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Murillo Zerbinatto
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Type Soul, known in Roblox as TYPE://SOUL, is a game based on the Bleach series and has everything a fan wants to see: Soul Reapers, Quincies, and Arrancar. Players can expect intense duels between these entities and the construction and customization of builds.

This Roblox – Type Soul Shiro Cloak Guide is dedicated to those who choose to transform into Hollows to reach the state of an Arrancar.

After that, you’ll need equipment to create your build. Among these items, we have Cloaks, which are one of the rarest accessories.

To obtain a Cloak, you need to participate in raids and boss fights, or you can trade with other Arrancar players. So, in addition to your ability to handle bosses, you also rely on luck for what you desire.

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In this article, we will share information about one of the most efficient cloaks for Arrancar in this Roblox game. Besides having a whitish appearance with gray details that complement the Arrancar’s aesthetic, the Shiro Cloak also functions as an excellent piece for a build.

Type Soul Shiro Cloak Attributes

Shiro Cloak is an Arrancar-exclusive accessory and cannot be traded with other races.

The Shiro Cloak provides the following attributes:

  • +10 HP
  • +20 Reiatsu

Although less powerful than the Hibernal Cloak, it is still an interesting entry point for your build. HP helps the Arrancar survive, while Reiatsu allows the frequent use of abilities.

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The most practical way to acquire it is by participating in the Karakura Town Raids, known as KT Raids. They occur every hour, in real-world time, and have various distinct modes. You can acquire a Shiro Cloak by purchasing it in the KT Raid shops.

How to Become an Arrancar

Like many Roblox games, Type Soul doesn’t have an extensive in-game tutorial, and we rely on many external guides to learn the ropes. Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

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Upon entering Roblox – Type Soul, you’ll be a simple human thrown into Karakura Town. Your next step is to scour the city in search of a Hollow and die. Yes, die.

You will respawn as a Lost Soul. Then, press Ctrl+K to die again, becoming a Hollow and going to the Hueco Mundo. Your initial category is Fishbone.

As Fishbone, you need to kill other Hollows and feed on them by pressing B. By doing this and reaching level 20, you need to kill two red eyes, and voila, you become a Menos. As Menos, you gain experience by stomping on other Hollows.

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Afterward, continue killing Hollows to transform into Adjuchas and consequently into Vastolorde, the final Hollow form. Press Ctrl+K again, remove your mask, and become an Arrancar.

The truth is, you can press Ctrl+K at any time after becoming Menos to transform into an Arrancar. But the earlier you do it, the weaker you will be. Ideally, evolve your Hollow into Vastolorde and then become an Arrancar.

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Type Soul is one of Roblox’s most fun and challenging Bleach games. Players who want to become powerful Arrancar should pay attention to their gear to ensure dominance against Soul Reapers.

We hope our Type Soul Shiro Cloak Guide has helped you!

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