Underground Blossom – Beginners Guide With Tips

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Underground Blossom
(Last Updated On: October 3, 2023)

Welcome to Underground Blossom, where you are the only hope for Laura to escape the mysterious underground metro system that she got trapped in by solving puzzles.

Underground Blossom is one of the best point-and-click adventure games that was developed by Rusty Lake on September 27, 2023, and it’s available on Google Play, as well as the App Store.

Puzzles in Underground Blossom are so clever and well-designed that you need to keep an eye on every single detail in order to escape.

Some puzzles are easy to solve, while others would require some extra time to solve. If you find yourself stuck in one of them, don’t worry, as in this article we will walk through the first three stations, solving the puzzles.

Basics of Underground Blossom

Opening Scene at Crib Station
Photo: Rusty Lake

As we mentioned, Laura found herself trapped underground in Underground Blossom, and you have to solve all the puzzles to make her escape.

To escape, Laura must travel through different stations, where each station represents a different stage in her life.

Knowing that you will have to pick up items, some can be used once and disappear, and some will stay with you to be used multiple times.

All the controls you will have are the 4 direction arrows to move around different places in the station.


Underground Blossom Chapter 1 – Crib Station

Chapter 1 - Crib Station
Photo: Rusty Lake

At each station you go to in Underground Blossom, there will be around 4 places to go where you will find clues, items, and puzzles to solve.

Make sure to check all the places and gather all the items so you can find the solutions.

Crib Station main place
Photo: Rusty Lake

The first station you arrive at is the Crib Station, where you will find Laura and her daughter, and beside them, there will be a briefcase.

As we mentioned, try checking everything before leaving. The first thing you need to check is the briefcase, where you will find a milk bottle and matches that we will use later on.

While checking the baby cart, you will find a nail right above the baby.

Second place in Crib Station
Photo: Rusty Lake

Going to the next place in the same station, using the right arrow on the screen, you will find a box on the floor where you will get the iron saw and cloth.

Keep an eye out for the drawing on the wall, but for now, head under the ground using the vent on the floor.

underground in the second place at Crib Station
Photo: Rusty Lake

Once you are in, you will need to use the iron saw you got from the box to break the left piece of the already broken iron bar.

Once you break it, you will be able to pick up the iron bar, which we will use to push the key to the open part so we can pick it up.

Baby in a Baby Cart holding bottle with milk
Photo: Rusty Lake

Once you have your items in the inventory, head back to the baby cart and remove the blanket the baby has on by dragging it downward.

Give the baby the bottle with milk by dragging it to the hands, then place the piece of cloth right below the baby to use it as a diaper by placing the pin on it to make it a perfect diaper.

Once the cloth gets dirty by pressing on the baby, remove it to use it as garbage.

4th place in Crib Station that has the tickets window and the waste container
Photo: Rusty Lake

Moving to the last place in the station in Underground Blossom, throw the dirty diaper in the garbage and use the matches to burn it.

Once it’s set on fire, click on it to break it, and you will find a scraper inside it.

the picture in the second place to show when will the train arrive
Photo: Rusty Lake

Remember the picture on the wall we mentioned earlier? Head back to it and use the scraper to tear it down.

Once you are done, you will find the code you will use to know when the next train arrives.

Laura's necklace
Photo: Rusty Lake

Heading back to Laura, click on her to go to her necklace and activate the same code you found in the picture above.

Once you activate it, it will tell you that the next train will arrive at 10:15.

The clock place where the train stops
Photo: Rusty Lake

Go to the last place in this station and press the clock. Rotate its hands until you hit 10:15. The train will arrive, but you will need the ticket to get on and move to the next station.

Click on the man in the train and search his pocket that is on his shirt for a coin, then head back to the ticket’s windows that we unlocked earlier, wake the woman with the iron rod, and give the coin to get a ticket.

Underground Blossom Chapter 2 – Child Lane

Chapter 2 - Child Lane
Photo: Rusty Lake

Moving to the next chapter in Underground Blossom, you will find Laura and her mother. Right behind them on the box, you will find gum. Take it by removing it using the scraper and give it to the young girl, as she will be asking for candy.

Once she chews it and makes a balloon, you should blow it by clicking on it, then collect it to have chewed gum.

second place in child lane station with the 2 drawings and newspaper store
Photo: Rusty Lake

Moving to the next place, you will find a picture on the wall that says “FROM SMALL TO BIG,” which means you have to select every item in the drawing according to its size.

The glass that the man is holding, his hat, the kite, the camel, the airplane, the pyramids, and finally the sun are the proper order for this.

Once you are done, you will get a key that you will need to unlock the phone cabinet.

a drawing on the wall
Photo: Rusty Lake

Right next to this drawing is an empty place. Place the chewed gum and the poster on the wall to have the drawing of a woman holding a box.

Follow the steps by clicking on everything shown in the picture, such as “Large Eyes,” clicking on her eyes, “New Bracelet,” clicking on the bracelet, and so on until the box stabs her with a knife to give you the emergency number, which is “53114.” Head to the phone cabinet and call it.

To use the phone, you will need a coin, which we will mention below.

third place in child lane station
Photo: Rusty Lake

Moving to the last place, you will find the young girl hiding. You will need to click on her, then follow her around the station until she gives you the missing piece of the drawing.

You will find her behind the bench, the phone cabinet, and the owl head.

Once you have the missing glass piece, head to the drawing on the right.

a tree drawing on glass pieces
Photo: Rusty Lake

Place the missing glass piece and start rotating all the pieces up and down, left and right, until you get the right shape, so you can unlock the place next to it where you will find a crank to open the newspaper store.

Once you place the crank in the newspaper store, open it and collect the newspaper inside.

the man who read newspaper and provides the coin for a phone call
Photo: Rusty Lake

Head to the guy sitting on the bench and give him the newspaper, then click on it to match each title with the right picture as shown in the picture above.

Once you get all of them right, you will be able to check his pocket for a coin to make the call we mentioned earlier, which was “53114.” Drag each number to the phone to place it.

the lower part of Mr OWL statue
Photo: Rusty Lake

The call on the phone will tell you to look into the bird’s eye, go to the owl’s head, and click on its eyes until they become white.

It will then open the place below it. Use the metal rod to open it, where you will find the password of the briefcase that is right next to the newspaperman, which is “8827.”

a bag containing a message, nut driver, and a golden timepiece
Photo: Rusty Lake

Once you open the case, you will find a camera. Collect it and give it to the young girl.

This might be a little bit scary as it will get darker, and a strange creature will kidnap the mother and get on the train.

Luckily, she dropped her bag, where you will find a golden timepiece, a nut driver, and a heartbreaking message.

Take the nut driver and proceed to the first place where you found the gum and use it to unlock it.

You will find in it another missing piece of the second drawing.

glass drawing
Photo: Rusty Lake

Use the missing pieces you found inside to complete the picture and rotate them as well to get the perfect picture.

Once you are done, you will unlock the clock hand, which you will need to complete the big clock with.

Newspaper and Photo service store
Photo: Rusty Lake

Now head to the owl state, where you will find the young girl. She will drop a roll of film, take it to the newspaper place, press on the photo service, and give them the roll of film.

They will ask you to come back after 20 minutes, go to the huge clock, place the other clock hand, and rotate it to fast-forward the 20 minutes.

You will then find 3 pictures in the box. One of them will be the time when the train will arrive, which is 4:05.

Tickets machine
Photo: Rusty Lake

One last thing is the ticket. You will need to go to the ticket machine and enter the pattern as shown in the picture.

The pattern is taken from the four drawings in the station by adding and subtracting the shapes.

Underground Blossom Chapter 3 – School ST

Chapter 3 - School ST
Photo: Rusty Lake

Moving to chapter 3 in Underground Blossom, which is the school ST showing the time when Laura was at school, the first thing you will notice in the first place is the peanut pack on the floor to pick a peanut.

plane with paper
Photo: Rusty Lake

A piece of paper that you will need to fold to make a paper plane out of it by clicking on the top edges first, the middle parts second, and then the right and left sides, can also be found here.

second place in school ST with 4 students and a sausage can
Photo: Rusty Lake

In the second place, you will find a sausage can where you can use the iron saw to cut it open and collect a sausage piece.

3rd place in school ST with 4 students, a book, and a bird
Photo: Rusty Lake

Going to the 4th place, you will find 4 students, but 1 of them will be standing to one side. You will have to talk to him as his book is one of the main keys to finishing this station.

inside the book, all the school gossips and classmates
Photo: Rusty Lake

Once you take a look at his book, you will find the names of students and what they hate on the left, and on the right side, you will find the pictures and names of each classmate.

Now that we have collected all the items that they fear, you will need to go to every student and hover over his or her head using one of the items you have. Once they show an expression that they fear that item, go to the book and match their picture with the right name.

the right order for the classmates
Photo: Rusty Lake

Once you have got them all right and matched all the pictures with the right names, as shown above, the bookholder will start asking for more things so he can help you.

You can now proceed to collect the peanut, the airplane, and the sausage from the classmates to give them to the guy.

the bird that provides a bag
Photo: Rusty Lake

After finishing his tasks, he will hand you a worm, which you will use to feed the bird on the window.

Once you give the bird the worm, it will fly away, leaving an egg. Funny enough, the egg has a whole bag in it.

measuring items with a ruler to unlock a notebook
Photo: Rusty Lake

Inside the bag, you will find a ruler, a lollipop, a cigarette, and a sharpener. You will have to measure the length of each item using the ruler so you can unlock the notebook.

Once you have measured them, the password will be “637.” Inside the notebook, you will find three pictures that you should collect.

Go forth and give those images to Laura so that she can tell you the time the train arrives, which is 14:45.

directions puzzle
Photo: Rusty Lake

Now that you only need the ticket, you will have to head to the ticket machine, start from the bottom right corner, and reach it again using the arrows.

The picture will show you the correct order of the buttons.

Now you are ready to get your ticket and move to the next station in Underground Blossom, which is Bird Bridge Station.

beautiful scene from Underground Blossom
Photo: Rusty Lake


Underground Blossom is one of the best games that won’t make you feel bored, and it will test how you pay attention to details.

There are a lot of puzzles and clues waiting for you out there; some you will find so obvious, and some you will feel like there is no way out, so whether you are a new player to puzzle games or a seasoned player, you will enjoy the game.

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