Roxy) near the wash basin. There’s a white swirling circle right next to the washbasin.

Tap on Roxy to reveal her secret identity.

Hidden Ending: Geeky

In the same fourth frame, retrieve the women’s symbol.

Retrieve the secretary in the fifth frame.

Place the women’s symbol on the empty plate on the door and place Roxy near the wash basin.

More Unexpected story walkthroughs coming soon!

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