Underworld Office Guide & Walkthrough

Anurag Ghosh

Underworld Office is an extremely well-made interactive story game from Buff Studio. You will be familiar with its gameplay mechanics if you have read a spellbinding visual novel or a choose your own adventure book. The game’s haunting background music and scary imagery will surely send chills down your spine.  

Underworld Office walkthrough and guide

Underworld Office is a mystery visual novel with multiple endings. There are a total of 7 different endings based on the choices you make during conversations with others. You may also have to decide on an action which will change the outcome of the game. In this Underworld Office walkthrough, I will try my best to get to all endings, but first check out this play guide if you have just started playing this game.

Check out our latest game walkthrough:

Getting Started 

This visual novel is divided chapters. Just like any interactive story, you will be meeting various characters and interacting with them.  

During conversations or in a particular scene, you will have to choose a dialogue or action.  

You will need tickets to progress through Underworld Office’s story. When you choose a dialogue or action, you will spend 5 tickets. The total number of tickets is displayed on the upper-left corner of the screen.  

When you are out of tickets, just refill them by watching a 30-second advert. Tap on “Move to Store”, when the game notifies you and then tap on “Claim Tickets”. You will get 40 tickets after watching an advert.  

Tip: You don’t have to wait until you are out of tickets. You can refill them any time while playing a chapter. After watching a 30-sec video to claim tickets, there will be a cooldown time of 60 seconds. After the cooldown time is over, you can claim another set of 40 tickets by watching a video.

Claim tickets by watching a video.

You can get a higher number of tickets if you perform certain actions, such as downloading an app or completing certain quests in another game. Just tap on “I need more tickets” to get a list of all “actions”. Complete them one by one to get lots of tickets.   

Hint: There’s a special event currently running and will end in 7 days. Complete tasks to earn 2X tickets.  

Underworld Office also has several collectibles, such as title and album illustrations. On the bottom, tap on the first tab to access titles. As you progress, you will unlock new titles.

Special moments are stored in Underworld Office's Album

The second tab is the “Album” tab, where snapshots of special moments of each chapter are saved automatically.  Tap on each photo in the album to know more.  

In the “Character” tab (fourth tab from the left), you will get to know more about each character you have interacted with. Tap on the portrait of a character to find know more about him/her.  

Character screen

The last tab is the “Timeline” tab, which displays a list of chapters and endings. Important moments of a chapter are displayed in the Timeline tab.


You can start from a certain moment within a chapter in case you want to change the outcome of the game, but you will lose your current data if you choose to play from that moment.  

I hope the beginner-level guide will be of some help. Check out the chapter-wise walkthrough: 

Underworld Office Walkthrough 

Our game walkthrough is divided into chapters. Each chapter has a brief description followed by a video walkthrough. This is the first playthrough, but I will upload more videos for alternate endings.  

Chapter 1: Eugene 

Eugene is an introvert. In the first chapter, we see him waking up to the same nightmare. He gets ready for school. Eugene doesn’t talk to anyone in school and wonders what’s wrong with him. He overhears conversations between his classmates, Joy, Luke and Oliver. Luke feels very sleepy and is irritated. His friends chide him for being so sleepy at school. As usual, Eugene is quiet and is a mute spectator to all this.  

Eugene visits the playground like every day and two kids, Finley and Tatum wonder why he does not talk and has no friends.  

On his way back home, he falls asleep in the subway train. He wakes up a bit late only to find that he missed the station.  

Eugene gets off to a mysterious abandoned train station and finds that he is in the last subway. He decides to talk to the station attendant’s office. What happens next will change his life forever. Watch the first chapter below: 

Chapter 2: Luke 

Back to school. Eugene recalls everything that happened last night. Luke complains that he gets nightmares and keeps hearing scratching noises in his dreams.  His friends wonder what’s wrong with him. For the first time Eugene talks to Luke when he confronts him.  

In chapter 2, find out what’s the mystery behind nightmares and those scratching noises in his dream. Check out the walkthrough of Chapter 2:  

Chapter 3: Sean

In the previous chapter i.e., Chapter 2, Eugene meets Sean, a sweet-tempered big guy who collects kindness by passing out flowers. On the suggestion of “Boss”, Sean creates a flower that protects one’s spiritless body.  

Because Eugene leaves his body to earn good karma by helping ghosts, Boss wants Sean to make a “Guardian Flower” that will protect his body when his soul leaves it. All Eugene has to do is put one of the flower’s petals in his mouth and bite into it and his spirit will leave his body immediately. The flower will also protect his spiritless body while his soul is outside.  

In Chapter 3, you can pick a choice that will allow Eugene to bite into the flower to fall asleep faster and leave his body.  

Underworld office’s third chapter is very moving. It’s about Sean and his mother. Watch chapter 3 to find out what happen when Eugene meets Linda, his mother:

Chapter 4: Early Sleep

The fourth chapter is pretty short, but I wasn’t expecting this kind of an end to this chapter. Eugene feels good when he sees Luke and Sean’s mother aren’t feeling sad or discontented anymore. Luke slept for 10 hours and Linda is back to her happy self. Eugene feels that in some way he has done a good job in making their day bright and cheerful.  

In the subway, Eugene sees fellow passengers waking up suddenly to scary nightmares. He feels worried and thinks whether monsters are responsible for such scary dreams. Back home, he decides to sleep early to narrate this incident to his ghost friends. He takes bite of that flower and falls asleep. He meets his friends at the Underworld Office, but is in for a rude shock! Find out what happens when he meets the boss:  

Chapter 5: Charlie  

In Chapter 5, Eugene stumbles upon a very rude man. He discovers something strange in this man, an aura of negativity around him – Eugene had the same feeling when he was trapped between those scary ghosts at the subway station in chapter one. He decides to follow him. But the man disappears.  

Eugene then boards the subway and finds a kid waking up with a scary nightmare. He decides to solve the mystery behind these nightmares among passengers in subways. He goes to the same station where he left his body in chapter one (when he touched that shutter). He decides to leave his body there, hide it somewhere downstairs in the station and floats back to the Subway. He confronts a strange scissor-wielding ghost. But what happens next will surprise him (and you too!) :

Chapter 6: That Man

While conversing with Luke, Eugene sees that same rude man again and is terrified. After bidding goodbye to Luke, Eugene decides to follow him again. Since it might be dangerous, he quietly follows the man from behind.  

Eugene has another idea; he uses Hayden’s hat to talk to a tomcat and seeks his help to follow the man. The alpha cat tells him that the man has passed by the playground and is going into the 4-story building near the playground. Eugene finds something missing. The playground is empty and he couldn’t find those two kids playing. This makes him suspicious. He decides to go back home.  

At night, he falls asleep and his spirit leaves his body. He sees “Boss” standing next to the bed. He narrates the incident and seeks the boss’ help. Boss agrees to help him. Check out what happens next:  

Chapter 7: Life and Death

In the last chapter of Underworld Office. Eugene remembers his conversation with boss – “conflicts between mortals must be solved between the mortals”. He decides to help the kids all by himself. Find out what happens next in the last chapter: 

Note: The outcome of all chapters in this walkthrough is based on the choices selected by me. It might be different than yours. The ending will also be different.