Ugly – Release Date And What To Expect  

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Ugly - Introduction
Picture : Plug In Digital
(Last Updated On: November 15, 2023)

Ugly is a new puzzle platformer that is a dark, and gritty twist on fairy tales and the exploration of traumatic experiences that has just launched with hand-drawn visuals.

Let’s take a look at the release details and gameplay of this unique artistic and narrative game!

Game Developers

Behind the development of Ugly is the studio Plug In Digital. They are a game publisher and developer known for bringing unique, artistic titles from independent creators to new platforms and audiences. 

Ugly - Gameplay 1
Photo: Plug In Digital

As the developer behind Ugly, Plug In Digital is drawing on their experience backing outside-the-box games that challenge players’ perspectives in new ways. Their aim with Ugly is to craft an experience full of imagination-bending puzzles and captivating style. 

With their track record for identifying and elevating creative games, Plug In Digital seems like the perfect developer to bring the cerebral world of Ugly to life and share it with mobile gamers.

What To Expect From Ugly?

Prepare for an intense psychological journey in the upcoming mobile game “Ugly.” Players take control of a troubled nobleman navigating his haunted psyche by using an innovative mirror mechanic to solve puzzles and uncover disturbing truths.

By generating a shadowy doppelganger of yourself, you can swap places to gain new perspectives and overcome obstacles.

The deeper you delve into the richly crafted gothic world, the more glimpses you’ll get of your protagonist’s traumatic past through poetic visual storytelling.

Ugly - Gameplay 2
Photo: Plug In Digital

Described as a dark fairytale, “Ugly” tackles mature themes in a meaningful way with its focus on mental anguish and abuse. Alongside the methodical mirror-based puzzles, players can expect confronting boss battles and hidden secrets to uncover.

Ugly - Gameplay 3
Photo: Plug In Digital

With its eerie art direction, atmospheric music, and profound narrative, “Ugly” aims to take players on an unforgettable and emotionally intense mobile gaming experience.

Each solved puzzle brings you closer to unraveling the ugliness locked away in the psyche of the nobleman. Do you have the courage to face the unsettling truths hidden behind the mirror? For those up for the challenge, “Ugly” promises to deliver an artistic puzzle platform that confronts the darkness of a broken mind.

What Is Different About This Game?

Innovative Mirror Mechanic  

Ugly’s core puzzle platforming revolves around a unique mirror shard that creates a shadow clone of the player character.

Ugly - Gameplay 4
Photo: Plug In Digital

Coordinating the positioning of the main character and his ghostly double is key to overcoming obstacles and solving environmental puzzles.

Mature Narrative   

Through disturbing crayon drawings unlocked as players progress, Ugly tells a poetic visual story tackling dark themes of abuse and trauma. It provides an impactful look at the ugliness hidden within classic fairy tales.

Gothic Art Style 

The hand-drawn visuals utilize an eerie gothic aesthetic with moody lighting and shadowy tones to complement the heavy narrative.

Ugly - Gameplay 5
Photo : Plug In Digital

Accessibility Options   

Ugly provides colorblind assist modes and fully remappable controls to make the game more accessible. With no voice acting, the narrative unfolds solely through text and images.

Difficulty Spikes  

There’ll be frustrating difficulty spikes in Ugly’s boss battles compared to its more methodical puzzles, demanding quick reflexes and platforming mastery.

Overall, Ugly aims to deliver a fresh puzzle-platformer experience with its dark fairy tale narrative, sinister gothic art style, and innovative character-swapping mirror mechanics. It tackles themes rarely explored in games and makes efforts to be accessible.

Release Date and Platforms

Ugly is set to launch on mobile devices on 23rd January 2024. This unique game has players step into the shoes of a tortured nobleman, journeying into his mind and confronting themselves through intricate mirror puzzles.

Ugly - AppStore Release
Photo: Plug In Digital

Early gameplay footage shows Ugly has a fascinating premise not seen in many other games. Solving the challenges requires rewiring how you think – with many comparing the mind-bending puzzles to classics like Braid. Visually it looks stunning as well, with striking animations and boss fights that have won acclaim on other platforms.

Mobile gamers can experience Ugly for themselves by pre-ordering now on the iOS App Store or pre-registering on the Google Play Store for Android. It will cost just $4.99, a fraction of the price on other platforms.

Ugly - PlayStore Release
Photo: Plug In Digital

For those excited about this cerebral and captivating new title, further discussion can be found in the game forums. Ugly certainly looks set to deliver a fresh, outside-the-box gaming experience.

With its early praise and innovative concept, this could be one of the most intriguing mobile game releases to kick off 2024. 

Can Children Play This Game?

Ugly earned its M rating from the ESRB for blood, violence, and descriptions of sexual abuse. Parents should take caution before allowing teenagers to play.

While Ugly avoids explicit content, its emotionally heavy themes and depictions of trauma make it unsuitable for young audiences.


This game provides a memorably grim twist on fairy tales for mature gamers who enjoy narrative depth alongside challenging puzzle-platforming gameplay.

Those intrigued by the dark premise should find the experience worthwhile. Just note the game earns its M rating through disturbing themes some may not have an appetite for.

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